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My Reiki Experience

by Bob Romero

In 2007, I had extreme pain in my shoulders when I tried to lift my arms above my head. Otherwise, they were fine and didn’t bother me. We had just moved, and I don’t know if I had strained them in lifting boxes and furniture. The doctor suggested to take Advil and if it didn’t help, he could give me a prescription for a more powerful pain reliever which I was reluctant to do. Taking the Advil did not work, but I had heard about various types of holistic medicine. Then my wife went to a Reiki session and suggested that I try it. I noticed a certain quietness about her, and she slept really well after the session. So, I went to see what it was like, and to see if it could help me. 

The Reiki practitioner, Erin, was a vivacious young woman and her studio was very calming. I felt safe and guarded. What I remember most, is that I saw the color purple, when I closed my eyes. I had never experienced that before. There were purple smudges that grew and shrank or floated around. She held her hands over various parts of my body, and sometimes barely laid her hands on me. I could feel the heat from her hands to the point that I asked her if she had warmed them before the session, and she responded that she had not. Afterwards, I felt very relaxed and peaceful. I almost forgot about my shoulders, until I noticed that there was no pain when I raised my arms above my head. I was amazed that the pain was completely gone. 

She said that she got an intuition that I should get an amber crystal. She recommended either going to a gem store or a metaphysical bookstore. That’s how I found the Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore and that started me on my path of researching and taking classes on metaphysical topics. She also suggested some books for me to read on Reiki and chakras which I did. I went to more sessions even after she moved to a studio in Castle Rock. While the ride down I25 was sometimes hectic, the ride back was serene, despite rush hour traffic. I didn’t have to tell her where I was hurting, because she would always be able to find it and send healing energy to it. Her gift was truly amazing. She also said that she had help from angels including my guardian angel, and from Jesus. I noticed that the middle of my forehead started to tingle during Reiki and then during meditation, which she had also encouraged me to do. 

I took two Reiki classes from her and received the Reiki attunement to begin practicing Reiki. I didn’t feel that I could start charging for sessions, because I didn’t have the years of practice that are needed, and I didn’t have her gift of identifying the area of pain or illness. But the distance healing really appealed to me, and I could use the Reiki symbols to send healing energy to those who have given me their consent no matter where they are located. My siblings often ask me to send them energy, and report that they can feel it when I do. I notice that whenever I do, my hands become very warm. Sometimes when I just think about doing it, my hands begin to heat up, and so I go ahead and send the energy. I noticed the smell of Jasmine during one of my own sessions, and so I complimented Erin on how nice it was. She said that she did not use any essential oils or aromas. Later I learned in one of my classes, that Jasmine or Rose are smells that denote the presence of Spirit.

When my mother was in hospice and barely responding, I asked my Reiki Master if she could help mom transfer to the next life. I saw that mom was looking past me to a corner of the room. Erin asked me how long ago my dad had passed away, and if I could see him, because he was there. Her psychic abilities were also incredible.

Anxiety can be worse than the illness, and so at the very least, Reiki can be used for relaxation and stress relief. That alone will promote healing. 

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops does not encourage the use of Reiki, but the Catholic nuns in hospitals said that they have been using it for years. I think that I’ll go with those on the front line, along with my own experiences, to know that Reiki is a spiritual life force energy that comes from God. 

Bob Romero has been a diligent student of esoteric spiritual subjects and metaphysics for many years, with a life-long quest for answers. He has submitted new and original articles that focus on life lessons and experiences he wishes to share with our readers and the world.

The Land Of Radiant Light
by Mario C. Veo

© 2017 Mario C. Veo – Reprinted with permission from Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore newsletter October 2017

In the most ancient of times, long before even fabled Atlantis, this land was united, linked in Brotherhood and the wisdom of respect.  Man was free to walk this Earth, and the Earth embraced and nurtured him. He had nothing, and needed nothing, for the bounty of the fields were always ready to be shared, and the soil would turn soft to present him with a bed, and even the mountains offered caves to shelter him from the rains…. it was an idyllic time, truly based on Oneness.

So Man walked, exploring this Land of Plenty, never once desiring more than his needs, never once hoarding against a dire future… why should such a  darkness arise, when the Land was so gracious, and all freely given. This very thought was one that could cause confusion, and in this confusion could be the seed of fear, and even of resentment.

Many ages went by, and Man, content in his bliss, became more and more radiant… his very cells shone forth with an inner light, his voice became song, his vision one of pure beauty… until the day he met ‘the others’.

Even though they were not of his tribe, Man embraced them as brothers, and with true innocence guided them to the most bountiful fields, showed them where the purest streams ran, and where the safest caves were to be found… and having completed his proper duty, left them to continue his travels.

