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27 inches tall and 18 inches wide, this fossilized extinct cephalopod is a beautiful addition to your home’s entryway. Gigantic specimen. Increases life span, reduces toxins, anxiety and stress. Balances the emotions, makes one more confident. Contains supernatural and physical healing powers. They promote a sense of pride and success in business.

In “The Fossil Book: The Exciting Story of Plants, Animals, and Lesser Creatures During the Past Two Billion Years”, Carroll and Mildred Fenton referred to all nautiloids with an orthicone, or straight shell as Orthoceras in 1958.

But researchers later figured out the siphuncle, cameral deposits and other stuff they looked at under a microscope showed these little critters belonged to different groups, and shockingly, different orders.

The scientists have determined that these ‘straight horn’ Orthoceras came from Middle Ordovician-aged marine limestone found mostly in Sweden and parts of the Baltic areas of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia and maybe Lithuania.

For you nerds that have kept reading, the Ordovician is the second of six geologic periods of the Paleozoic Era. It lasted 41,200,000 years about 485,400,00 years ago.


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