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I DREAMT I WAS A BUTTERFLY… …………… by Mario C. Veo

AN OCCULT LOOK AT SLEEP  …………. by Bruce Johnson


LIFE BETWEEN LIVES REGRESSION  ……………  with Christine Kromm Henrie

THE INTENTION PROJECT …………… with SuEllen Shepard



A BLESSING MEDITATION …………… with Mario C. Veo

PREDICTIONS FOR 2018 …………… with Mario C. Veo


by Sally Shotwell

We’re no doubt feeling propelled to get down to business as the New year arrives and it’s very understandable.  The influence of Capricorn pervades the scene with its practical, responsible take on things, especially because the Sun (our consciousness),  Venus (love and values), Saturn (boundaries) and Pluto (transformation) are all busy helping us put in place the ambitious agenda we’ve been considering.   This earthy sign’s motivation is to create sound structures  which our society may count  on and we feel safe.  One of its symbols is the Mountain Goat who shows fortitude and skill in reaching the summit of a high mountain peek.  It’s polar opposite is watery, Cancer who also has it’s own agenda to insure our well being but it entails the nurturing and protection of those we cherish in our personal live.  Our assignment is to integrate both of these urges in order to balance our own urges and relax in peace of mind.  With relaxation we’re able to receive and absorb subtle influences which aren’t immediately evident.  Enter the January 1 Full Moon in Cancer which offers us the opportunity to address our situation.
The Sabian Symbol states “A Chinese woman nursing a baby whose aura reveals him to be the reincarnation of a great teacher:  The revelation of latent worth in an experience once it is seen in its deeper meaning.”   We’re encouraged to look beyond appearance and discover the innate in ourselves and others, beyond judgment and glamorization.  Are we spending time with ourselves in stillness, allowing Cancer’s healing water to pour through us?
Let’s hold on to that image as we consider the excitement  January 2 brings with innovative Uranus turning direct in fiery, assertive Aries.  He’s been leading us on an inward journey and it’s now time for us to regroup and forge ahead and  overtly deal with his insistent call for us to shed what’s inauthentic in our lives.  That’s why he’s know as the Great Awakener.  As we accept the changes we’re going through, new doors are opening  but let’s take advantage of the Saturnine stability we have on hand to keep us grounded.  January 6 Mercury (our thought processes), in fiery adventurous Sagittarius, joins him to brainstorm and we may be stimulated to venture into unknown territory.   January 8 the Sun and optimistic Jupiter, in watery Scorpio,  join the scenario and contribute a reality check since when Scorpio is involved,  deep scrutiny prevails.   The action continues into the 9th so let’s keep our equilibrium by remembering, should things seem overwhelming, to deep breathe and go along for the ride.
January 10 Mercury (communication) enters already crowded Capricorn and our interactions may take on a still more serious tone.   We now want to put in place the inspiring ideas cooked up during his stay in expansive Sagittarius and Saturn shares his sound advise with him the 12th.  Uranus, meanwhile, is irritating Venus and the Sun on the 13 and 14 and we may feel a bit edgy but the support of New Moon in Capricorn on the 16th is reassuring.  This New Moon (new beginnings) is supported by his compatriots  the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto.  This line-up encourages us to persevere in our efforts to increase our self-understanding.  The Symbol states “Pilgrims climbing the steps leading to a mountain shrine:  The ascent of the individualized consciousness to the highest realizations reached by the spiritual leaders of our culture.”  Isn’t it fortunate that we have so much wise and useful material at our disposal to guide us as we explore our own unique approach towards self-realization.
January 17 Venus, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Money, enters airy, intellectual Aquarius and we may become more interested in big picture issues beyond our immediate lives.  This may entail our joining with others in a group effort since this sign’s perspective is broadly inclusive.  The 19th the Sun joins her and we’re reminded of the Water Bearer who pours down  from a jug upon the earth the knowledge, or, in some interpretations, energy/electricity which sets humankind free.  Quixotic Uranus is the sign’s ruler and let’s remember to temper the lure of the intellect  which can lead us away from our feeling nature.  We’re all part of a whole and the individual wellbeing of each of us is what makes it complete.
January 24 Mercury and Pluto, God of the Underworld, contribute their efforts to the ongoing process of revealing what has remained hidden.  Since they’re in Capricorn, the sign of authority  and prominent institutions,  we may as well resign ourselves to more disquieting revelations.  We realize that while this is a trend which continues to gain steam, we have a responsibility to ourselves to find reassurance in our genuine relationships with others and inspiration where ever we can find it.  Mars comes to the rescue the 26th when he enters fiery, forward-looking Sagittarius and, through his dynamism, assists in fueling our joie de vivre.  Are we taking the time relax and have fun with no other goal in mind?
The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (change) in fiery Leo January 31 may help us answer this question.  Leo is ruled by the Sun and is heart-centered, helping us to tap into the purity of the Divine Child who shares his love and joy with us.   Mercury is simultaneously entering Aquarius and accentuating our mental processes and here we have another opportunity to create balance between the heart and mind. Being a Super Moon and an Eclipse ramps up the message of the Symbol which is “An evening party of adults on a lawn illuminated by fancy lanterns:  Group relaxation in fashionable surroundings as an escape from work routine.”    We want to enjoy ourselves and enter into festivities but Dane Rudhyar comments that we don’t want to succumb to social fashion or “intellectuality or wit” and miss the boat on sincerity.   With all the work we’re doing, we don’t have time to be sidetracked by the superficial!