This he did for many a year, and great was his joy as more of Earth’s bounty revealed itself… Life was filled with seeming endless delight… Yet as decades went by he found less and less, and that only of lesser radiance… and some even rejected him… him Man of pure light was being shunned by the very Land he once called brother…

Confused by his new found lack he now turned to this puzzle, and began a different search to try to find the cause, the reason for such unpleasant divide… And so he walked, for many days and many miles, but instead of uncovering less he found only increasing strife… and at times even outright disowning, for that which once was one, now stood against him “You no longer belong here… go away Betrayer… You did this to us all… No place, no place, no place left for you…”, and no matter how much he tried, and begged to have the Land listen to him, he was Outcast… No other choice but to move on and continue his search…

So many more years passed, and for him who once was Eternal Youth, now found himself puzzled as he grew older and older… not yet feeble, mind you, just… aging.

And now, today, he finds himself once again in the valley where he first met ‘the others’… and tears sprang to his elderly eyes, for before him no longer lay the beautiful valley, filled with pure streams and bountiful trees… no, now there were only crude buildings, sterile walls guarded by hard men with weapons, and even animals who once roamed free were now incarcerated in dirty pens, simply kept for slaughter. With tears streaming down his wrinkled face he moved forth, still yearning in his innocence to he talk sense to them, to show them Union, to teach them the Way of the Land…

And so he was brought in to stand before their ‘King’ – a fat man gorging himself with flesh, already half drunk with rotting fermented juices and surrounded by toady sycophants: “Have you come back to admire my kingdom, old man… or to steal the jewels you forgot behind… This is MY land now… own it, body and soul…  I am King –  not you anymore… I am the one who claimed it, and now hold it with fist and claw…

With each sentence his words grew louder and louder, his whole being shaking with suppressed anger, his body bloated with infected power, his eyes bloody with near madness, spittle foaming at the mouth and his jowls all aflutter…  …  …  And when Man saw this he knew he was too late, too late to change what had taken just a few lost years to corrupt and destroy… He now understood that there was only one thing left to do… to let them go, and fulfill the destiny which they had set in motion…For the last time he stared at the corruption that had once been a Living Land, and as he turned around he softly said: “I leave now, and let you embrace the world you’ve created”.

And so the Man who once was Pure Light turned away, and walked out into the greater world, the one that still survived beyond these tainted walls… and as he took his light with him, he became aware of thousands of Shadows emerging from every crack and cranny of the dying earth, all rushing to the hall of the foolish King…

Mario C. Veo is in private practice in Denver where he teaches Spiritual and Metaphysical classes, and guides Seekers on their personal Path of Transformation and Empowerment.

He can be reached at 303-525-7223 / email / website 

Planets and Possibilities: A Look At The Astrology Of June 2020
by Sally Shotwell

This month isn’t going to disappoint us excitement-wise, we’re in Eclipse Season which always impacts us personally, as well as globally. The Summer Solstice also is a profound time when a new cycle promises changes to the status quo. To get our bearings, let’s check the astrological factors which are helpful in acclimating us to what ever comes our way.

The Sun (our consciousness) and VenusRx (our values and relationships) are in airy, communicative Gemini, whose ruler is curious Mercury, sometimes known as the Trickster. This means that the current approach to interactions adopted by the Goddess of Beauty, Love and Money, is more cerebral than emotional and we may feel ourselves behaving in an atypically distant fashion. Being retrograde, she’s urging us to review and reconsider what we most treasure in our life and, meeting the Sun June 3, we may be helped by remembering happy past encounters, encouraging us to consider new possibilities. The 5th, Mercury (our thought processes) in watery, domestic Cancer, fraternizes with eccentric Uranus, in earthy Venus-ruled Taurus, introducing the unusual into the equation. This prepares us for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in fiery, belief-oriented Sagittarius.

Sea Gulls Sabian SymbolsThis June 5 Full Moon (culmination) Lunar Eclipse (change) involves the Sagittarius Moon clashing with Mars, NeptuneRx, and Uranus, while being opposite the Sun in Gemini.  The Sabian Symbol states “Sea gulls fly around a ship in expectation of food:  The easily acquired dependence of psychic desires upon the stimulation of social circumstances…The sea gulls symbolize the wild and normally untamable energies of the human soul…they too can develop upon the by-products of man’s adventures with the realm of the unconscious (the sea).” As we meet the challenges of “man’s adventures with the realm of the Unconscious,” we share a dependence with our fellow beings in an effort to grow and evolve into greater consciousness.

June 6 the Sun and combative Mars, in foggy Pisces, irritate each other so let’s avoid competitive exchanges. Let’s be prepared to question our perceptions the 11th when the Sun gets in a tussle with soggy Neptune, also in Pisces. Emotionality reigns and our goal should be to focus on our immediate environment.  Fortunately, the 13th, Neptune gets to rendezvous with  Mars and let his  intuition shine, their combined efforts cutting through the idealism which can blind us when exposed to deceptive influences.

June 18 communicative Mercury, turns retrograde in domestic Cancer, the water sign whose ruler is the changeable Moon (our emotions). The sign’s symbol is the Crab, whose hard, self-generated shell covers its soft, vulnerable body. We, too, may feel ultra-sensitive, with our thoughts refocusing on our relationship with loved ones which helps us clear up areas of concern. Mars and relentless PlutoRx, in earthy, responsible Capricorn, combine their efforts to help us tackle resistance we encounter as the Summer Solstice looms.

