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The Search for a Glorious Life
by Mario C. Veo

© 2017 Mario C. Veo – Reprinted with permission from Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore newsletter November 2017

This is the story of a young man, and his search for “A Glorious Life”

The story starts in a small mountain village, you know the kind, where everyone knows each other, you call all grownups ‘Uncle or Aunt’, and Life is peaceful… well, some may even say a little boring… what with all the healthy natural foods grown right there, and good, hard work following the seasons, there really isn’t much that can lead you to trouble, you know… [except boredom, perhaps]

Photo by Lodewijk Hertog on Unsplash

You were all expected to provide for your family, and with a little left over to share with neighbors and the elderly – after all, they did the same for you, in your times of need, so it’s only proper that you should too… youngster would hunt for small game, or fish in the swift rivers, or even raise bees if they fancied… while grownups worked the fields, and some felled mighty trees for the local mill…
As I said, it was a peaceful Life… for most…

And so it happened that this particular young man decided that such a ‘simple Life’ was, after all, much too simple… and that he yearned – oh, so deeply yearned – for ‘adventure’ !
And his parents, who loved him very much, thought that if he really, really wanted to go… well then, they should not make him miserable and hold him back unduly…

The day of his departure swiftly came, and all the uncles and aunts gathered at the village square to see him off… many with small tokens and little gifts – a few dollars here and there “To buy you something sweets to remember us by…” or a healthy sandwich to have on the way “You never know what kind of food those outsiders may have… certainly not as good as ours…” and those that had too little to spare, well then, it was hugs and kisses, and loving embrace… [and maybe even a tear or two]

And so he left, to find ‘Life’ in the big world out there… first by train [that beast surely could move !], later by bus [oh, what sticky seats !], and finally he reached his destination – the Big City [oh, what a foul smell !]… but he didn’t care, for he had arrived , and finally he could start living !!!

He was young, he was eager, and strong to boot [never said he was lazy], and soon found a job – a little menial perhaps, but he was well liked, and soon was on track to be promoted… Harder and harder he worked, saving every penny so he could buy a car [must have one of those, you know, town is too big to walk !], then more money to buy a house… no, a ‘condo’ [it’s more upscale, and who has time to mow the lawn and plant flowers – God forbid !]… then it was girls and dates, and oh the glorious sex !

Yes indeed, he had arrived – this was Life ! as he always wanted it to be !! of course there was so little time that he no longer called home every week, actually, not even every month… What could he say to them, they wouldn’t, couldn’t understand his Life – no longer walking barefoot on the river bank, or swimming butt naked in the creek… nope, he now wore Italian shoes and swam in a proper swimming pool… he had nothing left to tie him to his ‘rural’ [shudder !] background…

Now he found the ‘perfect girl’, and soon will be married… and when she asked about his parents he told everyone that he was an orphan, raised by the State in different foster homes, until he was old enough to find his own way in the world… Oh, how they admired him then, the orphan who made it rich ! the boy wonder! the man who forged a Life of wealth and success!… and how he gloried in this adulation, preening himself here and there… [he even overheard someone say that ‘men wanted to be him, and women wanted to sleep with him’… imagine that!]…

And so he grew in wealth and power, buying up properties, industries, and even a bank or two … and if anyone opposed him, well then, they got what they deserved… [he was friends with some very influential people… and even some who could ‘convince’ others not to cross him… if you know what I mean] His wife grew fat, his sons spoiled brats, and his many mistresses younger and younger… Ah, what a Life!

Now he nears his final days, surrounded by lawyers and board of directors, jackals wanting to make sure they get their share before the old man dies [his sons too busy playing golf with the mayor, already got theirs]…

Do you think he made the right choice ? was this a Life worth living ? was he truly happy ?
Oh, one more thing, his parents died surrounded by loving friends …all bewildered that the son was not there…

Mario C. Veo is in private practice in Denver where he teaches Spiritual and Metaphysical classes, and guides Seekers on their personal Path of Transformation and Empowerment.
He can be reached at 303-525-7223 / email / website 

Planets and Possibilities: A Look At The Astrology Of July 2020
by Sally Shotwell

As the month begins, we’re preparing for Fourth of July festivities and the surprises the Full Moon (culmination) Lunar Eclipse (changes), in substantive Capricorn, has in store for us. Because of the heavy duty aspects present in the Cosmic landscape, our nerves may be on edge as we receive mixed messages while trying to deal with every day reality. July 1, retrograde Saturn rejoins JupiterRx and PlutoRx, who are hanging out in Capricorn, as they relentlessly (that’s Pluto) continue to reconfigure the societal structures that are deemed to be flawed. Retrograde planets signal our need to review particular areas in our own lives which need to be repaired and freshened up. This requires us to slow down and turn inward to allow this concealed information to rise to our consciousness. Mercury and Neptune are also (seemingly) going backward, coming to our rescue in our avoiding forging ahead without having gotten our bearings. Let’s be grateful since assertive Mars has entered his home sign of Aries and is REALLY wanting adventure, energy which we’re picking up as an urge to explore. His vitality is much needed and our time will come to venture forth, but, in the meantime, we need to get our ducks in a row.

