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by Roy Neal


Old Historic AstrologerWe begin the month of June with Mercury retrograde in Gemini and the Last Quarter Phase Mo

on in Pisces on Wednesday, June 2nd.  Clarity continues to be elusive even as Venus enters the sign of Cancer also on June 2nd.  Perhaps it will be better to give our logical mind a vacation and focus on trusting our intuition and spiritual guidance. Clarity is likely to return as the Sun trines Saturn on Thursday afternoon June 3rd.

Favorable aspects from the Moon in Aries to Saturn and the Sun indicate ample opportunity to be productive in accomplishing practical tasks on Friday, June 4th.

The tide goes out again on Saturday, June 5th as Mercury squares Neptune. Challenging aspects from Mars, the Moon and Pluto also on Saturday suggest potential conflicts and reactionary behavior. Things quiet down as the Moon enters Taurus and forms positive aspects to Jupiter and Venus on Sunday, June 6th.  Jupiter in Pisces invites us to seek spiritual guidance and travel destinations that are relaxing and close to water.

A New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in Gemini on Thursday, June 10th. This Solar Eclipse symbolizes an opportunity to improve all forms of dialogue and communication for the next six months.  Catching up on paperwork and re-reading our journals could prove beneficial as long as Mercury continues its transit in the sign of Gemini.

Mars enters the sign of Leo on Friday, June 11th.  Our desire for activities that involve creative self-expression, fun and matters of the heart are enhanced while Mars is in the sign of Leo.

A First Quarter Phase Moon occurs in Virgo on Thursday evening, June 17th. Our awareness of our health, daily routine and work situation may require additional focus and consideration.

Jupiter goes retrograde in the sign of Pisces and the Sun enters the sign of Cancer on Sunday, June 20th. This event symbolizes the beginning of the Summer season and also corresponds with Father’s Day.  Family celebrations are obviously encouraged. Mercury goes direct on Tuesday, June 22nd. Full clarity may not be completely available until Mercury moves out of the “shadow” of the retrograde period on July 7th. A Full Moon occurs in the sign of Capricorn on Thursday, June 24th. An awareness of our goals and objectives for success in career and business ventures is now at hand.

Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces on Friday, June 25th.  This change in direction indicates the importance of checking in with our spiritual guidance before taking action on our plans for the future. Venus enters Leo on Saturday, June 26th.  Our joy will be enhanced through relationships with children and loved ones.

Roy Neal is a professional astrologer with a private practice in the Denver area.  If you would like more information about how this time period impacts you personally, call Roy at 720-962-4633 and schedule an update of your individual birth chart.

by Bruce Johnson


Ancient astrologers determined the influence of the “fixed stars” to be a blend of two separate planetary energies that varied with different astrologers. Ptolemy attributed to the fixed star Antares the combined qualities of Mars and Jupiter. The brilliant star Spica was believed by some early astrologers to express the nature of Mercury blended with Venus. Fixed stars were further distinguished by their magnitude or brightness, significance to planet Earth, and by their being considered fortunate or unfortunate.

To be effectual in a nativity, a fixed star should be exactly conjunct or parallel a sensitive degree in the chart, including those of the planets, Ascendant, Midheaven and lunar nodes. Fixed stars are not fixed, but move about fifty and one quarter seconds of longitude yearly. Accuracy is important in working with fixed stars, and one will need a precise fixed star ephemeris to correctly locate them in a horoscope. This article shows their general locations by decans, or the three ten degree arcs contained in every astrological sign, for January 2020.

The double star Polaris is a magnitude two fixed star located in the last decan of Gemini. Also called the Pole Star, it indicates the celestial pole at this time. Due to the precession of the equinoxes, the fixed star Wega will be the pole star in 13,500 A.D. Polaris is a guiding star symbolizing spiritual direction and purpose for humanity. Esoterically, it attunes to the will and the red ray.

Alcyone is the brightest of the six visible stars in the Pleiades cluster placed in the first decan of Gemini. Like many modern astrologers, Mesopotamian astrologers believed Alcyone to be the central point around which our universe revolves. Alcyone expresses the qualities of mind and the yellow ray, and is sometimes referred to as the “Star of Intelligence”.

The heliacal rising of Sirius at the summer solstice marked the beginning of the Egyptian New Year. Sirius energy is both triple and seven-fold in nature, and can manifest through all seven rays. The primary energy of Sirius is love and peace, manifested through the blue ray. Combined with Polaris at the peak and Alcyone at the right-hand point, Sirius at the left-hand point creates a fixed star triangle that demonstrates the three fundamental color rays.

