Shining Lotus™ Metaphysical Bookstore offers a variety of custom astrological charting services. You need to have your birth date, time and place.

When you get a chart, consider getting a reading. We know several expert astrologers that can help you understand and interpret what you’re seeing. Call 303-758-9113 for a referral.

Natal Chart – $2.50 . . . . . If you know the day, time and place of your birth, we can create a chart that shows the position of planets, signs and houses at that moment.

Natal Report (28-30 pages) – $25 . . . . . This report (includes your natal chart) interprets all aspects of your Natal Chart.

John Lennon Natal Chart (sample)
John Lennon Natal Chart (sample)

Progressions, Transits, Solar Returns, Lunar Returns or Asteroids – $1/each . . . These different items can be added to a Natal Chart to provide more in-depth information.

Relationship Report (8-20 pages) – $20 . . . Are you wondering if he or she is the right one for you? We generate both natal charts, then generate a report showing compatibilities and challenges in a relationship. This report can be run for friends, lovers or relatives.

Timeline, a Daily Horoscope tailored to YOU – $5/month . . . This monthly horoscope report explains the impact the planets have on you as they move through your astrological chart. A great planning guide!