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THE GOLDEN PROPORTION …………… by Bruce Johnson



30 DAY INVITATION: COMING HOME TO YOURSELF …………… with Donna DeNomme and the NEW Turtle Wisdom Playbook


HEAL YOURSELF!!! – $10 WORKSHOP …………… with Mario C. Veo




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by Tim Johnson.   As most of you know by now, we have received our six-months notice from our landlord and will be moving late February 2017. Our plans for the Holiday Season are mostly the same as in years past.
~  We stopped buying used books on November 15 and won’t start again until after the move.
~  Of course, we will start distributing Karma Cash™ on December 1st through the 31st of January, then suspend its use through the Moving Sale in February. You can then use the Karma Cash™ at our new location after we re-open in March.

We have not found the perfect place yet, but we are certain that Spirit will lead us in the correct direction. Then, we will make sure that you know where we will be.

We are looking forward to a busy and successful holiday season, and striving to bring you the very best and latest in products and services in the Metaphysical World.

Thank you for your support and concern,
Tim, Justin and Gayle

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by Mario C. Veo

Mantras are truly one of the most powerful tools for creation and manifestation… basically they are the very essence of the Energies of Creation… expressed as Sound-Vibrations. They are Sacred Energies used by great Masters throughout history to connect them with a greater Power or a Divine flow of Energy. mantraThey are considered so sacred that they were kept as “the secret powers of the Gods“… used only by High Priests and Priestesses, and gave them powers ‘beyond human abilities’.

For many practitioners Mantras are the invocation of Spirit, and are often used in Rites and Ceremonies, for healings and blessing, or for personal spiritual guidance and evolution… For others they are simply ‘the call to action’ – the calling forth of particular energies which can be used to manifest whatever is desired. Both of these perceptions are true – they simply reflect the Practitioner, and the purpose he/she wishes to create.

Mantras are very powerful, safe, and very transformative… even the most basic ones can bring about phenomenal changes in your Life. They do not require you to change your Spiritual Beliefs, nor demand any kind of personal sacrifice… just a desire to create changes in your Life. They can attract true love, wealth, spiritual guidance, awaken creativity, strengthen and support a business, bless and protect yourself and loved ones.

There is no limit to what they can do for they are the very essence of Spirit-Creator, and the Seeds of Creation.

mantra2We are offering a two month, in-depth workshop, where we will explore a broad range of Mantras in a practical, safe, hands-on program. We meet every Saturday from 11 am to 12:30 pm, starting January 14th for 8 weeks at The Center for Alternative Therapies, 4155 E. Jewell Ave., Suite 1102 in Denver 80222. (frontage road, N. E. corner of I-25 and Colorado Blvd.) Register through the Shining Lotus™ Bookstore at 303-758-9113.

Cost – $25 per session, or pre-pay $90 for 4 weeks/$180 for 8 weeks.
Class size is limited, pre-registration is advised.

Mario VeoMario C. Veo is a teacher of Spiritual Science and a Healing Arts Practitioner. He teaches classes and individuals on Personal Transformation and the Expansion of Consciousness. Mario is available for personal guidance and consultations every Tuesday afternoon and the last Sunday of each month at the Shining Lotus™ Bookstore.

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by Bruce Johnson

Encore Publication: This article was first published in the March 2011 issue of our newsletter. We thank Bruce Johnson for allowing us to share his writings and insights into the ancient mysteries and the occult.

Golden section (ratio, divine proportion) and golden spiral

Golden section (ratio, divine proportion) and golden spiral

The Golden Proportion, also called the Golden Mean, is a unique transcendental proportion that divides a oneness or unity into a creative duality through a particular geometric relationship of two terms, a and b. The Golden Proportion written in a sentence would be-a is to b as b is to (a+b), where a is the smaller term, b is the larger term, and (a+b) as the sum of the two terms, constitutes a wholeness. The spiritual nature of the Golden Proportion or Golden Section, was well known to the ancients, and was depicted by the Greek letter phi, a circle with a slash through it.