These eleven first magnitude or brightest fixed stars are generally considered fortunate or “lucky”. Aldebaran, one of the Four Royal Stars of Persia, along with Rigel, is positioned in the second decan of Gemini. The red-colored Antares was another of the Persian Royal Stars and is found in the first decan of Sagittarius. The third decan of Libra includes the beneficial stars Arcturus and Spica. Mars-influenced Betelgeuse as well as Capella, sparkle from the last decan of Gemini. Fomalhaut, one of the Persian Royal Stars, resides in the first decan of Pisces. The binary star Procyon shines from the third decan of Cancer. Regulus is a Persian Royal Star closely linked to the sign Leo and the energy of Sirius, and is found around zero degrees Virgo. The brightest star in the heavens Sirius illuminates from the second decan of Cancer.

Traditionally, the most evil star in the sky is Algol, positioned in the last decan of Taurus. Esoteric astrologers in the future will categorize fixed stars according to the energies and forces they radiate.


Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.

by Bob Romero


Our hands have always been conduits for energy. Positive energy is passed through handshakes for greetings and introductions. A comforting hand on a shoulder lets a person know that they’re cared for, and that that they’re not alone. When a person lends aid to someone, they’re known as a helping hand. It’s no surprise then, that hands are also used for healing. There are many forms of hands-on healing including massage, reflexology, and Reiki. During the pandemic, however, it’s been hard to have these kinds of health-giving techniques. So, remote healing using our hands can still occur.

Years ago, when I had a Reiki session, I noticed how warm my Reiki Master’s hands would get. At my last session, they were so warm, they felt like a light bulb that had been on for some time. I asked her if she had warmed them using something like that before the session. She said that she had not. I could feel the energy that she was passing on to me. She said that anyone could Reiki on themselves or on anything else, by simply placing their hands on the object and saying its name three times. I noticed a little warmth in my hands when I would place them on one of my knees that was hurting. She also said that you can send Reiki energy to a situation.

Fascinated by this, I took her two Reiki classes to learn Reiki healing. I determined that I wasn’t cut out to do the regular hands-on Reiki therapy, but the long-distance healing was appealing to me as I could use it for my family and friends who requested me to send them energy. I received the Reiki attunement and learned the three sacred symbols to do remote healing. I noticed that my hands became warmer when I sent energy, as I was a vessel for receiving energy from Spirit and then sending it on. More and more, I noticed when my hands would become warmer, like during guided meditations that involved healing, or when I did meditation and prayer.

ReikiRecently, when I wake up in the middle of the night, my hands have gotten as hot as my Reiki Masters hands were at my last Reiki session.  According to Chinese medicine, different hours of the day reflect different organs. If you wake up between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m., it may relate to a liver imbalance, and between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m., it is tied to the lungs. However, for us older folks, I call that timeframe, “the weewee hours of the morning”. The hours from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. is also known as the “Witching Hour”, and the veil to the spiritual world is thin. Most people around you are asleep, and so access to Spirit is easier. It can be a great time for creativity and manifestation. When I get back to bed, and pull the covers up, that’s when my hands get very warm. I take it as sign from Spirit that it is time to send the long-distance healing to those who have requested it. After sending the energy, it is very important to gently disconnect from that connection, otherwise you can develop the symptoms of the ailment in the other person that you are trying to heal. My hands then cool down.

In my metaphysical classes, I learned that you can also send healing energy to someone by just placing your hands together and asking Spirit to heal the disorder. Then ask for “This or something better, and only for the highest good, and as Spirit wills it be”. Then gently disconnect. So, whether you’re trained in Reiki or not, you can use your hands to send positive energy to someone in need. In writing this article, my hands became warmer, and so that hopefully, positive energy is being passed to the reader.

Bob Romero has been a diligent student of esoteric spiritual subjects and metaphysics for many years, with a life-long quest for answers. He has submitted new and original articles that focus on life lessons and experiences he wishes to share with our readers and the world.

by Roy Neal

Gemini by Josephine Wall

The Sun enters the zodiac sign of Gemini on Thursday, May 20th.

Gemini is an air sign ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury rules all forms of language and communication. The goal of the Gemini person is understanding. The mind of the Gemini person likes to explore all aspects of a situation, circumstance or experience in order to arrive at the truth. With Gemini, the truth is seldom absolute; it is almost always relative. When situations and circumstances change the perception of truth is likely to change as well.

Inside every Gemini person is a battle between their soul and their ego. The value of this conflict is their growth in conscious awareness. The truth is often found by experiencing its opposite. The sacred work of Gemini is to accept and transcend the opposing forces within their own nature.

Gemini’s often make good writers and communicators. If you are looking for intellectual stimulation and a good conversationalist, you would benefit by relating with a person who has key planets in Gemini.

Roy Neal is a professional astrologer with a private practice in the Denver area. He is available for personal readings at 720-962-4633.


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