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TURN THE OTHER CHEEK  ………………………  by Bob Romero


HOW EVIL WINS…   …………………….   by Mario C. Veo


THE WISE MAN AND FOLLY  …………………….  by Mario C. Veo





by Bob Romero

My teacher in my metaphysical classes has said that to turn the other cheek does not mean to be a pacifist and let others attack you, it means let no harm be done. So you are fully justified to defend yourself against an attack, even if it means killing the other person to save yourself. This is a difficult situation for those on a spiritual path that are nonviolent. It may mean, however, to ignore exchanging insults. Road rage is a prime example. My instructor in an AARP driving class said that when someone cuts you off in traffic, or makes obscene gestures at you, put him out of your mind, because he is out of his.

Another reason to avoid engaging in verbal assaults is that you don’t want to become bound to the lower energies of the other person. In this current political climate, it’s easy to get caught up in slinging nasty insults back and forth. I used to always make sure that I got a zinger in there, until I listened to a card reading on a web site, which stated, that you shouldn’t become entangled in drama that doesn’t really affect you, because it brings you down.  Send love to the situation and pray for justice. Step back, and observe with divine neutrality.

There are now many claims about “fake news”. In order to be aware of what the true facts are, I researched news organizations to see which ones followed journalistic standards and verified their sources, instead of just using blogs as sources. There was an old saying that used to really get to me, which was “Well, both sides do it”, which to me was a cop out.  I maintained that both ten and a thousand are greater than zero, but they are not equal. Now I can be more effective, by concentrating on being a light worker, and not letting it adversely impact me.

However, if you see atrocities taking place, you must also act, in addition to sending love to the situation. People must be held responsible for any damage or injuries that occur. Inaction on your part will also cause undesirable karma. At the very least, write your senator or congressman, and let them know your displeasure with what’s going on.

I once saw an automobile accident take place right in front of me. A teenage girl and her friend had just started to go after the light turned green, and was hit by a much older man in a pickup that ran a red light. No one was hurt, but the young girl had just gotten her license, and was pretty upset. At the time, the older man was very apologetic to the girl. Seeing that everything seemed under control, I started to drive off. I went about a block, and then my better angels told me to go back. As they were exchanging information and waiting for the police, I gave my business card to the friend, and told her to contact me if they needed a witness. Sure enough the girl’s father called me, and said that that the older man was blaming the young girl for the accident. It appeared to me that he was trying to bully her, and I can’t stand bullies.  I told the father that I would be willing to testify, because the light had turned green for a full second before she started to go through the intersection. It was definitely not her fault. The older man then backed off and paid for the damages. I felt good about what I had done, not because I was some kind of hero, or I took delight in taking a bully down, but because, now the girl knew that she had done nothing wrong.

People who take the high road are often admired for being courageous enough to ignore their ego and keeping their standards high. This may make more of an impact on those with lower energies, than trying to argue with them with facts. Taking the high road is the road to higher consciousness.

Bob Romero has been a diligent student of esoteric spiritual subjects and metaphysics for many years, with a life-long quest for answers. He has submitted new and original articles that focus on life lessons and experiences he wishes to share with our readers and the world.

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by Sally Shotwell

We’re now at the Mid-Summer point of the year and, hopefully, we’re able to experience the radiance that the Leo Sun shines down upon  us. This fixed fire sign is associated with creativity and heart-based relationships, while at the same time, reflecting the dignity of its symbol, the noble Lion. Let’s take advantage of festive interactions since we’re in a time of transition which can be daunting. We need to make time for unadulterated fun in spite of fact that we’re currently adjusting to the effects of the two July Eclipses and gearing up for the one on August 11.  Eclipses, to varying degrees, can make us feel confused since they introduce unexpected changes which require us to alter course. On the bright side, a slew of planets are still retrograde slowing us down and helping us get our bearings. Their insistence that we review, revisit and be immediately engaged in our circumstances prepares us with a firm foundation from which to venture forth.   Our peace of mind comes from working with what we already have.

Meanwhile we have a real melange of planetary activity starting with August 1 when MarsRx (anger) in airy, unconventional Aquarius is arguing with Uranus  (rebelliousness) in earthy, stable Taurus  and pent up emotions may rule the day.  Let’s pend on any crucial discussions until dust has settled.

