Shining Lotus™ Metaphysical Bookstore offers psychic, tarot, intuitive, astrology, and spiritual consultants to our customers at very reasonable rates. Our readers provide loving and helpful intuitive guidance and counseling. Readings are $50 per half-hour and $90 for an hour. Walk-ins are welcome or call (303) 758-9113 to make an appointment.

Sunny Dowman

Sunny DowmanMondays, 2nd Saturday & Last Sunday — From a very early age, Sunny was interested in natal astrology as well as transit astrology, studying the movement of the planets around the zodiac and how they interact with ones natal chart. She has been helping people through her own business, Sunny’s Astrology since 2020 and her website is


Courtney Hererra

Courtney Herrera — Tuesdays & 1st Saturday — Courtney is a psychic medium that has been aware of spirit since birth. Following a near death experience in 2009 her abilities became amplified. Her ability to receive communications from the departed became much clearer. Courtney is also a certified clinical herbalist and aromatherapist specializing in spiritual healing and grief work.


Renna Shesso

Renna ShessoWednesdays — Renna began studying astrology and gemstones, occult and divinatory arts during childhood. She embraced the Goddess and women’s spirituality in the late 1970s, took the path of the Witch in 1981, and has been a practitioner of shamanism and its healing techniques since 1989. 
In addition to her Fire Brand/Ink publications, her books Math for Mystics and Planets for Pagans: Sacred Sites, Ancient Lore and Magical Stargazing are published by Red Wheel-Weiser.


Brandi Pummell

Brandi PummellThursdays & 1st Sunday — Brandi is a medium and intuitive healer who first connected with spirit as a child. In the last fifteen years, Brandi has used a variety of energy healing modalities to facilitate her own healing and growth and to assist other individuals with their own spiritual journeys. Brandi is a reiki master teacher with attunement in Usui and Kundalini Reiki and a Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom, who uses energy, sound and vibration (with a Vibroacoustic Sound Lounge) as intuitively guided.


Meryl Bradley

Meryl BradleyFridays — Meryl Bradley of Meryl’s Mystic is a Tarot Reading Intuitive Psychic Medium, A Spiritual Life Coach, and a self-proclaimed “Armchair Astrologist.” Meryl’s Mystic empowers Witches, Bitches & Dudes to complete themselves in order to have healthier Soulmate relationships and more purpose-filled lives. LGBTQIA2+, Neurodivergent, Grief & Trauma Informed.


Rocio Rey

Rocio Rey 2nd & 3rd Sundays — “Though I felt the otherworldly senses all my life, I became cognizant of these abilities when I was 20 years old. Through practice, meditation and channeling I have grown my senses into a gift I can offer to serve others in their times of need. I know what it’s like to feel lost, confused, unable to trust your assessment of a situation for fear of being too harsh, or hopeful, or dull. Tarot has been a wonderful source of inspiration and confirmation for me, allowing me to feel more confident in my judgement and ability to make decisions for myself. I seek to offer these same blessings for you.”