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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Saturday, November 25

10:00 am to 6:00 pm

$1 a minute Psychic or Tarot Card Readings

25% off your purchases

ALL SESSIONS ARE $1 A MINUTE, $10 minimum.

The 2023 Holiday Season is kicked off with our annual 25% off sale and our only Psychic Fair of the year on Saturday, November 25. We move forward into the end-of-year holidays with gratitude, love and faith for the time we are able to spend with our families and friends. We hope you will take the time to stop in and take advantage of our extremely talented psychic service providers on this very busy shopping day.

Tarot Readings. Renna Shesso draws on many years of studying and reading the cards in her shamanic and Wiccan practice to help you see the possibilities of hope, healing and prosperity.

Intuitive Readings. Brandi Pummell will provide very accurate intuitive readings that help clear negativity and invite peace, love, good health and prosperity into your life.

Tarot Readings. Miguel Hernandez will invoke the power and mystery of Tarot Imagery to help you reveal the possibilities as you move forward in your life during this powerful time of healing.

Intuitive Readings. Courtney Herrera’s ability to receive communications from the departed is clearly remarkable. She is also a certified clinical herbalist and aromatherapist specializing in spiritual healing and grief work.

Astrology. Sunny Dowman is an accomplished reader and podcast host, helping people through natal and transit astrology. She can help you reach your important, helpful, and spiritual possibilities.

Tarot Readings. Meryl Bradley empowers Witches, Bitches & Dudes to complete themselves in order to have healthier Soulmate relationships and more purpose-filled lives. LGBTQIA2+, Neurodivergent, Grief & Trauma Informed.

Tarot Readings. Rocio del Alba helps us to understand how replaying our own story sometimes will not allow us to move on to the next level in our journey through this life. Tarot has helped her in her journey and she can now help you through yours as well.

This is an entire day dedicated to our spiritual awakening, healing, self-awareness and working toward enlightenment. If you feel guided to be with people of like mind on this auspicious day, please come to the Shining Lotus on Small Business Saturday, November 25, 2023.

with Sunny Dowman

Sunday, November 26

2:00 to 3:00 pm


Sunny DowmanIf you are thinking about your future, your past, or just your place in the physical present, you owe yourself a visit with Astrologer Sunny Dowman. Sunny has been a student of astrology, both natal and transit, for many years and is currently studying with Chris Brennan’s Astrology School. Join Sunny and your friends for a fun and informational look at the astrology of the month ahead. Don’t miss this class.

This is a gallery Astrology discussion group that meets on the last Sunday of each month. The class is free for all participants and seating is limited to 15. 

by Bruce Johnson

Modern astrology can be divided into two primary categories including esoteric astrology which deals with the
individual’s soul purposes, and exoteric or traditional astrology that studies the effect of celestial bodies on the human personality. When examining a person’s astrological chart, the esoteric astrologer uses traditional planetary rulers for ordinary persons and esoteric planetary rulers for advanced souls and disciples. Let’s apply this principle to the three most important aspects of any birth chart- the sun sign, moon sign and the degree of the zodiac on the eastern horizon at birth called the ascendant. The ruler of the ascendant is the overall natal chart ruler and also rules the 1 st house.

The following list shows first the esoteric rulers of the 12 astrological signs and second their exoteric rulers.
Aries- Mercury, Mars;
Taurus- Vulcan, Venus;
Gemini- Venus, Mercury;
Cancer- Neptune, Moon;
Leo- Sun, Sun;
Virgo- Moon, Mercury;
Libra- Uranus, Venus;
Scorpio- Mars, Mars;
Sagittarius- Earth, Jupiter;
Capricorn- Saturn, Saturn;
Aquarius- Jupiter, Uranus;
Pisces- Pluto, Jupiter.
Astrologers will notice non-traditional exoteric rulers of some of the planets mentioned. Like the 12 constellations, all 12 houses have either a exoteric or esoteric ruler.

The sun sign in a horoscope indicates the present physical, mental and emotional level of soul unfoldment of a personality in a given lifetime. The sun sign with the exoteric ruler rules the personality of ordinary humanity and its outer world life. The sun sign of a person is linked to their current personality ray, [one of the seven primary color rays.] The moon sign in a natal chart signifies that which is the past. It governs the physical body and shows the limitations and restrictions a person must deal with as a result of their past actions. Esoterically, the moon is considered a non-radiating “dead” planet that veils both the sacred planets Vulcan and Uranus.

