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by Roy Neal

Old Historic Astrologer

We begin the month of August with the Sun and Mercury in the fire sign of Leo. Creative self-expression and the desire for fun, play and enjoyment will need to be balanced with productive actions and healthy relationships as indicated by Venus and Mars in the practical earth sign of Virgo.

A New Moon in the sign of Leo occurs on Sunday, August 8. New beginnings in the areas of education, entertainment and travel are likely to occupy our plans and activities.

Mercury enters Virgo on Wednesday, August 11. A mental need to plan and organize our daily schedule will encourage productivity and practicality with regard to our work and health.

A First Quarter Phase Moon in Scorpio occurs on Sunday, August 15. The wisdom of weeding out activities and individuals that are not essential to the success of our business and financial concerns will be necessary.

Venus enters Libra on Sunday evening, August 15. Fairness and cooperation in joint ventures and team efforts is favored.

Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus on Thursday, August 19. Changes in procedures and policies may be necessary in our business and financial affairs in order to achieve a more sustainable and profitable enterprise.

A Full Moon occurs in Leo on Sunday, August 22. This event heralds the end of vacation time, the beginning of the harvest and the return of those who are going to school.


The Sun entering Virgo also on Sunday, August 22 further symbolizes the return to work and the practical affairs of everyday life.

Mercury enters Libra late on Sunday evening, August 29. This ingress suggests a fair minded way of thinking and communicating that could prove useful in negotiating agreements that are mutually beneficial to all parties concerned. Legal issues may arise that need to be dealt with. A consultation with a legal advisor may be necessary.

A Last Quarter Phase Moon occurs in Gemini on Monday, August 30. This square from the Moon in Gemini to the Sun in Virgo could represent an opportunity to discuss different procedures and policies that will assist us in resolving problems in our daily work and routine.

Roy Neal is a professional astrologer with a private practice in the Denver area. If you would like to know more about how this month impacts you personally, call Roy at 720-962-4633 and schedule an update of your individual birth chart.

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by Bruce Johnson


The discovery of the asteroid Ceres in 1801 seemed to fill the gap between Mars and Jupiter where the Titius-Bode Law mathematically determined a “missing planet’ should be. After the detection of a second asteroid named Pallas in 1802, German astronomer Heinrich Olbers announced his E.P.H., the Exploded Planet Hypothesis. His E.P.H. recognized an ancient planet with an orbit between Mars and Jupiter that had exploded into fragments of all sizes, creating of a ring of asteroids now called the Asteroid Belt.

The E.P.H. is also known as the “ Disruption Theory”, or Phaeton Hypothesis. Olbers, who also discovered the asteroid Vesta, correctly predicted that more remains from this planetary disruption would be located and classified. Interestingly enough, the ancient Chaldean astrologers previously knew of the Asteroid Belt.

The planet that was blasted to bits in Olber’s brilliant theory is considered hypothetical to traditional astronomy, like the planet Vulcan. It is known by various names including- Phaeton, the fifth planet, Maldek, and Malona, among others. Both the E.P.H. and the ancient records conclude that Phaeton was obliterated by a planetary explosion, and that the Asteroid Belt is not the result of an external collision, or a Jupiter-related failed planetary accretion. Among modern astronomers, there is a growing minority that support the E.P.H. including Tom Van Flanders, who proposes a Multiple Exploded Planet Hypothesis to account for the Asteroid Belt.


Asteroid Facts – Although the great majority of the Asteroid Belt lies between Mars and Jupiter, there are numerous asteroids that exist beyond these limits, including the near-Earth asteroids. More than 10,000 asteroids in the Asteroid Belt have been catalogued so far. Asteroids vary widely in size, from the size of pebbles up to the dwarf planet Ceres with its 600- mile diameter. The asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta, are among those minor planets considered significant by some astrologers.  Asteroids, also called minor planets and planetoids, can have their own miniature satellites and sometimes a ring. Asteroids are divided into two basic color groups- the stony/rocky looking S-type, and the much darker carbon compound bearing C-type.

