by Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a Spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.

Guardian angelsThe designations of spirit guides, spirit guardians, and spirit friends usually indicate discarnate beings that assist humans in their evolution. It’s difficult to set clearly defined lines between these particular classifications of kindhearted ethereal beings as their members can often fit into more than one category. We’ll identify the constituents of these groups and their diverse work, along with some of their alternative names.

Each individual soul during earthly incarnation has one main spirit guide from the para-human or Master Kingdom who oversees their consciousness development throughout the entire lifetime of the pupil and beyond. This great teacher, who can be either physically or spiritually ascended, knows the life lessons their charge must learn and undergo during their sojourn on Earth. A Master Teacher has a strong rapport with their student or students originating from their close connection in previous lifetimes. The Master Guide supervises the other non-physical instructors who also have prior karmic links to that personage.

Another type of spirit guide is the spirit doctor whose work is to maintain bodily health and order within the temporal and etheric vehicles[bodies] of the person they’re aiding. Spirit doctors understand the principles of chemistry and do participate in the safe, gradual chakra development of those in their care. One’s personal financial/business guide gained monetary expertise while on Earth and helps an individual in practical material fields to benefit their economic fitness.

The emotional healing guide, sometimes called the emotional development guide, is often a feminine spirit who specializes in harmonizing discord and imbalance in the astral and emotional bodies of those they comfort. They are especially present during times of our inner crises. Child guides, or messenger guides are those girls and boys who having died at an early age, act as willing helpers to those still in fleshy bodies who they serve in various beneficial ways. In addition, guides who instruct in specific areas of learning like music and art also exist in the spirit world.

Removing The DoubtGuardian spirits are sometimes referred to as guardian angels, protecting angels and spirit protectors. Each human being has one primary guardian angel who like their Master Teacher, stays with them from birth to after death. This principal guardian angel acts as both a protector and guiding angel to the specific human they’re associated with. This chief human guardian angel or deva, is drawn from the white-colored devas that dwell on the etheric plane.

Among the other classes of spirit guardians, the Indian protector or Indian guide of traditional Spiritualism is perhaps the best known. Some advanced Native American spirits are especially gifted at defending persons from negative spirit entities and forces, as well as being powerful magnetic and vital-force healers. Some of the best Spiritualist literature has been dictated by incorporeal Native Americans that once lived on Earth. Thousands of seances, together with their mediums and sitters, have been effectively guarded by different Native American spirits.

Spirit friends encompass deceased friends and relatives, invisible spirit helpers, and groups of souls who band together to form rescue circles to educate and liberate earthbound spirits who often don’t realize that they have physically died. Humans still bodily encased can be part-time spirit helpers when they step out of the corporal envelope during sleep and serve in a variety of ways on the astral plane.