Ancient mystery schools from Egypt to China taught mathematics and geometry, and recognized the expression of the Golden Proportion in nature’s beauty and harmony of forms. The Ancient Wisdom, whether taught by Thoth or Confucius, recognized the Golden Proportion as the basis of the created world. The Golden Section described the progressive, dynamic, and asymmetrical involution of spirit into matter, the externalization of inner life into outer form.

shellThe Golden Mean shown as a numerical quantity would be-1/1.6180339…, and as a fraction just slightly less than 5/8. The Golden Mean, like the value of pi, 3.1415926, represents an “irrational” or super-rational number. The Golden Mean was seen to combine the addition and multiplication processes in its manifestations whether in a nautilus shell, or the pattern of petals on a flower.

Mystically, The Golden Section revealed the Mystery of the Trinity, or the triple aspect of God, and the Hermetic axiom- “As above so below”. The Golden Section is indissolubly linked through Sacred Geometry to the number five, the square root of five, the regular pentagon, and the dodecahedron, one of the five perfect solids of Pythagoras.

sunflowerThe Golden Proportion is the root of the Golden Mean Spiral, the Golden Rectangle, and generates the Fibonacci Series,  which is a specific additive progression where the two initial terms are added together to form a third term. Leonardo da Vinci used the Golden Proportion to divide the human body at the navel in his famous drawing.

Robert Lawlor’s book-Sacred Geometry combines visual imagery with clear descriptive text. A great bookstore on So. Colorado Blvd. in Denver that carries a wide variety of new and used metaphysical books is the Shining Lotus bookstore. Check them out at

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.

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by Mario C. Veo


Ah… what a fearful thing is Change

white-dove-messageYes, of course it is… but consider this – would you still want to be the teenager you once were, ‘safe’ in your parents’ (rigidly structured) loving embrace… would you still want to be stuck in your first job/first kiss/ first love…? Yes, some of it is very romantic… but seriously, is it not better to grow, and change, and discover a brand new world out there, one filled with greater joy, better jobs, and even more passionate kisses…?

O.K., I can hear some of you saying, “But what if it isn’t? What if the future is NOT filled with Love, Light, Beauty… and passionate kisses? What if it is filled with frogs and snails and puppy-dog’s tails… and all I ever cared about gets taken away?” Well, so what if it is… YOU don’t have to meekly accept this very dire picture… (what? did you read too many Grimm’s Tales as a kid!?… you should have stuck with Aesop, he was much better at ‘morality’… ‘though I must confess to the thrill of Grimm’s dark visions… but I digress…)

No future is ever going to be ‘perfect’… no future abounds with easy love and prosperity, filled with French pastries and wonderful chocolate… but… you CAN seek these out, and fill your heart with all you desire… and more! (even if you need to move to France to get it… true story that!)

Sorry, again I digress!!

FreedomO.K., you are not a kid anymore, not a helpless infant at the mercy of the big, bad bogyman… Nope, not at all, in fact you are far tougher, stronger, more capable than that… for YOU are the Child of Spirit, filled with Light and Power… and able to manifest all you desire… Wanna know how? Easy…

Begin by first contemplating all that is ‘right’ about you… all your wonderful gifts/abilities/achievements… these are your Truth, your Foundation, your Power!
Next, figure out what blocks this… sometimes it is an unresolved Heart Wound, at times a belittlement/betrayal/sabotage. So, do something about this! Cleanse, heal, release… and don’t forget to once again center in your Radiance… And through this now Manifest all you desire… with no limit or restrictions (yummm, chocolate and kisses…)

Yes, you cannot stop Changes… things grow and prosper… or fail and are removed… this choice IS yours to make… so what say you? Wanna go for a ride? (there’s shopping at the end… but only if you find your Power!)

This month is dedicated to Self Empowerment, to Transformation, and to Manifestation… classes abound or those who are ready… (and for the rest of you… well, it’s still gonna be one hell of a ride!!).

Tue, Dec 6, 2016  —  6:30 pm to 8 pm  —  $25

Tue, Dec 13, 2016  —  6:30 pm to 8 pm  —  $25

Tue, Dec 20, 2016  —  6:30 pm to 8 pm  —  $25

Tue, Dec 27, 2016  —  6:30 pm to 8 pm  —  $25

Mario VeoMario C. Veo is a teacher of Spiritual Science and a Healing Arts Practitioner. He teaches classes and individuals on Personal Transformation and the Expansion of Consciousness. Mario is available for personal guidance and consultations every Tuesday afternoon and the last Sunday of each month at the Shining Lotus™ Bookstore.

