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by Bruce Johnson

The Doctrine of Emanation was universally known throughout the ancient world. Emanation was fundamental in the philosophies of India, Egypt, Chaldea, and Greece. Emanation is the root principle in the teachings of the Zoroastrians, Gnostics, and Hebrew Kabalists. The process of Emanation was often depicted symbolically in a triangular form. Emanation triangles can be both esoteric and exoteric. Let’s review Emanation and the most well-known Emanation triangle of the ancients.

Emanation is the means whereby the infinite formless life of Supreme Deity is condensed, solidified, and eventually manifested in dense physical form. Emanation involves the unfolding of inner latent energies and forces that flow outward and downward into manifestation. This is the same as Involution. Emanation is the means by which Involution takes place. The outward and downward energy flow of Involution and Emanation is balanced by the inward and upward current flow of Evolution. Emanation creates the planes, forms, and vehicles for the boundless life of the unrevealed First Cause to manifest throughout every level of the universe.

Every primary Emanation triangle is upward pointing, and whether esoteric or exoteric, have a positive point, a negative point, and a dual or neutral point. Hovering above the vertex or peak of the Emanation triangle was usually a symbol of the nameless, formless, infinite Cause of Causes called different names by various cultures. This invisible, universal Divine Essence is known as Ad or En-Soph to the Chaldeans, Zerona Akerne to the Zoroastrians, Ain- Soph to the Kabalist, and Sige’ to the Gnostics.

The most commonly used Emanation triangle of antiquity by far was as follows. The point at the peak of an upward pointing triangle was dual in nature and positively and negatively charged. Floating above the peak was a depiction of the unrevealed, incomprehensible First Cause, the Ain-Soph of the Kabalist. The right –hand point of the triangle was positively charged, active and male in nature. The left-hand point was negatively charged and feminine in quality.

The Chaldean magicians knew of many types of triangles. They had both an esoteric and exoteric version of the Emanation triangle. The exoteric one is described in the above paragraph. The esoteric Chaldean Emanation triangle is quite different than the exoteric one and was not available to the public. Like the exoteric triangle, it has a symbol of En- Soph above the peak of the triangle. Unlike the exoteric triangle, the top point of the esoteric Chaldean Emanation triangle was positively charged. The right-hand point was negatively charged, and the left-hand point was positively and negatively charged. With the esoteric triangle, the second emanation was along the left-hand side, and not the right-hand side of the triangle like traditional Kabalism holds.  The left side of the esoteric triangle is positive, the right side is negative. The left side of the Kabalistic triangle is negative, with the right-hand side positive.

The esoteric Chaldean Emanation triangle is identical to the energy-based triangle known to occultists. Both these triangles have a positively charged summit, negatively charged right-hand point, and a positive/negatively charged left-hand point. A Kabalistic Emanation triangle is created by turning the esoteric Chaldean Emanation triangle one hundred and twenty degrees clockwise. With triangles, I prefer using the Chaldean esoteric form. If the left-hand point of the triangle isn’t positive and negative, how can the dual Son sit at the right hand of the Father?

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a Spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.

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by Bob Romero

In my metaphysical class, we’ve been given mantras during meditation. Two mantras that have really resonated with me deal with light. The translations are significant to me as to where I’m at on my spiritual path and to what’s going on in the world. I found some wonderful websites that also explain the meanings and list both the spiritual and physical benefits of reciting the mantras.

The first mantra is the “Asatoma Sadgama” mantra. The notes from my class have the lyrics and the translation:

Asatoma Mantra

Asatoma Sadgamaya
Tamasoma Joytir Gamaya
Mrityorma Amritam Gamaya

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

(Oh Lord)  Lead me from the Unreal to the Real
Lead me from Darkness to Light
Lead me from Death to Immortality

Om, Peace, Peace, Peace

The Mahakatha website is a special website for mantras and has not only the lyrics, but the history, the meaning, and the benefits of each mantra. It lists the benefits of this mantra as reconditioning your mind from negativity, helps faith, uplifts you, gives you peace of mind, is soothing to the soul, and removes jealousy. On the Lifeschool website, it is explained very well. The host goes into great detail for each line. The part that I really liked was about the negative lies and doubts that we have about ourselves like not being good enough, but the truth is that we have God inside of us and we can do anything.

