Renna Shesso

Reading every Thursday from 10am to 6pm.

Renna Shesso reads Tarot cards. With the loving influence of an astrologer-Grandmother, she began exploring both Astrology and Tarot in late 1960s. She’s been a practitioner of the Craft since the late 1970s, adding in-depth Shamanic training in the late 1980s. Serendipitously, a minor car accident in 2000 opened new avenues of psychic awareness, and brought her fully into reading Tarot professionally.

“My aim is for you to get the most useful information possible, so that you’ll have the tools to put insights into practice.”

As resources to serve your needs, Renna’s practical Tarot experience is augmented by her years of creative spell-work, shamanic problem-solving and self-healing practices, and longtime experience in crafting meaningful ritual for both individuals and groups.

“To whatever degree you want, these practices can all come into the follow-through aspects of your reading, so you’ll have both new information and potential actions with which to proceed.”

“By the time we wrap up your reading, you’ll have a renewed connection to your own dreams and goals, with images to use and – if you choose – ritual-recipes to spark the changes you desire.”