August 6 Venus, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Money, enters airy, relationship-oriented Libra where she is totally at home. We may find ourselves pondering how to increase harmony in our interpersonal connections and focus more on endearing attributes in other, rather than their foibles. At the same time, the enormous Sun and expansive JupiterRX  in watery, intense Scorpio interact and the concept of “too much of a good thing” comes to mind. Let’s watch out for what’s going on around us.  This relates  to when Uranus turns backward  August 7and we internalize our thoughts around our quest for freedom while loving Venus and  martial Mars dance in each other’s embrace.   Since they’re in air signs, we may feel  a certain detachment  as far as our need for intimacy goes. The 9th her warmth is subdued due to somber SaturnRx in earthy, goal-oriented Capricorn who’s promoting boundaries rather than togetherness. However, SaturnRx  does cooperate with UranusRx,  offering his practicality  to Uranus’s innovative vision and this promises developments which enhance all our  future wellbeing.

August 11 the highly charged New Moon (new beginnings) Solar Eclipse (change) in heart-focused Leo helps us fuel our  need to connect with others in order to discover our own selves. The Sabian Symbol states; “A houseboat party: the enjoyment of temporary freedom from rigidly structured social behavior. The houseboat may be anchored, yet it floats on the river which – symbolically at least – extends far beyond the narrow social setup. “FREEDOM FROM SOCIAL RIGIDITY is”… the possibility of finding ‘release’ for natural energies in group entertainment and enhanced interpersonal contacts” which allows us to find new avenues to explore. Happily, communicative MercuryRX is keeping the Sun and Moon company in Leo and  guides us as we contemplate  how to pursue our expansion. MarsRx backs up into achievement-oriented Capricorn on the 12th and he’s eager to be supportive.

August 18 mental Mercury and charming Venus share a cordial interlude and we should use them as role models in a relationship we wish to explore. Our thought process may begin to be more helpful as he turns direct later in the day, clearing up communication glitches. Also welcome, the 19th beneficent Jupiter in profound, watery Scorpio and transcendent Neptune in compassionate, watery Pisces combine their spiritual largesse and encourage our spiritual and intuitive yearnings. Let’s again look to stillness to access insights beyond our rational reach.

August 22 the Sun enters earthy, meticulous Virgo to help us consolidate our efforts to date and begin to prepare for fall. This sign is ruled by Mercury in his discriminating mode and this should serve our purpose well. The 23rd the Sun, Uranus and Saturn are aligned in a Grand Earth Trine, cooperating with each other and sending us the message that  our self-sufficiency  is being fueled as we persevere in our reviewing, restoring efforts.  The Sun and Uranus enhance our flow of energy as we approach the Full Moon in watery, otherworldly Pisces the 26th. Its Symbol states “Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seashore resorts: The mobility and intensity of interchanges which make possible and characterize complex social processes.”  This image symbolizes both the dynamic of traffic and the complexity of a restlessness of society.  We have to ask ourselves how we may alleviate the pressures in our daily routines to find solace. The Moon in Pisces relates to our “inner world”, where we access our dreams and imagination – let’s go for it.

August 27 Mercury gets in a tussle with Jupiter and Venus argues with Pluto but, due to the grounding we’ve established in our routine, our ability to side step weird energies is serving us well. Congratulations to us!


Sally Shotwell is a life-long student of esoteric spirituality whose focus on studies in Astrology have spanned decades. She has entertained and informed our readers with her articles for a few years now.

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by Mario C. Veo

This is a true story… I should know, it happened to me.

I was in my late thirties, successful business owner, happy with my achievements, with a good and loyal staff, and clients who were very satisfied… So the next logical step was to expand. I looked around for the right premises – could not find anything appropriate… friends looked – nothing came of it… so we did what everyone said I should have done in the first place: get an agent… and, sure enough, within a few days she found what she thought was the perfect place.

… Well, yes, it looked pretty good, just needed a few adjustments, some remodeling, new equipment put in… and it should work just fine… the only thing is, it wasn’t local, but in the next town. Now the question was how to restructure my staff, move key players over, and take on a different role [plus a commute I wasn’t too happy about]… but I was young, successful, really wanted to expand, and thought I could pull it off. The next day the agent and I flew to see the building.  Floor plans in hand we rushed in, did a whirl-wind examination of the main floor only [big mistake on my part], and it all looked good enough. The next day I signed the lease, and started the renovation – I left it all in the hands of trusted contractors, and flew back home. Too good to be true ? You’re so right.