The second mantra is the Gayatri Mantra. The notes from my class have the lyrics and the translation:

Gayatri Mantra

Om   Bhur Bhuvah Swaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo YoNah Prachodayat

Om   Shanti Shanti Shanti

Om   All who are Earth, Mid World, and Heaven, Let us Meditate upon the Light Adorable of the Divine Sun of Life to Enlighten our Souls.

Om, Peace, Peace, Peace

The Gayatri Mantra is one of the most popular and sacred mantras in India. The Meditative Mind website has the meaning and lists the ten amazing benefits from chanting the mantra. The purpose of the mantra is to give gratitude to the sun for the life force that it gives us and illuminating our wisdom when we meditate on it. Like the Asatoma Sadgamaya mantra, it takes us from ignorance and darkness to truth and enlightenment which we so desperately need in our world. The physical benefits taken from the website are:

1. Improves Concentration and Learning.

2. Removes Toxins from Body.

3. Improves Breathing.

4. Keeps Your Heart Healthy.

5. Removes Negativity.

6. Improves Functioning of Nervous System.

7. Helps reduce Asthma Symptoms.

8. Calms the Mind.

9. Improves Overall Immunity.

10. Reduces Stress and Anxiety.

It is best to chant this mantra at morning, noon, and sunset and to chant it at least three times.

brush om

The Sri Sathya Sai International Organization also has a website that discusses in depth the Gayatri Mantra and has three recordings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba chanting the mantra. One is just once and can be downloaded. The other two are YouTube videos of him chanting without a chorus and with a chorus, 108 times. The website explains in full detail the ties to Hindu deities, Gayatri, Savitri and Saraswathi.

During the week of exploring the meanings of the mantras, our zoom yoga class did poses that were a “Salute to the Sun”. You might think that this was coincidence, but I think that it was a synchronicity. I downloaded the single recording of Sri Sathya Sai Baba chanting the Gayatri Mantra and imported it into my Music library so that I could listen to it on my phone. I put the recording to repeat indefinitely, but it would only play it three times and then stop. This might also be regarded as a coincidence, but again I think that it was a synchronicity. Then I was listening to Sri Sathya Sai Baba chanting the Gayatri Mantra on YouTube 108 times, and I got the urge to draw a Tarot Card. I suddenly knew what the card would be. I drew the card, and it was … “The Sun”.

Bob Romero has been a diligent student of esoteric spiritual subjects and metaphysics for many years, with a life-long quest for answers. He has submitted new and original articles that focus on life lessons and experiences he wishes to share with our readers and the world.

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by Roy Neal

Old Historic Astrologer

We begin the month of October with Mercury going direct on Sunday, October 2nd in the sign of Virgo. However, it should be noted that Mercury will not resume normal speed until Wednesday, October 5th. Waiting until you have all the facts before making major decisions is recommended.

A First Quarter Phase Moon occurs in Capricorn on Sunday, October 2nd. A cautious approach emotionally in personal and professional relationships is likely to evolve into a better understanding and acceptance as the Moon enters Aquarius on Tuesday, October 4th. Appreciation for individual needs and desires may be necessary in order to co-create experiences of mutual agreement and value.

The emphasis on relationships is highlighted in October as the Sun, Venus and later Mercury will be transiting the sign of Libra for a major portion of the month.

Mars will be transiting the sign of Gemini for all of October and the rest of the year. During the time while Mars is transiting Gemini, we are advised to remember the three C’s: Connection, Communication and Co-creation. Our ability to speak our truth and honor our agreements will be tested in extraordinary ways.