The ascendant, also called the rising sign, shows the individual soul’s purpose for the present incarnation and immediate future incarnations. It contains the secret of the future and represents the force that when rightly exercised and used, is the key to the person’s success. The ascendant force when attuned to and demonstrated can harmonize and bring the right relationship between one’s soul and their personality, dramatically accelerating spiritual growth. For any individual, the rising sign with its esoteric or exoteric ruler, shows the direction their soul would have them go in this lifetime.

The exoteric rulers of the signs and houses and their related color rays are often different than the color rays associated with the esoteric rulers of the signs and houses. The 12 astrological signs with first their esoteric color ray and second their exoteric color ray are- Aries- green, indigo; Taurus- red, orange; Gemini- orange, green; Cancer- indigo, green; Leo- blue, blue; Virgo- green, green; Libra- violet, orange; Scorpio- indigo, indigo; Sagittarius- yellow, blue; Capricorn- yellow, yellow; Aquarius- blue, violet; Pisces- red, blue. Astrological signs that are related to each other will have the same ruler and color ray.

By creating an astrological chart for a disciple with their sun sign having an exoteric ruler and their ascendant with its esoteric ruler, the astrologer can determine the primary spiritual challenge of that disciple in their present incarnation. Exoteric rulers indicate outer world activities, esoteric rulers relate to inner life experiences.

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a Spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.

by Bob Romero

One of my favorite healing modalities is listening to binaural beats. This is called brain wave entrainment. According to Healthline and other sources online, binaural beats have been shown to have many health benefits including lowering anxiety and stress and helping sleep disorders. They are similar to the benefits of meditation but work faster and it’s easier to do. Like meditation, they help balance the left and right brain hemispheres which enhances learning, creativity, and mental health. Binaural beats are produced by sending two slightly different frequencies with each one sent to a different ear. So, they only work with headphones or ear buds and the difference of the frequencies can’t be greater than 30 Hz. Each tone also has to be below 1000 Hz. Your brain is tricked into hearing just the difference of the two tones as one tone and not the two separate ones. This helps produce different brainwave patterns. The beta frequencies are between 14 and 30 Hz, and this is the state that we are in when we are awake. The alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves are the brainwaves that are associated with the benefits.

Alpha (7 – 13 Hz) is associated with the early stages of meditation which helps you relax and stay positive. Theta (4 – 7 Hz) is a deeper meditative state and is similar to REM sleep which is a deeper trance that promotes creativity and additional healing. Delta (1 – 4 Hz) is the equivalent of deep sleep where the body rejuvenates and heals itself.

Buddhist monks practice meditation for many years to reach the delta state. Listening to binaural beats may dramatically speed up the process, but I like to do both. For me, the binaural beats help me when I do my silent meditation. In listening to the music, I am able to focus more on my breath and disregard any thoughts that come to mind. I become the music so that I can go into a deeper trance. Then when I do silent mediation, I know what the stillness feels like. And as the monks discovered, these altered states of consciousness of alpha, theta, and delta, also have many spiritual benefits as well. They increase your intuition, open your third eye, open your chakras, experience synchronicity, and the list goes on.

There are many tracks of binaural beats available on YouTube, Soundcloud, and others, but make sure that you use headphones in order for them to be effective. There are also brainwave entrainment programs available for purchase. They can vary in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. I looked at some of the programs like Hemi-Sync, EquiSync, and Brain Salon. I was somewhat hesitant about spending the money. They all usually have free demos, and you may find them relaxing, but I found that I really didn’t get into a trance. Then I found one of the tracks from EquiSync on Soundcloud called “Rejuvenation” and listened to it. I’m not sure how it got there, but I did feel rejuvenated, and I had a lot of energy that day. So, I made the plunge and bought the deluxe package for around a hundred dollars that included a discount. EquiSync is provided by the EOC Institute, and their well-designed website contains volumes of information about meditation and EquiSync.

The EOC Institute also incorporated other methods of brainwave entrainment like isochronic tones, and monaural beats, as well as their own audio methods, into EquiSync. I’m sure that the other vendors have done something similar to their own programs. What I liked about EquiSync is that they have a designed program to gradually start with alpha and then go to theta and finally end with delta. They have two programs that can be purchased separately or combined called Classic and Deepereum. Deepereum allows you to build your own meditation audio track with different configuration options. It is for more advanced users. Classic on the other hand is simple. It has three releases of EquiSync over the years, labeled “Initial”, “Ensuing”, and the “Latest Release.” The patterns of the number of tracks of each release became very obvious to me especially after writing about Nikola Tesla’s 3-6-9 method, and the power of 9 in vortex math and its presence throughout time and space, in a previous article. I noticed that the number of tracks in reach release is a multiple of 9, and the number of alpha tracks in each release is a multiple of 3. The same is true for theta and delta. I wondered if that it was by design or if it was synchronicity.  So, I contacted the EOC Institute and asked them. They responded back with a short answer of synchronicity but said that the best answer was found in one of the many “The universe works through you”; quotes on the internet and sent me a link. My favorite is, “Allow me to flow through you unrestricted, and you will see the greatest magic that you have ever seen.”