Two weeks later the contractor calls to say that he cannot continue – not because he doesn’t want to [after all, he’s getting good money] but because there is a major discrepancy – the plans did not match the building. And so I flew back, still with the original plans that showed there should have been extensive quarters at the back of the building… but, guess what – the entrance had been bricked up, and the rooms were being used by the business next door [who were as upset as I was by the whole thing, but showed me, quite clearly, that their lease included those rooms] So I called the owners…who referred me to their lawyers, and made an appointment for the next day.

There are times when clichés do come to life… This fat, unctuous, beady-eyed, toad of a man [ shyster by any other name] proceeds to tell me that I didn’t read the plans properly [and not even using polite language]. When I pointed out that I have an engineering background, and I had remodeled 6 houses already… he just laughed at me. Barely hanging onto my temper I showed him the plans where the others rooms were clearly marked… and he tells me it’s just a closet – yes, a big closet… yes, with many other closets… but still, not rooms. I couldn’t believe my ears – the little toad was mocking me… refusing to recognize what any 12 year old could easy see is a whole suite… I must admit I got louder and louder, getting ready to tell him – in no uncertain terms – what I thought of him, and his whole unethical business practice… And then I saw it – that glimmer in his beady eyes, that malevolent look of a carrion-eater that is just waiting for me to cross the line… so he could now sue me for defamation or whatever else he could trump up.

To him it was all a game… if he could taunt me until I became ‘uncouth’ – crude, foul-mouthed, vulgar… just like him – then I would lose… But that is not my nature… I am not such a vile creature… And so I left, without another word… shut down the renovations, paid the contractors, got hold of my lawyer, and sued the owner for misrepresentation… It took many months, and a lot more money, but in the end I ‘won’ [an empty victory at best]… and took many, many showers to get rid of the stench of it all.

So why am I sharing all this with you – well, look around you… look at all the drama, all the pathetic lies that are going around, look at all the crazies that are sprouting off irrational nonsense, refusing to engage in even the most basic intelligence… It is a contamination, a corrosive energy that has infected our country… that makes us pawn in the hands of little, slimy toads, who take pleasure in infecting us all…

Now I’ll challenge you – how much drama are you allowing into your Life… how harshly do you respond to others’ opinions… how many excuses are you using to justify your point-of-view… how hurtful are your words and actions… and have you forgotten about Karma … ? Just how contaminated are you by all this Dark Energy …?

This month’s classes will give you an insight on how Darkness works, how easily we can be trapped… and how to finally release all this taint from our Life… after all – aren’t you worth more …?!


Tuesday, Aug 7, 2018
6:30 – 8:00 pm
We all know about Karma, and its effect on our lives… and, to some extent, we are able to accept and work it out… but what if you truly are innocent ? what if you are one of the good guys, yet people still pick on you… or, no matter how hard you try, you always end up with the jerk who’s just using you… what then?… what is this all about?… why is this happening to you?
Believe it or not, you can stop all this from happening… the answer lies within you [or rather, what is not within you]… Join us for a revealing – and empowering – seminar… are you ready for Freedom? Call 303-525-7223 to register.

Tuesday, Aug 14, 2018
6:30 – 8:00 pm
Did you know that every time you worry … every time you get upset … every time you get stressed … you lose more and more of your Life Force …until all you’ve accomplished is to diminish your Happiness! What’s even worse is that this is totally unnecessary, AND it can be corrected quite easily … if only you knew how …Well, if you want to live a long and happy life … then join us – you’ll be amazed how efficient this is! Call 303-525-7223 to register.

Tuesday, Aug 21, 2018
6:30 – 8:00 pm
Forget “The Secret” , forget all those ‘Manifestation Exercises’…Do they really work ? Well, yes…somewhat. So, why isn’t everyone dizzily happy and prosperous… married to their ‘Perfect Soul-Mate’… and looking like they’re still 30-something ? Oh, you don’t know …? Well, there is this little known fact, called the 4 Stages of Creation, which, if not honored and respected, gets really miffed at us [… and you really don’t want to do that –  its Power is glorious to behold !] Call 303-525-7223 to register.

Tuesday, Aug 28, 2018
6:30 – 8:00 pm
Life is for living…joyfully ! and if we are not doing it right, then we offend the Creator… for all that is rich, and beautiful, and abundant was created for us to enjoy, to make us happy, to bring us closer to Divine Union. The ability to call on Spirit is ours by Divine Right … yet few are taught how to do this correctly. Here lies the Power of Unlimited Manifestation … of Miracles … of Life Joyous and Abundant … Call 303-525-7223 to register.