Pluto goes direct on Saturday, October 8th in Capricorn. This change of direction signals that an internal process of transformation is nearing completion and we can now begin to move forward without the limiting fears and beliefs from the past.

Full Moon in Aries
Full Moon in Aries

A Full Moon in Aries on Sunday, October 9th further encourages us to embrace and express our authentic and energetic sense of self in all of our relationships with others.

Mercury enters Libra on Monday, October 10th. Our ability to successfully communicate and connect with others will require us to listen and learn about their life and experiences. However, it cannot be just an intellectual exercise and experience. We will ultimately need to grow our emotional availability to feel their pain as well as to feel and articulate our own.

This emotional process is likely to become more evident as the Moon enters Cancer on Saturday, October 15th and culminates on Monday, October 17th with the Last Quarter Phase Moon in the zodiac sign of Cancer. The needs of our friends and family members may require us to be more emotionally present and compassionate.

Authenticity in our way of expressing our feelings is encouraged as the Moon enters Leo late on Monday, October 17th and forms a number of stressful aspects with Saturn and Uranus on Wednesday, October 19th. A pragmatic and logical response to our life experience resumes as the Moon enters Virgo on Thursday, October 20th and continues its transit of that sign through Friday and Saturday.

Saturn returns to direct motion in Aquarius late on Saturday, October 22nd right before both the Sun and Venus enter the sign of Scorpio on Sunday, October 23rd. The theme now is: “Empowerment, Healing and Transformation” as a result of “Letting Go and Letting God” be the guiding force in the process of achieving our goals and objectives.

New beginnings in this empowered and spiritual way of living occur as we experience the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on Tuesday, October 25th.

The importance of aligning our consciousness with a daily spiritual practice is enhanced as Jupiter retrogrades back into the sign of Pisces late on Thursday, October 27th.

Mercury enters Scorpio on Saturday, October 29th. We now will have the Sun, Venus and Mercury all transiting the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign ruled by the planet Pluto. Pluto is the planet that symbolizes power, transformation and death. Often the death of the old is necessary for the birth of the new.

The planet Mars goes retrograde in Gemini on Sunday, October 30th. Mars will remain retrograde for the rest of 2022 and will not go direct until January 12th 2023. This retrograde process may be more than a little bit challenging if you tend to be a human doing rather than a human being.

Activities and issues related to mental illness will demand our attention while Mars is transiting the sign of Gemini.

Creative problem-solving opportunities will be abundant.

Researching information regarding death and dying will be common during this Scorpio period. It is appropriate that we emotionally grieve our friends and family that have made their transition to the realm of spirit and celebrate the “Day of the Dead” on All Hallows Eve on Monday, October 31st.


Roy Neal is a professional astrologer in the Denver area. If you would like to know more about how this month impacts you personally, call Roy at 720-962-4633 and schedule an update of your individual birth chart.

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by Roy Neal

September 22 through October 21


The Sun enters the zodiac sign of Libra on Thursday, September 22nd. This event is known as the Autumn Equinox; a time of equal day and equal night. The theme for Libra is balance. The symbol of Libra is the scales of justice and the setting Sun. Fairness and equality are qualities that characterize the consciously evolved Libra person.

Libra is a sign of relationship. The Libra individual learns about themselves as a result of their relationships with others. Team efforts, joint-ventures, business and personal partnerships offer the Libra person ample opportunity for personal growth and soul development.

Skills in debate, diplomacy and negotiation can facilitate mutually beneficial agreements that are fair and equitable.

Libra is a dual sign. There is a light and a dark side to the Libra personality. Finding a way to be at peace with the opposite sides of their own nature is the key to developing inner peace and healthy relationships. If you wish to learn more about yourself and the experience of relationship, you would do well to cultivate a friendship with someone who has the Sun and other personal planets in the sign of Libra.

Roy Neal is a professional astrologer in the Denver area. If you would like to know more about how this month impacts you personally, call Roy at 720-962-4633 and schedule an update of your individual birth chart.

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