Honoring Ancestors Coin



JOURNEY OF CHANGE® Honoring Ancestors
A Genealogy and Ancestral Tool

This coin comes to you energetically cleared. Use it in Honoring Your Ancestors, Ancestral Healing and Family Constellation work.

This two-inch coin was designed to assist one in remembering and honoring one’s family tree and ancestors. Learn about Genealogy and discover your family history and origins. Contemplate your roots. Honor your family’s generations and lineage. Meditate with it, let answers about your ancestry come to you.

Visual Elements & Representations:
Honoring Ancestors, Maternal, Mother’s Family Tree, Feminine Tree, The Seven Generations, Ancestral Lines, DNA, Feminine color within the DNA Ring (Root Chakra), Hearts (Love), A colorful side of the coin, Countries on the Planet, Mother Earth is being supported.

HACOINW:quarterVisual Elements & Representations:
Honoring Ancestors, Paternal, Father’s Family Tree, Masculine Tree, Roots, DNA, Home/Tipi (TeePee), Farming, Plants/Corn, Masculine color within the DNA Ring (Throat Chakra), Leaves (part of the family tree), A less colorful side of coin, Lineage, Parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents, 2nd Great Grandparents, 3rd Great Grandparents, 4th Great Grandparents, 5th Great Grandparents

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Approx. 2 inches round
Brass base, antique copper plate finish
Comes with trading card size plastic  case and foam ring

Suggested Retail $22.00