The Sun (our consciousness) and MercuryRx (our thought processes) are in watery, sensitive Cancer, the sign that epitomizes our commitment to caring for those we hold dear. We may be feeling more moody than usual due to the major influence of the Moon, its ruler, and the role the Great Mother plays in the nurturing, protecting dynamic which can sometimes veer into possessiveness. Communications with others is particularly important now since we’re often separated from them and, because Mercury is Rx and can garble things up, let’s scrutinize how we’re getting our message across.

July 4/5 is the Lunar Eclipse (the unexpected) Full Moon in earthy, ambitious Capricorn, opposite watery, domestic Cancer, who, in spite of their polarity, treasure tradition. Innovative Uranus, in earthy Taurus, joins the picture and interjects a mediating factor to the scenario. The Sabian Symbol states “An ancient bas-relief carved in granite remains a witness to a long-forgotten culture: The will to unearth, in our culture as in any culture, what has permanent value, and to let go of nonessentials.” On a personal level, this applies to what our work on re-evaluating our selves is all about.

July 8 MercuryRx (Cancer) gets in a tussle with Mars (Aries) and communications may be hostile and lead to misunderstandings. Fortunately, MercuryRx turns direct on the 12th and we find relating to others back on track, allowing us to breathe a sigh of relief! Also, the Sun and empathetic NeptuneRx, in watery, dreamy Pisces, bathe in mutual appreciation, heightening our compassion for others. For the Cancer Sun, nurturing concerns are specific, while, with Pisces, it’s a Universal empathy. Let’s use their benevolence as we interact with others!

July 14 The Sun (Cancer) and ebullient JupiterRx (Capricorn) cross swords but the exchange may stimulate our growth if we don’t overreact to the intensity of the exchange. The 15th the Sun clashes with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld (Capricorn), who wants us to reboot aspects of ourselves which, of course, is not welcomed. We know the drill, we need an exit plan when a confrontation seem imminent. The atmosphere is electric.

July 20 the New Moon (new beginnings) in Cancer addresses the feminine, ying nature of this psychic sign. The Symbol states “A greek Muse weighing newborn twins in golden scales: The intuitive weighing of alternatives. . . because it is the ‘Muse’ that is doing the weighing, it is apparent that forces deeper or higher than the intellect are actually at work – the intuitive mind, or what Jung calls the ‘anima’. . .” points out the openness we intuit beyond the limitations imposed by rigid boundaries. Since boundary-oriented SaturnRx, JupiterRx and PlutoRx are opposing this New Moon, we need to make an opportunity available to us for stillness, facilitating our own insights. In sharing them with others, we then expand our own self-awareness.

July 22 The Sun enters airy, dramatic Leo, thrilled at being at home in the sign ruled by the brilliant Sun. Heart-centerdness and a childlike openness create an environment which stresses the need for us to explore our individuality through creativity and imaginative play. Mercury and Uranus are on hand to connect and stimulate us to share experimental ideas with each other, promoting flexibility in approaching our mode of interacting with others. During this transitional time, are we giving ourselves permission to have fun and arrange to enjoy ourselves?

July 27 JupiterRx, King of the Gods, allows himself to loosen up the boundaries of his rigid beliefs as NeptuneRx immerses him in mystical inspiration. This doesn’t happen often so let’s embrace this period of tranquility to find succor the Infinite shares with us. It’s important we remember the “Big Picture” since, soon after, Mercury (Cancer) and Mars (Aries) throw themselves into harassing each other. We see a pattern here of planets in the cardinal signs(Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) having lots of opportunities to confront one other. Through accessing our mindfulness and honing our strategies, we’re learning important lessons which lead us to emotional growth.

July 30 Mercury (Cancer) in his Trickster role opposes Jupiter Rx (Capricorn), with his penchant for extravagance, making it important for us to restrict our attention to what our immediate needs are and what we value most.
Exaggeration and deceit are possible but, with trusting our common sense, we avoid being manipulated and avoid distorting our personal motivation. Our will to share love is fueled by the radiance of the Leo Sun who shines his brilliance down on us.! Let’s make him proud of us!

Happy Fourth of July!

Sally Shotwell is a life-long student of esoteric spirituality whose focus on studies in Astrology have spanned decades. She has entertained and informed our readers with her articles for a few years now.

The Science of the Four Ethers
by Bruce Johnson

Esoteric science recognizes that the physical plane of life is divided into seven sub-planes, four of which are called the etheric sub-planes of physical matter. Etheric substances are much finer than the most subtle gas, but definitely physical in nature. The first sub-plane ether is the finest grade of physical ether. With each lower sub-plane, the etheric substance is coarser, culminating with the fourth ether, which is the grossest form of ether. Like everything in physical manifestation, the etheric plane is dual, with the two highest ethers positive in polarity, and the two lower ethers negative in polarity. The human etheric body is composed of all four ethers. Let’s identify these four distinct ethers, of which modern science is oblivious.