June 20 the Sun enters Cancer and we experience the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The beginning of the Summer cycle is feted around the world and a psychological sense of expansion accompanies our actions. Mars and benevolent JupiterRx, in Capricorn, encourage us to adopt an attitude which is based on our belief in renewed possibilities as we approach the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer.

This July 21 New Moon (new beginnings) in familial Cancer, picks up the theme of reviewing our past history in order to understand our current attitudes which restrict us from moving forward. Electric Uranus stimulates us to digest the message of the Symbol. “On a ship the sailors lower the old flag and raise a new one:  A radical change of allegiance exteriorated in a symbolic act:  a point of no return… On the ‘ship’ which represents ego-consciousness… the individualized will makes a basic decision…”   We are capable of changing our approach to the way we address our reality.  The key word for the process we find ourselves in is REORIENTATION.

June 23 empathetic Neptune turns backward (until 11/28), in watery Pisces, his home sign. It, like Gemini, is represented by a dualistic symbol, two fish bound by their tails, swimming in opposite directions, one to the manifest world in which we live, the  other, the bottomless ocean of the Transcendent. Our own lives reflect this tension and we’re now being given the opportunity to explore the means by which we deal with it. How do we cope with the meeting the demands placed upon us to function in everyday reality, while we’re drawn to expanding our consciousness beyond known boundaries?

June 25 charming Venus turns direct and we can breathe a sigh of relief as relationship matters lighten up as Gemini’s communication skills kick in. The 27th, vital Mars leaves the watery depths of Pisces and leaps into his home sign of fiery Aries to start exploring new avenues of adventure.  We feel this surge on the 28th when he and powerful SaturnRx consult on ways to direct our new-found energies in a constructive way. What ideas now seem attractive to us?

June 29 Jupiter, King of the Gods, and Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, have a profound meeting in Capricorn and commingle their authoritative insight, inspiring us to believe in ourselves and our morphing aspirations. Simultaneously, the Sun and Mercury Rx, in conservative Cancer, urge us to pay attention as we venture forth on our journey. Let’s search for a happy medium as we reflect on these as we begin to embrace our promising future!


Note: June 21 is both Father’s Day and the New Moon. May it be a lovely day for everyone!!!

Sally Shotwell is a life-long student of esoteric spirituality whose focus on studies in Astrology have spanned decades. She has entertained and informed our readers with her articles for a few years now.

Auric Protection
by Bruce Johnson

The aura for protection purposes can be described as seven concentric eggs of energy that that extend beyond the perimeter of the dense physical body. This distance averages from about 24 inches or more in all directions with the spiritually oriented person, to over a mile in the case of Buddha. The three concentric eggs in a human aura that we’re discussing radiate etheric, emotional, and mental energies, corresponding to the physical, astral, and mental bodies of an individual. Negative attacks can take place on any or all three levels, usually through holes or weak spots in the aura.  

Auras can expand and contract temporarily as a response to inner and outer stimulation. It’s useful to know the approximate size of one’s aura as an aid to the visualization of protective light for the following reason. Rather than seal the outer edge of my aura as a barrier to negativity, I prefer to create a shield or ovoid of light that circumscribes, and is larger than my aura. I don’t want negative energies right up against the boundary of my aura. Shields and shells of light can be used to protect more than just human auras. When visualizing light for protection, see it moving and flowing, not static like a glass sphere.

Perhaps the most important factor in effective auric protection is the ability to have absolute confidence and faith in one’s own power of protection, combined with an extremely strong disbelief in the power of the attacking human or spirit to influence or hurt you. A large reason witch doctors and similar types have such a forceful affect on some people is due to the strong belief and fear the person has in the witch doctor’s ability to control and harm them. The awareness of one’s inner light, combined with the knowledge of one’s spirit guardians and protection techniques, helps greatly in building this faith and confidence.

Different people have varying affinities and attune to different color rays.  The brilliant white, silver, and agate and carnelian rays are the traditional rays of spiritual protection. They can be used alone, in combination with each other, or blended together. Examples of blended rays would be –white/silver, white/agate, silver/agate, silver/carnelian, etc. The blue color can be calming to many people. An individual that’s feeling emotionally upset while needing spiritual protection might consider surrounding and filling their auras with dazzling white, silver and agate rays, then decree and visualize blue light flooding them with peace.

The perfect shield against directed discord is to have nothing in one’s aura that can respond to evil energy. Then, unable to find a response in the intended victim, the energy returns to the sender. Absolute purity in consciousness is the best protection and something for all of us to move toward. In the meantime, positive amulets are useful, and I carry at least one with me everywhere. Be aware that some amulets and talismans can fade in power and lose their potency over time. Incenses that can help lift the vibration of the aura include frankincense and cinnamon. Garlic definitely repels evil. In the extreme case of the spirit-obsessed person, a modest amount of static electricity applied to the base of the brain will remove the obsessing spirit without harming the victim. Watch out for violent reactions from the ejected trespasser.

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.

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