God is too big to fit inside one religion


Shining Lotus™ Metaphysical Bookstore serves a diverse local community. We are one of the oldest metaphysical bookstores in the Rocky Mountain region, and we’re proud to offer the largest selection of new, used and out-of-print metaphysical books in Colorado.

Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson is a child of the 60s. He transformed his Mennonite background into a passion for rock music, a commitment to the politics of peace and non-violence, and an interest in the spirituality of India. He has a special reverence for Hanuman, the Hindu God of Devotion and Service. Before buying the Shining Lotus™, Tim worked 15 years in book and magazine wholesaling, and 7 years as a tele-communications and networking technician.

Justin Swanstrom
Justin Swanström

Justin Swanström is a voracious reader and book hoarder, with a lifelong interest in metaphysical topics. He has a BA in Medieval History, with concentrations in literature and philosophy. Justin has worked as a commercial real estate analyst, a technical writer and editor, a software development manager, and a real estate and business attorney.

Gayle Bachiccha
Gayle Bachicha

Gayle Bachicha is a retired spiritual astrologer and teacher, with 53 years of experience. She is the author of Pocket Dictionary of Astrology. She has been with the store in various capacities for over 35 years. Before coming to the store, she owned Tickerwick Publications and Jacob’s Ladder Bookstore.
Gayle has been on a medical leave since November of 2019.

Ms. Laura Ferre
Laura Ferré

Laura Ferré is a retired amateur rock hound and mother, with several years of experience. She holds a degree and loves helping folks find their spark of joy.