The level that contains the finest grade of physical substance, with the fewest number of atoms, is called the first etheric sub-plane. This level is composed of the first ether, called by various occult writers the atomic ether, the reflecting ether, and the mental or intellectual ether. The second etheric sub-plane is composed of a different type of ether called the second ether, sub-atomic ether, the light ether, or the sensory or emotional ether. The first and second ethers are positive in relationship to the third and fourth ethers, and facilitate the flow of consciousness and sensation between the higher bodies and the physical brain.

The third and fourth ethers are passive in their interaction with the first and second ethers, and together make up the etheric double or duplicate that is the invisible energy pattern behind every form in the physical universe. The third ether is called the super-etheric ether, and the vital or the life ether by diverse occult writers. The fourth ether is the most concrete of all the ethers and is called etheric substance by Alice Bailey, and labeled the chemical ether by other writers. The fourth ether will be “discovered” before the end of the century as more individuals develop etheric vision, and can see not only etheric doubles, but also devas and nature spirits.

The first ether is strongly linked to the human kingdom, and the soul plane of life. The first ether is the cause of the phenomena called “nature’s memory”, and the “Akashic Records”. Like the other ethers, the first or memory ether is wholly diffused throughout the entirety of the manifested universe. The first ether records every thought, word, image, emotion, or motion that takes place. The memory records of the first etheric sub- plane are an imperfect reflection of the much finer Akashic records that exist on higher planes.   

The second ether corresponds to the mental plane and the animal kingdom. Often called the light ether, it translates vibrations of our sun into light that is visible to human senses. This ether makes possible sense perception between the etheric/physical and higher bodies.

The third ether has an affinity with the astral plane and the vegetable kingdom. It is the vehicle of pranic life energy to the dense physical body of everything in existence. It is called the vital or life ether in that it is the means by which solar life force is directed to the four kingdoms of nature. The fourth ether relates to the mineral kingdom and the physical plane. It underlies the chemical changes of the dense physical body as well as in inorganic matter.

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.

My Acupuncture Experience

by Bob Romero

I write this article not as an expert on acupuncture, but as a patient of acupuncture, and how my body responds to it. Several years ago, my wife attended a lecture by a professor of acupuncture, and then signed up for a session with her. Soon she was able to quit her high blood pressure and its side effects through acupuncture and meditation. There are no bad side effects with acupuncture. That also applies to Reiki which I wrote about in my last article, and the same is true with other holistic healing techniques. I can just imagine if they ever have commercials on them, we would hear an announcer say “Side effects include joy, inspiration, and connection with Spirit. Don’t use it if you want to continue with your pain, and wallow in your self-pity”. The other amazing thing about them is that they may work whether you believe in them or not, and they serve as complimentary aids to western medicine. 

Acupuncture is not an immediate miraculous cure, but one that may take several months, and is based on scientific principles that have been around for thousands of years. It works with the acupressure points and meridians in the body to heal all types of ailments and diseases. There was one occasion where my elbow was hurting, and when I told my acupuncturist about it, she pressed on another part of my body and asked if that relieved the pain. I said “Yes! How did you that”? She just smiled and said “Magic”. She treated me for Atrial Fibrillation when I was initially diagnosed as having it. She showed me that if I ever had an episode of Afib, I should press two inches below the crease on my wrist with the opposite thumb for three to five minutes, so that it could regulate my heartbeat. My cardiologist has prescribed a medication to keep my heart in rhythm, but he is amazed that I haven’t had a single episode in five years, because it actually isn’t supposed to work that well. At the last check up, he asked me what else I was doing to be able to keep Afib in check. I responded that I really watch my nutrition as far as trying to eat as many fruits and vegetables I as can, combined with eating lots of protein, and staying away from sugar and processed food with high sodium content. I also avoid alcohol and caffeine as they trigger Afib. For exercise, I walk five miles several times a week, do weight training with light weights, go to yoga classes, and receive acupuncture treatments every two weeks. He looked at me and said, “I believe in acupuncture”! “Finally,” I thought, “Western Medicine is starting to come around”! As a result of positive outcomes, more studies and clinical trials are being done on holistic healing, and especially on acupuncture.

My acupuncturist is a professor at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and uses Chinese herbs as part of her treatment. She attends and presents papers at conferences all over the world. She is a third-generation acupuncturist and recently, she came across a renowned scholar who promotes Classical Chinese Medicine which is even older than Traditional Chinese Medicine. My wife and I were her invited guests at a presentation by this distinguished lecturer. While the details of how to use it, were way over our heads, he said that it is all about qi, which is the life force energy that flows in our bodies. The pulse is the window to qi, and from it, practitioners are able to determine where it is blocked or deficient. Our practitioner now uses this technique in all of her treatments. After she takes my pulse, she can tell me if I have digestive problems, if my lower back hurts, or if my knees hurt. Then she only uses a few needles to direct the energy where it is needed to help my qi flow in the problem area. The effects are amazing to me and I always feel so much better. I highly recommend acupuncture to treat any illnesses or disorders. It has been a major factor to help me stay well and centered.

Bob Romero has been a diligent student of esoteric spiritual subjects and metaphysics for many years, with a life-long quest for answers. He has submitted new and original articles that focus on life lessons and experiences he wishes to share with our readers and the world.

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