by Bob Romero —

Bob Romero has been a diligent student of esoteric spiritual subjects and metaphysics for many years, with a life-long quest for answers. He has submitted new and original articles that focus on life lessons and experiences he wishes to share with our readers and the world.

ChristI have been blessed with many people that have helped me on my spiritual path. I was lucky with the family that I was born into with my parents and older siblings. I was the “ours” of “yours, mine, and ours”, but my older brothers and sisters on both sides treated me as their special little brother. There was also a strong bond that we had with aunts and uncles and cousins.  On my mom’s side, it all stems back to my grandmother whose name was Natividad which means the birth of Jesus. She was a strong independent woman with five daughters and one son and was a widow at the age of 31. She was able to raise her kids by herself during the Great Depression and at that time, there was no government help. She had strong moral values which she instilled into her children. And while religion played a big part in our faith, there seemed to be a greater spiritual element beyond religion. That also continued to be the case when I met my wife and her family, as we had the same values and were blessed with an amazing son who has great interpersonal skills in dealing with people. His wife, daughter, and son are more that we could ever ask for. I also have had many friends and teachers that have influenced me in many different ways.

That said, the metaphysical experiences that I came to be aware of, didn’t happen until I went for my first Reiki session and the pain in my shoulders went away. My Reiki Master suggested getting some crystals, and that’s when I came across the Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore and encountered a vast amount of knowledge on spirituality and metaphysics. I began taking classes on various topics and guided meditations to quench my thirst for more knowledge and information. My mind was blown away when I went to a reading with my wife, where a young woman would communicate with people who have passed, and she communicated with my mom and niece.  That was the subject of my first article. I continued to meet people with extraordinary gifts, and I began to see a pattern:

The Reiki Master who works with angels and has helped me heal.

The acupuncturist with the ability to sense my physical issues and restore my chi.

The chiropractor who not only aligns my back, but my chakras as well.

A reflexologist who uses spirit guides.

A cranial sacral therapist who also uses spirit guides.

A spiritual teacher with great knowledge and psychic abilities.

Classmates who share the same zest for knowledge.

A pastor unlike most priests, who says that love and kindness overrule dogmas and doctrines.

A great friend at work who turned out to be a Reiki Master and a great source of metaphysical knowledge, wisdom, and healing.

Meditation LakeMost of my encounters, including my first Reiki session, were suggested to me by my wife who has an uncanny intuition. Recently, the trend has continued, and the frequency has increased. My wife encouraged me get a massage from a therapist that she and my son and daughter-in-law go to. My acupuncturist also recommended her because she said that she had good energy. My wife had recommended the acupuncturist to the therapist. So, the therapist goes down to Denver for acupuncture. Now our acupuncturist also comes to Lafayette for massages. I had never had a massage, but I went, and it turns out that she uses Reiki in her massages and so I was able to discuss it with her. She said that the first time, my guides observed the session. The second time, she said that they participated. She is a practicing Buddhist and went to Nepal to visit her teacher last April.

My wife also suggested that I have a pedicure. So, I made one with the owner of the shop. It turns out that she’s also a practicing Buddhist and my wife had told her about the Buddha in our back yard. My wife also told her about the classes that I was taking and so it was a very interesting appointment and quite a discussion. The owner also told me that her aunt was physic and had spoken to her dead father.

Last March my son and I went down to Santa Fe to visit my brother. Right around the corner and less than a block from my brother’s house is the Prana Blessings Metaphysical Shop and Healing Hub. I couldn’t believe how close it was.  It’s just amazing how Spirit works! I felt really good energy there and I talked to the owner for quite a while. Her name is LaGina Glass, and she is an amazing person. She teaches Reiki and gives Reiki sessions there. I bought several crystals including some for my brother and my granddaughter. She says that she sells most of her stuff online. I told her that I would get a Reiki session from her the next time that I was in Santa Fe.

I was kind of bummed because the nutrition specialist that I talk to at King Soopers transferred to a King Soopers in Longmont. He’s very knowledgeable and knows what brands and supplements to use and he’s not afraid to recommend Natural Grocers or Sprouts. He has a really good reputation and used to sell products at the different stores at one time. Well, the person who filled in for him is as good and used to do the same. She knows him personally and calls him if she has questions, but she has been able to answer all of mine. It turns out she’s also into holistic healing.

I forwarded my article on crystals to Liz Oakes who sends out “The Healing Crystals for You” newsletter. She responded with a very kind and complementary email and signed up for the Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore newsletter. She said that not everyone understands in being “one” with the people you spend time with. Some of her newsletters have been very timely with articles on crystals that deal with subjects that I have either written about or that I’m studying.

And the hits just keep coming. When I was waiting for my doctor during my physical, I saw poster on the wall on mindfulness and meditation. My new golfing buddy is a retired doctor who is looking at holistic medicine and nutrition. When I mentioned that I am studying metaphysics, he suggested that I look at Iain McGilchrist’s books “The Matter with Things” and “The Master and His Emissary”.

I feel very fortunate to come across so many wonderful and amazing people on my path. My human guides have been just as helpful to me on my path as my spiritual guides. I also found out that the more that you focus on metaphysical matters and less on materialism and negative news, the more these amazing people will come into your life. I hope that the people that I know, will feel the same about me.