Mario C. Veo is a teacher of Spiritual Science and a Healing Arts Practitioner. He teaches classes and individuals on Personal Transformation and the Expansion of Consciousness. Mario is available for personal guidance and consultations on Tuesdays and monthly on the last Sunday at the Shining Lotus™ Bookstore.

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by Bruce Johnson

Encore Publication: This article was first published in the September 2013 issue of our newsletter. We thank Bruce Johnson for allowing us to share his writings and insights into the ancient mysteries and the occult.

Color and musical tones and vibration pervade spiritual as well as physical planes of life on planet earth. Let’s examine the relationships between colors and musical tones when we divide their mutual spectrums by the numbers one, three, seven, and twelve.

Division by 1 gives us the white light, the source of the 7 sub-rays of light, which is paralleled in the Aum or Om sound. The Aum is the sacred chord, the single note reverberating through all life. It is the basis of the celestial Music of the Spheres, said to be heard by Pythagoras, the Greek mystery school Adept.

Division by 3 yields the three primary colors- red, yellow, and blue, and musically, the three fundamental tones –Do, Mi, and Sol.

Division by 7 completes the visible light spectrum by adding the blended colors – orange, green, indigo, and violet, to the primary colors, red, yellow, and blue. The seven colors and tones linked with related planets are:  Red- Do- Mars, Orange- Re- Sun, Yellow- Mi- Mercury, Green- Fa- Saturn, Blue- Sol- Jupiter, Indigo- La- Venus, and Violet- Ti- Moon.  The 7 tones are the 7-stringed lyre of the ancients.

Division by 12 reveals the 12 section color wheel, 12 musical tones, and the 12 signs of the zodiac.  The following chart places the 7 tones in a 12 tone ascending scale, along with related colors and sun-signs.

12. Violet-Red Pisces
13. Violet Ti Aquarius Moon
14. Blue-Violet La Capricorn Venus
15. Blue Sol Sagittarius Jupiter
16. Green-Blue Scorpio
17. Green Fa Libra Saturn
18. Yellow-Green Virgo
19. Yellow Mi Leo Mercury
20. Orange-Yellow Cancer
21. Orange Re Gemini Sun
22. Red-Orange Taurus
23. Red Do Aries Mars

Two good correlated books to the study of color are- The Principles of Light and Color by Edwin S. Babbitt, which examines the therapeutic properties of color, and Music Forms, by Geoffrey Hodson, which shows how music appears psychically to clairvoyant vision.

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.

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by Mario C. Veo

Long, long ago, in a peaceful land, there lived this wise man way up in the mountains… not too far from this little village. He was a gentle wise man, and so all the little boys of the village liked to spend time with him, listening to his stories of strange lands, and stranger customs. Oh, how they laughed at these foreigners, how they puzzled over the strangers’ incessant lust and greed, how different it all was from their little pristine village… and, at the end of the day the boys would run the whole way back home, shouting gleefully while playing ‘defenders  of the land’… All of them, that is, except for Jon… No, he walks slowly, head turned to the ground, deeply immersed in thought…

The next day Jon is the first to reach the wise man, for he has many questions: “Why do they do this ?” he asks, “Why would anyone engage in such turmoil… Why waste so much of life simply trying to hurt each other…?” There is a look of gentle pity in the wise man’s eyes as he replies “Men who don’t know love…who don’t value  peace and togetherness…who only know how to hurt and abuse others… they are just lonely people, and very, very afraid of what the future will bring… and so they try to make themselves feel important, by hurting and demeaning others.

Hearing this Jon paled, his eyes shining with unshed tears “But that’s so wrong – if they’d just be nice to  people they would have lots of friends…and they, they wouldn’t need to be so lonely… Why do they do this …?” The old man drew Jon to his chest, holding him in a safe embrace while his tears ran free “Men choose… not out of their hearts, but from their darkest fears” …and held him safe while Jon cried for the loss these strangers would never heal…

Years passed and Jon grew up to be a very serious young man… and the day came when he announced he would go to the strange lands, and seek out those fearful, angry men… and show them love, teach them how to be happy… teach them friendship. He left, without pomp and ceremony, to start his long, long journey… with only the old wise man standing witness for his nobility … [even as he muttered to himself about the folly of youth]

The closer Jon got to the strange lands, the less he recognized – no longer were the trails following the natural contours of the land – no , now they were paved in hard unyielding rock… no longer was the forest free to flow with the rivers – no, now it was cut back so crude fields could be planted in row after row of ugly crops… and what was that stench… what were these people burning as fuel…? Far too soon he came to the city [well, it was really only a small town, but Jon had never seen so many houses together]… and so he stood in the town square [as he had been taught by his elders] and started orating…

In a clear and thrilling voice he told any who passed by about love and friendship, and peace… but all he got back were jeers, people mocking him, laughing at his ‘peasant attitude’… and when he tried – oh, how hard he tried – to make them understand where they went wrong… well then, the crowd got ugly, they started shoving and pushing him, throwing rotten vegetables at him… ugly it was, until the guards came… not to rescue him, but to throw him in jail “For disrupting the peace, inciting a riot , and being a moron”.