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by Sally Shotwell

Planets-PossibilitiesWe are in the last month of unpredictable 2016 and wondering what lies ahead for us. The unprecedented shifts in perspective we are working through may be the result of confusion and disillusionment which are no fun at all but we must not be discouraged. Change precedes growth and we are fortunate to be in Sagittarius season which is noted for its optimism and expansive vision. The Sun(our consciousness) in this fiery sign is ruled by judicious Jupiter who excels at teaching and sharing wisdom. The Archer, Centaur Chiron, is the sign’s symbol and is noted for aiming his arrow into the unknown, seeking new territory to explore. His goodness and brilliance earned him immortality but he still retained his animal/human nature, being half-man, half-horse. His continual efforts to integrate his multifaceted self remind us of our own challenges in reconciling our own complexities. We may take heart that the journey is universal and we aren’t flowed, even as we have work to do. The fact is that astrological cycles which indicate influences we have at our disposal, to facilitate our intentions. Let’s check out what’s currently taking place as we venture forth.

December 1 dynamic Mars in airy, intellectual Aquarius consults with benefic Jupiter in harmony-loving Libra. They’re asking us to focus our thoughts with our physical efforts. On the 3rd, Mars gets even more support from serious Saturn in belief-oriented Sagittarius, verifying that we’re moving toward a worthwhile goal. To add juice to this process, December 6 liberating Uranus in fiery, assertive Aries checks in with the Red Planet to lend his formidable spark to boost our exploratory tendencies.

newimmigrantsThe Sun cooperates with our game plan by fraternizing with Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus between December 9, 12 and 13. This activity prepares us to be responsive to Sagittarius’ call to welcome the new in our lives as we enter a necessary shift represented by the Full Moon in communicative Gemini, December 13. The Sabian Symbol is: “A group of immigrants as they fulfill the requirements of entrance into the new country; consciously accepting the ways of a new stage of experience in readiness for the opportunities it will present.” This ‘new country’ is internal and it is our responsibility to acclimate our emotions and thought processes to our new ‘reality’.”
Are we exposing ourselves to a broader range of interpersonal experiences?
Are we seeking out new avenues of thought which stimulate us?

Brainy Mercury entered Capricorn December 2 and value-oriented Venus sailed into Aquarius December 7. Their being positioned in signs traditionally ruled by Saturn offers a substantial element to our efforts and indicates boones for hard work!

December 19 Mars(our vitality) enters watery, dreamy Pisces and our goals may morph into a broader, more inclusive framework at the same time, Mercury steps into his retrograde motion. We’re reminded that during this period our communication and relationship issues may take on a slightly out-of-focus dimension. We need to review, rethink and delay any decisions which seem iffy.

Capricorn by Josephine Wall

Capricorn by Josephine Wall

December 21 is Winter Solstice when the Sun enters Capricorn. It’s the shortest day of the year and has historically been considered a sacred time when the return of the Light is honored. Many traditions that we embrace today trace their origins to Pagan Festivals; think the mistletoe of the Druid Priests and the gift giving of Saturnalia. The promise of the rebirth of the Sun(Son) was, and is, a holy time as our own Christmas ceremonies reflect. December 24 Saturn and Uranus connect stimulating us to garner our resources to successfully parlay farsighted ventures using our organizational skills and discipline.

December 25 is delivering a lovely Christmas Day swimming in the essence of relationship-oriented Venus who has a very full dance card, beginning with the attention of magnanimous Jupiter. After their graceful turn around the floor, exciting Uranus jazzes things us, culminating with a subdued waltz with Saturn. Let’s tap into the enthusiasm, magic and reassuring experience their example presents to us.
How are we honoring this sacred time of year in our schedule?

December 26 continues to promise opportunities as Jupiter dialogues with Uranus and Mercury chats with Neptune. All these contacts indicate that unusual insights are available to us and we must welcome the unexpected. The Sun and Mars also get in the act urging us on.

December 28 the Sun and Mercury use their time in Capricorn sharing with us the clarity of thought and purpose we need to apply to our course. Mercury then tracks Mars down to guarantee the energy we need to have available.

birdThis preparation enhances our ability to envision the intention we seed during the December 28/29 New Moon in Capricorn. The Symbol is: “In a sun-lit home domesticated birds sing joyously. The wholesome happiness which subservience to ideals and patterns of a well-established culture brings to those who accept them unreservedly.” Uranus, the Great Awakener, is prominent in this lunation as he begins his forward motion after many months of being retrograde. He assists us in cutting through the extraneous, granting us the guidance to concentrate on what is essential. Through this we safely investigate new boundaries.

