Every day at Shining Lotus™ we hear such nice comments from our customers, and we get such nice online reviews. We like all of you as much as you like us. Here is a sample of the comments we’ve received online. Thanks for the positive feedback!

What an amazing little bookstore. Very friendly. Even though I only bought a dorje and some incense they made me feel welcome. I found my new bookstore. Their prices are fantastic too. Finally, a place that doesn’t exploit religious artifacts to make a buck. I’m very impressed. Todd H., Denver

The Best. Wonderful place that combines new & old. All the latest in books, candles, incense, jewelry, etc. but also a very extensive collection of used and out-of-print books at very reasonable prices . . . I really love the place — JJ.

The store is brilliant. — M.V.

Great place – reasonable prices – helpful staff.If you live in Denver or are visiting and have an interest in pagan/occult/metaphysical practices – this is a great place for information. The best part of all is their “used” book room. It’s easy to spend hours and walk out with lots of books and gifts without spending a fortune! — Gawayne.

Best Metaphysical Book Store in Denver. This is an amazing book store. It’s in a great location with great parking. They’ve got lots of books – new, used, and rare. They’ve also got a great selection of jewelry, stones, artwork, candles, incense, and talismans. I love spending time in there. The staff is very friendly and out going. — LEF.

My Favorite. This is a great store in an easily accessible location. There is lots of parking! The store has a huge variety of metaphysical books, new and used. They even carry rare books. There is lots of jewelry, insense, candles, calendars, stones, wind chimes, and decorations. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable. If they don’t know something they are happy to help you find you the information. This is absolutely my favorite metaphysical book store. — Laura.

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