Sally Shotwell is a life-long student of esoteric spirituality whose focus on studies in Astrology have spanned decades. She has entertained and informed our readers with her articles for a few years now.

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by Mario C. Veo

It was an early Spring morning, one of those glorious days when the Sun begins to warm the world, and the morning dew has not yet fled away to parts unknown. I could hear the birds waking, their joyful songs taking roll-call  “I’m here… I’m here…  Me too …” they all seemed to say…

All is fresh, all is yet undecided… Oh, the excitement of new beginnings  “What shall today bring… What shall we do in this radiant day …?” And the breeze answered “Whatever your heart desires, little ones… Look out there – the whole world is  waiting for you… go… explore… be free [while you still can, for winter shall come too soon]…” With wings aflutter they all took off, racing in their youth, to find the nectar of this new day.

The same yearning woke within me – the desire to spread my own wings, to go and be part of this carefree day, to drink the golden light of the sun, and commute with the morning breeze… Encouraged by such happy thoughts I valiantly struggled against my cocoon, pushing and tearing away at the remnants of my old self, struggling against the very safety I’d created, and no longer needed… until – finally – I could feel the kiss of the Sun on my newly formed self… With one final push I emerged, still trembling with exertion, I hung there to drink in the day… to warm my flesh, and feel this new Life I’d dreamt of…

Gently my wings spread out… and for the first time I saw the beauty of my colors… beyond the simple brush of Nature, I shine with iridescent glitter and sparkle with effervescent light… Oh, I’m glorious…

All around me is new and joyous and full of Life… and so I too launch myself to this new day in search of my own beginnings…

…and the wise breeze looks on with tenderness “Enjoy every moment, every instant of your Life, little one  –  never fear that a Life as short as yours need be constrained in any manner… Love, live, embrace all that you are, and with each moment declare yourself  – ‘I live in the fullness that is myself !’… and when the too quick an end comes, then know that you’ve lived well and lived fully… and that is all that truly matters…” lay in bed, my eyes barely open, the sun not yet lighting the sky, as I pondered the teachings of this dream… how such a simple being – whose life may be as short as two weeks, but never longer than a year – could embrace Life with such fervor, see the beauty of a new day, and be so passionate about all that was to be found… I dreamt I was a butterfly… and for the first time knew Life to be joyous and free…   

Mario C. Veo is a teacher of Spiritual Science and a Healing Arts Practitioner. He teaches classes and individuals on Personal Transformation and the Expansion of Consciousness. Mario is available for personal guidance and consultations on Tuesdays and the last Sunday of the month at the Shining Lotus™ Bookstore.

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by Bruce Johnson

Encore Publication: This article was first published in the February 2013 issue of our newsletter. We thank Bruce Johnson for allowing us to share his writings and insights into the ancient mysteries and the occult.

We feel refreshed after sleep for two reasons. The first and primary reason is that we draw in needed pranic vitality while sleeping. The second is that the physical body rests and rebuilds itself during sleep. While we are awake, our thoughts, emotions, and actions all utilize and drain physical energy. We replenish this energy during sleep when we leave our dense physical body resting on the bed, and move around in our astral bodies.  Psychical Research would describe this process as unconscious and unwilled astral projection.