Then I looked back at the articles that I have written on my metaphysical experiences and determined that they are documentation of the universe working through me. There are no such things as coincidences.

Meditating either silently or with binaural beats will help you become more aware. So, when you encounter synchronicities or things that you cannot explain, write them down, and after several occurrences, you will indeed discover that “The universe works through you”.

Bob Romero has been a diligent student of esoteric spiritual subjects and metaphysics for many years, with a life-long quest for answers. He has submitted new and original articles that focus on life lessons and experiences he wishes to share with our readers and the world.

by Roy Neal

Old Historic Astrologer

     We begin the month of November with the Sun, Mercury and Mars all in the zodiac sign of Scorpio on Wednesday, November 1st. This trinity of transformation symbolizes the purging of our psyche with regard to anger, resentments, and other negative energies that are destructive to our spiritual and emotional health and well-being. This is a time of release and renewal. Core level wounds are surfacing so they can be acknowledged and healed.

     Saturn returns to direct motion in the sign of Pisces on Saturday, November 4th. A new psychological approach to dealing with issues of anger, power, and control is now at hand. We benefit by deepening our capacity for empathy and compassion when dealing with other people’s anger, pain, and reactive behavior.

     A Last Quarter Phase Moon occurs in Leo on Sunday, November 5th. Finding ways to express yourself in a loving and creative way will prove beneficial for yourself as well as others.

     Daylight Saving Time also ends on Sunday, November 5th. We are entering a time of lesser light in our environment. This natural “dark” period will require conscious effort and intention on our part to express more of our “inner” light at this time.

     Venus enters Libra on Wednesday, November 8th. The need for shared experience of mutual interest and companionship will stimulate our desire to manifest healthy relationships.

     Mercury enters Sagittarius on Thursday, November 9th. A more optimistic outlook of possibility and potential can inspire a different way of thinking and communicating with our friends, family and professional associates.

New Moon     A New Moon occurs in Scorpio on Monday, November 13th. New beginnings in our experience of healing and personal empowerment are now at hand. Knowing what to let go of will open the door for unexpected resources that will make our lives easier and more prosperous.

     A First Quarter Phase Moon in Aquarius occurs on Monday, November 20th. Relationships with friends can stimulate positive changes in our personal and social experience of life. Helping others can produce unexpected benefits.

Full Moon in Gemini     The Sun enters Sagittarius on Wednesday, November 22nd. Freedom, travel, and a new vision of what is possible can inspire us. Thursday, November 23rd is a day of gratitude for our blessings and prosperity.

     Mars enters Sagittarius on Friday, November 24th. A desire for travel, exploration, and new adventure can stimulate plans for future vacations out of town.

     The quest for new information and knowledge will inspire the sharing of new ideas as the Full Moon occurs in Gemini on Monday, November 27th. Creative writing, art, and music are favored.

     The search for truth, inspiration and adventure continues while both the Sun and Mars are transiting the sign of Sagittarius.

Roy Neal is a professional astrologer with a private practice in the Denver area. If you would like to know more about how this month impacts you personally, call Roy at 720-962-4633 and schedule an update of your individual birth chart.

by Roy Neal

October 23 to November 23

Mercury enters the zodiac sign of Scorpio on Sunday, October 22nd and the Sun enters Scorpio on Monday, October 23rd. Scorpio is a water sign ruled by the planet Pluto. Pluto is the planet of power, transformation, and control. The lesson for Scorpio is the wise use of power and control.
Scorpios love a mystery. They make good investigators, managers, and surgeons. The greatest mystery is what happens after death. Scorpios are perceptive. They have a talent for seeing what people need and desire. Scorpios are natural healers. Scorpios are sensual and passionate; they make good lovers.
The Scorpio person can be secretive; it is difficult for them to trust and allow others to do things for them. The Scorpio person needs to feel like they are in control. Lessons involving loss and letting go are part of the Scorpio person’s experience. Scorpio rules the eighth house of sex, death, and other people’s money.
If you are looking for a passionate person who is resourceful and will help you manage your health, business, and finances, you would do well to connect with someone who has the Sun and others personal planets in Scorpio.

Roy Neal is a professional astrologer with a private practice in the Denver area. If you would like to know more about how this month impacts you personally, call Roy at 720-962-4633 and schedule an update of your individual birth chart.