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The 2022 Holiday Season is kicked off with our annual 25% off sale and our only Psychic Fair of the year on Saturday, November 26. We move forward into the end-of-year holidays with gratitude, love and faith for the time we are able to spend with our families and friends. We hope you will take the time to stop in and take advantage of our extremely talented psychic service providers on this very busy shopping day.

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This is an entire day dedicated to our spiritual awakening, healing, self-awareness and working toward enlightenment. If you feel guided to be with people of like mind on this auspicious day, please come to the Shining Lotus on Small Business Saturday, November 26, 2022.

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by Bruce Johnson

The spiritual capabilities depicted in the many- branched tree called Divination fall roughly into two general categories. The gifts that involve the act of seeing or perceiving past or future events belong to the first group. The second category includes those faculties that grant the discovery of information not available through the five senses and the reasoning conscious mind. Genuine diviners are also twofold in that some work with various types of divining instruments, while others use no psychic tools. Individual divination approaches will be a reflection of the inherent abilities shown in the person’s astrological chart.  

Spiritual diviners recognize the three levels of the human mind to be- the higher mind, the conscious mind, and the subconscious mind. In higher divination the information divined originates in the higher mind or soul mind. With standard divination the divined information is perceived in the subconscious mind and subsequently relayed to the conscious mind with no higher mind involvement. The ideal diviner would have an open flow of energy between all three minds, along with a child-like honesty and a strong desire for reality and truth.

Human body divination includes divination by – faces, body profile, hands, heads, eyes, moles, shape and type of body, patterns of crowds, and aura reading. Since ancient times, people have divined by the celestial bodies and by unusual signs in the heavens. Their practices of divination by the sun, the moon, their eclipses, comets, meteors, stars, celestial phenomena, and astrology influenced many important decisions in antiquity.  

Some examples of nature divination are divination by- landscapes, fields, mountains, springs, rivers, lakes, and oceans. The waves on bodies of water can be divined as well as fog shapes, rock formations, random shapes in the sand, pearls, and raw eggs.  Plant divination examples incorporate divination by- random tree branch movements and patterns, tea leaves and coffee grounds, leaf patterns, flowers, and the positions of fruit dropped from fruit trees. Grain, flour and loaves of bread have all been used in diverse divination systems.

Divination methodologies embrace all four elements of nature. Fire divination is achieved by- candle, flames and embers of a wood fire, lightning, and a burning laurel branch. The earth element is present when divining by- minerals and stones, thrown handfuls of dirt or rocks, earthquakes, volcanoes, and lava formations. Air- related divination can be accomplished by- smoke and incense, wind, cloud patterns, general weather divination, and by sounds, including crowds of people, and sounds in nature from birds to thunder. Water or liquid divination procedures encompass those by- wells, containers of water with or without hot oil or wax, ice patterns and snowfields, ink, floods, and liquid wax divination amidst others.

Customary divination modes constitute those by- cards, handwriting, the casting of lots involving sticks, dice, dominos, runes, coins, or shells, dreams and visions, letters, numbers, scrying, crystal-gazing, and mirror divination, oracles, magic squares, photographs, retrocognition and precognition, mediumship, psychometry, clairvoyance, omen-reading, palmistry, geomancy and prophecy, also various pendulums and divining rods.

Divination techniques linked with animals include those by- flights of birds, clouds of insects, fish, ant movements, herd animal behavior, reptiles, amphibians, and by weather divining with woodchucks.

Included among the numerous divination systems are those by- instantaneous character reading, random acts and conversations, flights of arrows, rings, chance meetings, knots, and aerial views of landscapes.

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a Spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.

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by Bob Romero

My fellow golfers tease me because I mark my golf balls with the infinity symbol,     , which looks like the number 8 on its side. We all mark our golf balls so that we can identify our golf balls. I had to find an image in order to put it in this article, because the symbol was not on my keyboard, and it is not used in regular calculations. One of the golfers guessed correctly that I was a Math major while the others all quoted the Disney cartoon character, Buzz Lightyear, and would tell me “To infinity and beyond!” I tell them that is where my golf balls eventually end up.

Students may come across it in their math classes and especially in advanced math classes like calculus. But infinity has been around for, well infinity. When I think of infinity, I think of the cosmos and the never-ending universe and how we are just tiny specs of cosmic dust and how physically we are here for just a very small period of time. Theoretically at the same time, there are universes within us, and there are infinitesimal periods of time between seconds. It’s hard to grasp the concept of infinity, but one way to consider it, is to stand outside and look at the sky. We can see the blue sky which is the earth’s atmosphere and know that it is not a boundary, and from where you are standing, you know that it just goes on and on and on.