The next morning he was before a judge, who took one look at him, at his dirty clothes and unwashed body, and promptly ruled him guilty, sentencing him to three years in a chain-gang, building more ugly roads… and when Jon tried to speak in his defense he was promptly beaten by the guards “For your arrogance, in talking back to the judge”… Three long years later Jon is released, penniless, bruised and battered, to walk back home to his lost village… the road is long and hard, often almost impossible, and only the deep knowledge that love and peace will wait for him in the end sustains him in his journey.

Yes, love and peace… for those who know the true value of life… but, not everyone chooses that… finding their coarse pleasure in greed and hatred… Best leave them to it, then…

Mario C. Veo is a teacher of Spiritual Science and a Healing Arts Practitioner. He teaches classes and individuals on Personal Transformation and the Expansion of Consciousness. Mario is available for personal guidance and consultations on Tuesdays and monthly on the last Sunday at the Shining Lotus™ Bookstore.

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Shining Lotus™ Events and Classes in August

AUTHOR VISIT – MEET DEB SHEPPARD, author of “Grieving to Believing: Discovering the Afterlife”
Sunday, August 5, 2018            2:00 to 3:30 pm          free presentation & book signing
Second Appearance added at 4:00 to 5:30 pm          free presentation & book signing

World-Renowned and Denver-based Medium Deb Sheppard unveils the process of grieving and how best to address your experience after the death of a loved one. Deb relies heavily on her personal experience when in 2008, her husband Brad died by suicide and then four years later her nephew chose the same path. In her book, she explores her journey to becoming a medium and how her experience with the afterlife proved valuable to her while she mourned the loss of her husband and nephew. She cites her feelings of loss and the process to move beyond them, while acknowledging that her experience is not a template for others, including her own children. STANDING ROOM ONLY.
Deb outlines nine guideposts for those experiencing grief and extolls the virtues of meditation as means to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Her book will be available at the event for purchase. A book signing will follow. Call 303-758-9113 to register.

DO CURSES EXIST…? – $10 WORKSHOP with Mario C. Veo
Sunday, August 12, 2018         10:15 to 11:15 am          $10
‘Curses’ are mean and nasty Patterns of Vile Energies maliciously directed at us  –  it doesn’t take a ‘Witch’ or ‘Magician’ to create these… simply someone who is angry or jealous… who enjoys our misfortune, or wallows in gossip… a petty, hateful person  –  it could be a neighbor, a co-worker or family member… or simply someone who passes you by… Know anyone like this…? so now what are you going to do about it…? Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Sunday, August 12, 2018         2:00 to 3:00 pm          love donation
Intention is a web of energy exchange that can be channeled and focused to reconcile mind with matter and bring about positive change in our lives. This is a monthly group that meets on the second Sunday of every month to realize the potential awesome energy of our focused intention. Each month will have a specific topic as well as suggestions from the participants. Human thought and intention has been defined as an inexhaustible and tangible energy with the potential to focus our lives, heal our illnesses, clean up our communities, deal with negative forces, and hopefully improve our planet for everyone. Join us for an hour of discussion and intention and give what you feel is appropriate. Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Sunday, August 19, 2018         2:00 to 3:00 pm         free presentation
If you are thinking about your future, your past, or just your place in the physical present, you owe yourself a visit with C. A. Brooks. C. A. has been a student of astrology for more than 25 years and a professional astrologer for over 2 decades. She has studied Tarot, Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Animal Communication. Join C. A. and friends for a fun and informational look at the astrology of the month ahead, and you may even get a personal Tarot mini-reading. Don’t miss this class. Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Sunday, August 26, 2018      10:15 am – 11:15 am     free presentation
Based on the ancient secrets of Feng Shui and Taoist Healers, we investigate effective ways to anchor positive Magnetic Vortexes in our home or business. These powerful Energy Fields are used to bless, protect, and manifest abundance and prosperity…and anything else you may wish for, safely and with integrity. Call 303-758-9113 to register.

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