Individuals are conscious to different degrees in this astral body, which is always connected to the physical body with a magnetic thread of energy, sometimes called the silver cord. When the astral body is outside the confines of the physical body, it is able to accumulate large amounts of astral prana, which it directs to the etheric body. The etheric body, which is a subtle duplicate of the dense physical body, converts this astral prana into a form that can be absorbed by the solid physical body. This prana rebuilds physical tissue and revitalizes our brains and bodies during sleep. Pranic life-force is absolutely vital to the continued existence of our physical body.

The Astral Body by A. E. Powell

Many people have no memory of these astral experiences upon awakening. Some individuals do remember parts of their astral plane lives with lucid recall. Many people have partially recalled symbolic interpretations of their astral experiences. These are frequently blended with normal dreams that are taking place within the physical brain.

We can do many things on the astral plane while out of our bodies, if we desire to. We can meet and talk with friends, whether they are incarnate or discarnate. We can give or listen to lectures from different parts of the world. Distance is not a problem, as astral travel is so fast that one could encircle the earth in a few minutes. One can pour comfort and strength into a person needing help. An astral helper can send peace and calm to a distraught or worried friend, whether they have a physical body or not. There are many ways to direct positive energies to others on this inner plane of life.

The Astral Body, by A.E. Powell, is an excellent book about the astral body and astral plane. The next time you camp in the Roosevelt National Forest, you may want to try sleeping with your head pointing to magnetic north.

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.

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by Mario C. Veo

Ever since ‘The Secret’ came out everyone and their uncle jumped on this band-wagon… It was going to teach the whole world how to Manifest ! abundantly ! be rich ! healthy ! find a Soul Mate ! and finally, for the first time in their Life, be truly, truly happy !!

Well, in the famous words of Dr. Phil, “How’s that working for you ?”

After all the glam and glitter settled down [and the producers made a boat load of money] what do you think happened?…  NOTHING !  Look around you – what’s changed? Has the whole world miraculously become rich and prosperous and wise and loving…? nope, zilch, zip, nil, nada… Nothing changed…

So people just shrugged off this latest ‘fad’ and moved on to the next [“Have you heard of this miraculous extract from jelly fish that’s meant to give you perfect health ?!? It’s a wonder drug !!”] No, I’m not cynical [much]… just very, very disappointed [and a little / a lot peeved at people who exploit others by giving them only superficial information !!!… ever heard of Karma ?!?]

So what’s the deal with ‘The Secret’ – it’s simply the Law of Attraction which, correctly stated is “As Within, so Without”… meaning “You can only attract/ manifest/ create that which is already within you !!” Now do you see the problem?

If you are struggling financially… hey, guess what, you can use The Secret to attract… more financial difficulties!! Hold on, that’s not what they promised you… They said you could use their techniques to get money / and health / and love and stuff…  Was it all wrong ?!  Was this just another rip off  ?! Well, not intentionally [at least, I don’t think so]… they simply left out some of the most important Foundation Work, so that this [very] ancient Law of Attraction can be made to work – correctly.

Work on yourself FIRST… there is NOTHING ‘out there’… everything exists ONLY within you… truly realize Who and What you are… and stop going after that which doesn’t belong to you  [you wouldn’t be happy even if you got it !]…

… and now, for the first time, you can truly Manifest all that is glorious and abundant in Life… Because it is the New Year – and the perfect time to examine this powerful subject – we are offering a series of workshops to guide you… from releasing past obstacles, to discovering who you are, to examining Self Worth, and even realizing that there is soooo much more that we can have… it’s a glorious trip! [if you want it]

January 9th.    New Year Resolutions… and how to make them work!

January 16th.  Manifestation Techniques… that work!

January 23rd.  You and Manifestation… are you ready to receive?

and a special morning workshop on Sunday, January 21st.  The more you release … the more you can attract

Oh, and don’t forget our usual Free Presentation on  Sunday, January 30th – A Blessing Meditation [at 10.15 am] and Predictions for 2018 [at 2.00 pm]… see you there… or not… as you wish… [now what excuses will you have ?!?]

Mario C. Veo is a teacher of Spiritual Science and a Healing Arts Practitioner. He teaches classes and individuals on Personal Transformation and the Expansion of Consciousness. Mario is available for personal guidance and consultations on Tuesday afternoons at the Shining Lotus™ Bookstore.