I have always been fascinated with infinity and its symbol and especially because it looks like the number 8. Eight was my mom’s favorite number mainly because she was born on January the 8th. Her 8th grandchild was born on her 48th birthday. She passed away on November 8th at exactly 8 p.m. For the four homes that my wife and I have owned, the second number in the addresses has always been an 8. I did research on the number 8 and found that it is a good omen. I looked on the internet to find the spiritual meaning of the number 8. I found one reference that said “The number 8 represents Infinity and everything good in the universe which is infinite, such as infinite love, infinite supply, infinite energy, infinite time. In other words, 8 represents complete and unending abundance without any lack”. In my Numerology class, a spiritual assessment of 8 was that the awakened soul now seeks union with Spirit. I think that the symbol for the number 8 was a way to get the power of infinity into a finite number.

Our pastor talks about how it is impossible for our minds to understand an infinite and eternal being that is God. We are fortunate that this almighty God loves us and has given us everything that we have, and we should be constantly grateful. In one of his homilies, he talked about how when one is grateful, then it is hard to be mean to another person. He also said that gratitude brings more joy and abundance which in turn causes more gratitude, and that brings more joy and abundance, and it just keeps going. So eternal gratitude creates an infinite upward spiral for us on our spiritual path and this infinite bliss then becomes heaven.

Bob Romero has been a diligent student of esoteric spiritual subjects and metaphysics for many years, with a life-long quest for answers. He has submitted new and original articles that focus on life lessons and experiences he wishes to share with our readers and the world.

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by Roy Neal

Old Historic Astrologer

We begin the month of November with the First Quarter Phase Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday, November 1. Our experience could be one of emotional restlessness and irritation. The need for independence is in conflict with external forces of power and control. The desire for change is strong on a personal and collective level.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus all transiting the sign of Scorpio indicate a process of healing and transformation. Old wounds and emotional resentments will need to be healed.

A Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8, suggests that the awareness of financial and economic challenges will be our primary focus.

Mars continues its retrograde transit in Gemini suggesting the need for clarity in our communication and decisions involving others which continue to remain elusive.

Venus enters the sign of Sagittarius on Tuesday evening, November 15.

A Last Quarter Phase Moon occurs in Leo early on Wednesday, November 16.

This phase of the Moon precedes Mercury entering Sagittarius early on Thursday, November 17. A desire for truth and freedom and the emotional impetus to express this in our communication with others is strongly indicated as we approach the weekend on Friday, November 18.

We may be setting ourselves up for additional confusion and disappointment as Mars in Gemini makes a difficult aspect to Neptune on Saturday, November 19.

There is what appears to be true and then there is what is truly useful and functional with regard to our personal, business and social relationships. However, this difficult aspect will actually motivate us to resolve our differences by working together for mutual benefit as the Moon transits Libra for the rest of the weekend.

New Moon Sagittarius

A different perception and perspective will begin to arrive on Monday afternoon, November 21 as Mercury and Venus form a conjunction in the sign of Sagittarius. This shift in perspective is further enhanced as the Sun enters Sagittarius later that same evening. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and is associated with opportunity and the expansion of knowledge and perspective. This energy of optimism and enhanced perspective is supported by the New Moon occurring in Sagittarius on Wednesday, November 23. Jupiter also goes direct in Pisces on this same day.

This spirit of optimism continues as we celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 24. We do well to stay positive and nurture a spirit of gratitude for our blessings at this particular time.

A spirit of compassion and good will is recommended as we experience the First Quarter Phase Moon in Pisces on Wednesday, November 30. Meditation, prayer and all forms of spiritual practice are favored to strengthen our faith and trust in Divine Intervention as we approach the Winter season and the month of December.

Roy Neal is a professional astrologer with a private practice in the Denver area. If you would like to know more about how this time period impacts you personally, call Roy at 720-962-4633 and schedule an update of your individual birth chart.

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by Roy Neal

October 22 through November 21

The Sun enters the zodiac sign of Scorpio on Sunday, October 23rd. Scorpio is a water sign ruled by the planet Pluto. The Scorpio person can be secretive, passionate and very perceptive about what is going on with other people.

The Scorpio person loves a mystery; they have a natural talent for investigation and research. The lesson for Scorpio involves the wise use of power and control. The challenge for Scorpio is knowing when to “let go and let God.” The Scorpio person often has to deal with life experiences of grief and loss.

Every individual has the sign of Scorpio and the planet Pluto somewhere in their birth chart. Wherever Scorpio and the planet Pluto are located by sign and house is where an experience of death, rebirth and transformation will probably occur. In order to be fully empowered and emotionally fulfilled we will need to embrace the transformation symbolized by Pluto and the sign of Scorpio.

Roy Neal is a professional astrologer in the Denver area. If you would like to know more about how this month impacts you personally, call Roy at 720-962-4633 and schedule an update of your individual birth chart.

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