They Did the Best They Could by Marnie Vincolisi


Discovering Your Path To Compassion

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Published by Light Internal in 2021

ISBN — 9780982373248

286 pages

Join Marnie in her spiritual journey as she searches for her father, who left her before she was born. As the mysteries unfold, synchronicities are revealed. The compelling tales are at times sad, sometimes shocking, but always written with wit and compassion. See how Marnie and her family coped and rose above the challenging issues that are familiar to many. What happens when a child is abandoned, and how does one overcome that obstacle. Abandonment comes in many forms, for one can feel deserted even when someone is physically present. Learn how to release resentment and begin to understand life’s struggles more compassionately.

The last half of the book is filled with Marnie’s wisdom from decades of counseling, providing insights, meditations, and practical step-by-step guidance that shows how to release heartache, anger, blame, and resentment. Learn to illuminate the hidden corners of your past and gain knowledge to perceive distressing situations in a new light, thus releasing pain and acquiring self-love.


They Did The Best They Could is a powerful and poignant narrative about finding the father Marnie never knew and discovering the hidden truth of the Italian half of her family tree. Marnie examines how the opposing families made bad situations worse, despite the best of intentions. But, most importantly, she learned that her lost family loved her. This book had me tearing up again and again.”

Thomas S.

“Even though there were hardships, it’s absolutely charming, which seems weird to say but true. Marnie took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions, all while being able to be totally vulnerable. I’m still working on Part II and following Marnie’s guidance.”

Brenda R.

“More and more people need to look at and understand your story. You most certainly possess the gift.”


“The memoir chapters boast a strong hook and moments of real drama as Vincolisi pens sharp portraits of her extended family. The second section presents clear guidance, outlining various practices for achieving compassion through new perceptions, self-hypnosis, focused visualizations, and mindfulness.”

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