Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore’s Soul Seal

If you have ever stood at the checkout counter at The Shining Lotus Bookstore and wondered about the beautiful cosmic painting on the wall behind the register … That is the Soul Seal for the Metaphysical Bookstore and Center painted by Dee Davis in the late 1970s.

Dee Davis was born in Wichita, Kansas and grew up in Arvada, Colorado. In 1977, after having lived in California for several years, she decided to return to Colorado with her young daughter and put down roots. At the time, she was not sure at all how she would make a living or re-establish herself as a spiritual teacher and counselor. She just knew she needed to be in Denver. As Dee prepared to move, she received some very specific instructions from the Divine; She was to wait exactly two weeks after arriving in Denver and then go and talk to “The Lady” (Cleta Williamson), at the Metaphysical Bookstore.

So, exactly two weeks after arriving in Denver, Dee went to the Metaphysical Bookstore on Colfax Avenue in Aurora and spoke to Cleta. She told Cleta about her experience as a Spiritual Teacher, her desire to help people to reach their Soul consciousness and the gift she had been given to see and draw complex symbolic representations of souls which Divine called “Soul Seals”. As an added bonus Dee had worked closely with a cousin that owned a metaphysical bookstore in California. Cleta immediately invited Dee to use the backroom of the store to do readings, counseling sessions and conduct classes. This began Dee’s 40 plus year collaboration with the bookstore and center.

Dee Davis on the shore of a river in India.

Dee’s very first class contained only four students. However, she came in to the store daily to do readings and provide guidance to Cleta in selecting books and speakers that lead to the store’s increasing popularity. Gayle Bachicha, whom most of you have met, joined Dee and Cleta as a teacher and astrologer a few years after Dee arrived. The store Soul Seal was presented to Cleta in the early 1980s.

Dee continued working from The Metaphysical Bookstore for decades. When the store was moved from Colfax Avenue to Colorado Blvd. in 1995, Dee performed a blessing ceremony for the store’s continued success; Cleansing the new space, moving the energy vortex from  the Colfax Ave. store to the new location and re-installing the store’s Soul Seal.  Eventually, Dee’s classes and numbers of clients out-grew the space available at the bookstore and she opened her own center in the year 2000.

Dee continued to teach and counsel at The Living Light Center at E. Jewell Ave. and Colorado Blvd. in Denver. She remained a great supporter of The Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore and Center and in 2017 she worked closely with Tim and Justin on selecting their new location. Once again, when the Metaphysical Bookstore re-opened at its current location, it was Dee Davis that performed the Blessing Ceremony.

Here is what Dee Davis said recently in regards to The Shining Lotus: “The Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore is a Major Heart and Light in the City of Denver and surrounding areas. For over 30 years it has given to our city. It has given; Love, Light, Expansion and Service to mankind. A great gift to all, the city is blessed with this great bookstore and center.”

A Call to Action in 2019

In the fall of 2018 Dee Davis began feeling ill. She was nauseous, in pain and barely able to eat. Ultimately she lost over 40 pounds. On April 24, 2019 Dee collapsed at her home and was taken to the hospital. During her 12 day hospital stay she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer that had spread to every bone in her body. It seems that the metastasis was slow and may have been spreading gradually over the past eight years.

Dee returned home after this hospitalization and began cancer treatments. However, on June 7th she fell and broke her left arm. This single event  lead to a 36 day hospitalization with 4 major surgeries; Two to repair her left arm and Two to place metal rods in both her legs to prevent future fractures. During one of the surgeries she had a cardiac arrest with 8 of her fragile ribs fractured  during CPR.  This type of prolonged illness and hospitalization leads to extensive deconditioning of all the muscles in the body, including the muscles used for swallowing and speech.

Later in 2019, Dee is entered her 6th week of rehabilitation at a Skilled Nursing Facility. She was alert, participating in three types of therapy every day, 5 days a week. She was doing some reading and beginning to draw and write again which made her extremely happy.

In the moment when Dee collapsed, on April 24, 2019, Divine appeared to her and gave her the choice to continue in this life or to leave the earth. She chose to stay. She felt in her heart and Soul that her work on earth was not finished. Through all these painful months she has remained absolutely, positively determined to return to her life-long passion of helping people to reach their full potential as Soul-Infused human beings.

What is a “Soul-Seal” and Where Does it Come From?

Per Dee Davis, “A Soul Seal is a Divine image of your Soul in geometric form. It is given by God to represent the beauty of your Soul and your highest Being. The Metaphysical Bookstore Soul Seal contains the beauty, knowledge and service of the store.”

When Dee Davis was a young mother in San Francisco, California, she was faced with a dilemma that many mothers face:  She needed to return to work for financial reasons but she desperately wanted to stay home with her daughter who had undergone multiple surgeries since her birth. Dee asked for Divine guidance to be able to provide a service and have an income without having to work full-time away from her daughter…and… She received an answer. Divinity appeared to Dee with two angels. They showed her the “storehouse” for the Soul Seals of all mankind and how to reach that storehouse on the inner planes and see the Soul Seals she needed to see in order to help her students and clients. Dee remained in a completely blissful, altered state of consciousness for three days after receiving this information.

At first Dee could only see the Soul Seals with her inner vision and then she would paint them for clients. Then, over the next few years, she began getting instructions from the inner planes about what the symbols in each Soul Seal meant and how students and clients could use their personal Soul Seals for meditation and Spiritual advancement. Per Dee, “ Soul Seals have many layers of symbolism and meaning that one can meditate on them to help them get in touch with their highest Self and their higher purpose.”

Over the last several decades Dee has drawn Soul Seals for over a thousand clients. She has taught Spiritual classes in the UK, Denmark, Netherlands and other European countries as well as the USA. She no longer painted the Soul Seals herself but drew them in detail in pencil and told each client the colors assigned to the symbols in their seal. Clients may color their own Soul Seal or have a painter or artist color the image for them.

A Heartfelt Obituary by Elizabeth True

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 at 8:26 pm MST
Lynda (Dee) Davis passed away at home while surrounded by loved ones due to complications from Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer.
Dee was a minister, an extremely gifted teacher and healer, spiritual counselor, and Soul Seal Artist (God’s Artist) for over 50 years. She graduated from seminary school in Berkley, California in the early 1970s where she also taught spiritual classes out of her home and cousin’s metaphysical bookstore. Dee used one of her many gifts and taught blind people to see at a program at UC Berkeley before returning to Denver in 1978. She began teaching classes and counseling at the Denver Metaphysical Bookstore on Colfax Avenue, now known as the Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore.

In 1988 she took her first trip of 17 to India and many more followed with her leading groups to Sathya Sai Baba. In the 1990s Dee traveled internationally as she taught, counseled, and drew Soul Seals in Denmark, Netherlands, England, Switzerland, and Germany. She was humble while also counseling the Royals in Denmark and the Netherlands.

In 2005 she opened her own center where her loyal students of up to 43 years followed, most of who helped her in one way, shape or form over the last two years of her illness. Dee performed many marriages; presided over several funerals; and conducted proper blessings at homes and businesses. She touched, blessed and helped transform thousands and thousands of lives throughout the world!
Dee is survived by her two housemates, Kent Williams and Elizabeth True, and all of her students and clients worldwide.

A Celebration of Life will be in the near future when it is safe to gather. If you would like more information on the upcoming Celebration as it becomes available, please contact Elizabeth at