At-One-Ment by Peter J. Hughes


Reclaiming Our Humanity

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Published by Delahues Productions Inc in 2021

ISBN — 9781737294504

At-One-Ment245 pages

At-One-Ment: Reclaiming Our Humanity is a conversation and experience through a process of practical application designed to realign us with a healed vision of our individual and, by proxy, collective humanity.

Our humanity didn’t go anywhere, it didn’t disappear, and we didn’t displace it; rather, at some point, we got distracted from honoring it at its core and nurturing it at the soul level.

With straight talk, talk story, and action points as his power tools, Peter J. Hughes extends an insightful, humorous, at times no-nonsense, aand at all times heartfelt invitation. He invites us to take an active part in jumpstarting our individual contribution and course-correcting our collective potential to launch the next soulful expression in the evolution of our humanity.