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with Christine Kromm Henrie

We welcome back Christine Kromm Henrie, an internationally renowned trance medium and certified past life & between lives soul regression therapist.

Step into the spirit world with a life between lives regression, a soul-exploration to awaken an understanding of your immortal identity, to discover life purposes and to meet spirit guides and soul companions. This journey is the extension of a past life regression, which provides a greatly expanded spiritual perspective by exploring your real home and the blueprint of your soul. Information shared is based on cases and reports from multiple people under hypnosis, both from the USA and Sweden.

Christine Kromm Henrie is a Swedish native, currently living in Denver, Colorado with her husband, David, and together they give lectures about the journey of souls and the afterlife. 2017 they released their first book ‘The Spiritual Design – Channeled Teachings, Wave 1’, which is available in store. She has offices in Denver and Stockholm, Sweden. To learn more, please visit their website:

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

7 pm – 9 pm      $25 workshop
with Norma Mitchell. This is a monthly group where each person has the opportunity to release any restrictions they wish. Since nothing happens by ‘accident‘, those who are drawn to participate will normally find themselves in some of each others‘ past lives. Please wear comfortable clothing, and if you would like to relax on the floor rather than a chair, bring a pillow and/or small blanket. There will be two sessions each night with a short break between. Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Saturdays, January 13, 20, 27, February 3, 10, 17, 24, and March 3, 2018

11 am – 12:30 pm      $25 each session, or $180 for all 8
12:45 pm – 1:15 pm       $5 each meditation
with Mario C. Veo. Our Higher Consciousness is the Key to communicating with our Soul/ Angel/ Guides/ Ascended Masters… Yes, it does offer wisdom, guidance, insight (and even precognition); it also facilitates healing and personal transformation… but more – it is the Key to understanding a Higher Reality, to truly be ‘enlightened’, to touch Spirit in all its joyful Forms… and for the first time, fully understand Oneness with All. Join us as we explore these sacred teachings… Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

10:15 am – 11:15 am         Love Donation
with SuEllen Shepard. “TOGETHER, OUR THOUGHTS CAN CHANGE OUR WORLD” This is a monthly group that meets on the second Sunday of every month to realize the potential awesome energy of our focused intention. Each month will have a specific topic as well as suggestions from the participants. Human thought and intention has been defined as an inexhaustible and tangible energy with the potential to focus our lives, heal our illnesses, clean up our communities, deal with negative forces, and hopefully improve our planet for everyone. Join us for an hour of discussion and intention and give what you feel is appropriate. Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Thursday, January 18, 2018
7 pm – 9 pm        $25 workshop
with Norma Mitchell. In this ongoing workshop, we will explore topics that assist us in understanding how Spiritual Principles apply in our everyday life. We will examine how and why conditions affect our choices; the process of choosing our experiences and the probable consequences; share experiences and thoughts; and help each other with designing and fulfilling our desires. Each session will end with a guided relaxation to help release blockages and expand our abilities to assist us to create a healthier, more abundant life. We meet each third Thursday evening of the month from 7 – 9pm at the Shining Lotus™. Please call Norma at 303-847-6942 with questions and call 303-758-9113 to register for the class.

Sunday, January 21, 2018
10:15 – 11:15 am          $10 workshop
with Mario C. Veo. Our Perception of Life is limited by what we choose to fill it with… pain, loneliness, sorrow – all occupy a huge amount of space within our Heart and Mind, and actively prevent the fullness of love, laughter, and joyful relationships from manifesting… No matter the past, the choice, as always, is ours to make… Join us as we explore how to receive more and more and more… [and by so doing embrace the Living Spirit of Abundant Creation !] Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

2 pm – 3 pm         free presentation
with C. A. Brooks. If you are thinking about your future, your past, or just your place in the physical present, you owe yourself a visit with C. A. Brooks. C. A. has been a student of astrology for more than 25 years and a professional astrologer for over 2 decades. She has studied Tarot, Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Animal Communication. Join C. A. and friends for a fun and informational look at the astrology of the month ahead, and you may even get a personal Tarot mini-reading. Don’t miss this class. Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

7 pm – 9 pm      $25 workshop
with Roy Neal. Roy facilitates awareness of how the transiting planets encourage each participant’s soul growth and the actualization of their creative potential. New students need to call Roy at 303–757–3638 or 720–962–4633 and give him their birth information so that he can create a transparency of their chart for full participation in the class.

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