Decision Assistant Coin


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This Custom COIN is a tool to access your higher consciousness and to assist you in making the right decisions!   It is intended to be a “COIN FLIPPING” tool to help you decide between two alternatives or choices. It assists you in awakening to your own Empowerment and Intuition.  Get to know your coin so you can ask your own questions and know how to use the choices to help you get closer to your true answer.

This divination coin has been divided into four quadrants and the middle.  Each side of the coin in the quadrant corresponds to the opposite answer: You can use it to make decisions with regards to a definite YES or NO. Should you ACT (it’s time) or WAIT (not now)? Should you LET GO or HOLD ON? Is the situation (or Chakra) BALANCED or UNBALANCED? Should you proceed during the day SUN or at night MOON? Should you USE INTUITION or ANALYZE IT! ? You can also make up you own two choices and use the outer black and white ring.

EASY PROCESS Profound Results

A ritual to activate your inner knowing and assist you with your decision:
1) Hold the coin between both of your hands.
2) Say or think to yourself your full name and your birth place.
3) Visualize or say your question
4) Ask for your inner or higher guidance.
5) FLIP the coin and know that you are fully supported in your decision.

If you catch it or if it drops it is still showing you an answer.  If the answer does not feel right, ask yourself  a clearer and more precise question and flip it again.   This will lead you to your inner truth.

Remember, this coin is a tool, should not be used to replace your own inner guidance.

This coin won the 1st Place BLUE RIBBON in the Divination Competition at the Holistic Pavilion at the 1st Annual Denver County Fair, July 2011.

1 Set Includes:
1 – 1.50″ Round Diameter 3 mm thick Decision Assistant Coin
Antique Silver Finish
Coin holder

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