The accurate teaching is that the present Asteroid Belt is primarily a small remnant of a planet that existed between Mars and Jupiter and exploded ages ago. The remnants of dead and destroyed planets from this and other solar systems can be seen in asteroids, meteors, meteorites, and cosmic dust.  In addition to the circle of rubble caused by the original cataclysm, the Asteroid Belt has captured a large number of additional asteroids  from assorted dead worlds over millions of years. These extra asteroids expanded not only the mass of the Asteroid Belt, but its range of mineral diversity as well.  

Beware of inaccurate information on the internet concerning the Asteroids. The head librarian at A.R.E. once told me that the word Maldek has been connected to Cayce’s reading on the asteroids despite his never having used the word. One internet site teaches that Cayce used the words inhabitants and Maldek concerning the asteroids. In fact, Cayce doesn’t use these words in Reading 195-43 referencing the Asteroid Belt. He simply states that there is a missing planet of our solar system that through its combustion or destruction, caused many changes. None of the Cayce readings mention a major upcoming asteroid colliding with Earth.

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.

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by Bob Romero

Removing The Doubt

“Common Man” is a term given to ordinary people who don’t put a lot of value into spiritual principles. They are skeptical of anything that is mystical that they don’t encounter for themselves. They may be susceptible to false news on TV, but when it comes to news from God, they do not believe it. Some may say they are religious, but when you look at what they do, it is the exact opposite of their religion’s principles. They are more bound by materialism than be anything else.

There are many religions in the world where people profess faith in God and in all of the religious beliefs of that religion, without actually seeing God or any of his miraculous acts. Unfortunately, some of them are closeminded about other religions, and only accept the doctrines and dogmas of their faith. But is there a little doubt that creeps into their minds about their own faith? “Doubting Thomas” is a common expression given to anyone who doubts anything without having a personal experience. It comes from St. Thomas the apostle who expressed doubt about the Resurrection of Jesus until he could place his hands in the wounds of Jesus. But who could really blame him if you think about it? The idea of a dead person coming back to life is hard to believe. But according to the New Testament, Thomas was able to place his hands in the wounds of Jesus when he saw him. He no longer had to have blind faith in what he was told and was able to have the experience firsthand.

Most people actually don’t get to have metaphysical experiences. So, they are skeptical of any supernatural phenomena, unless they see it, or hear it for themselves, like a miraculous healing, or a reading with a loved one who has passed. Perhaps having a card reading come true, or seeing an astrological chart that is spot on, will change their mind. But once that happens, a whole new world opens up. With an open mind, a whole new universe of possibilities is now available. They learn to manifest what they want, and their intuition is enhanced. There are many tools and techniques that have been made available for thousands of years by Spirit though ascended masters and spiritual teachers.

I have experienced this on my path and I’m just getting started to advance my metaphysical abilities. Much of what I have learned have been through readings, classes, and books at the Shining Lotus. I am very grateful for these chances. The topic for this article came to me in a dream, and so I wrote it the next day so that I would remember all of the ideas that were given to me. These experiences have erased all doubt of the unlimited opportunities that Spirit has to offer.

Bob Romero has been a diligent student of esoteric spiritual subjects and metaphysics for many years, with a life-long quest for answers. He has submitted new and original articles that focus on life lessons and experiences he wishes to share with our readers and the world.

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by Roy Neal

Leo the Lion

The Sun enters the zodiac sign of Leo on Thursday, July 22. Leo is a fire sign ruled by the Sun.  During the time while the Sun is transiting Leo we are encouraged to connect with the child within and express ourselves in a creative and joyful way. Exploring our talents and abilities could result in unexpected experiences of artistic expression. Allowing ourself to experiment with new forms of creative self- expression may include music, dance, writing and acting.  Learning how to laugh, play and have fun will help keep us young and full of life.

Leo rules the heart chakra.  The more we open our heart the more joy we will be able to experience.  Expressions of authenticity and vulnerability allow us to reconnect with the essence of our true self. Spending time with children and people we love will support a return to innocence and emotional availability to experience and express unconditional love. The more we consciously choose to live from our spiritual center the more joy and blessings we will manifest in our everyday life.

Roy Neal is a professional astrologer with a private practice in the Denver area. If you would like to know more about how this month impacts you personally, call Roy at 720-962-4633 and schedule an update of your individual birth chart.

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