New Year’s Eve we experience a happy meeting between the Sun and Neptune, triggering our imagination which, in turn, lights up our conscious thought. Isn’t this a nice gift to carry with us into the New Year? Added to this December 31, January 1 Mars and Neptune get together to share other-worldly revelations which can’t help but be interesting!

We’ve experienced a great deal this year and we’ve evolved through this challenge. Congratulations to us!
Happy New Year and Love!

Sally Shotwell is a life-long student of esoteric spirituality with a healthy curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. Her focus on studies in Astrology have spanned decades, and have included studying with Mario C. Veo, John Joseph, Mark Husson and C. A. Brooks.

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with Donna DeNomme and the NEW Turtle Wisdom Playbook

Wednesday, December 7, 2016.    6:30 – 8:30 pm.    $25 pre-paid.

donnadenomme2016Let’s gather in a sacred circle of discovery, appreciation, and transformation as we honor your sacred path you and your heart/soul creativity. In this engaging and fun evening we’ll explore essential principles, marvel at ancient wisdom, and celebrate practical ways to uplift and enrich our lives.
Award-winning, internationally-published author, conscious energy teacher, ceremonialist, shamanic healer, and Master Success Coach, Donna DeNomme, guides this delightful and expansive adventure. Awaken a masterful life—one of your very own design!

Turtle Wisdom, Turtle Wisdom Personal Illumination Cards, Turtle Wisdom Playbook, Ophelia’s Oracle (for girls) and 8 Keys to Wholeness: Tools for Hope-Filled Healing by Donna DeNomme are all available at ShiningLotus™. Call 303-758-9113 to register and pre-pay for this class. Thank you for having your credit card number ready when you call.

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$10 WORKSHOP with Mario C. Veo

Sunday, December 11, 2016. 2 – 3 pm. $10.

HealYourselfYour Heart Wounds are truly special gifts – they show you your sensitivity, your precious ideals, your care for others… and yes, you have been hurt/betrayed/taken advantage of… and now you are in pain… Do not dismiss this… do not negate it/criticize it/judge it to be foolish or silly. Instead value your kindness, your generosity, your loving personality… and use it to attract all that embraces, respects and appreciate it… after all, do you blame a dog for barking, and do you bark back? So it’s time to heal, to release these Heart Wounds, and once again claim yourself in the full radiance of your Beauty… (and let those perpetrators go merrily to their own karmic consequences… what!? you didn’t think they’d get away with it, did you!?) Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Mario VeoMario C. Veo is a teacher of Spiritual Science and a Healing Arts Practitioner. He teaches classes and individuals on Personal Transformation and the Expansion of Consciousness. Mario is available for personal guidance and consultations on Tuesday afternoons at the Shining Lotus™ Bookstore.

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with C. A. Brooks

SimpleTalesSunday, December 18, 2016.  2 – 3pm.  FREE PRESENTATION.

If you are thinking about your future, your past, or just your place in the physical present, you owe yourself a visit with C. A. Brooks. C. A. has been a student of astrology for more than 25 years and a professional astrologer for over 2 decades. She has studied Tarot, Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Animal Communication. Join C. A. and friends for a fun and informational look at the astrology of the month ahead, and you may even get a personal Tarot mini-reading. Don’t miss this class. Call 303-758-9113 to register.

CA Brooks 2014C. A. Brooks has been a student of astrology for 25 years and a professional Astrologer for more than two decades. Her astrological experience was started by a series of classes from Colorado’s leading astrology expert, Gayle Bachicha in the 1980′s at the Metaphysical Bookstore. In addition to astrology, her training includes Instinctive Feng Shui, Space and Clutter Clearing, Voyager Tarot, and Animal Communications, working closely with animal communicator, Joan Ranquet.

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45years45th Anniversary Sale

25% off everything – Dec 26 thru Dec 31

then we will be closed Jan 1, 2 and 3 for our year-end inventory, re-opening on Wednesday, Jan 4.

During this, the coldest season of the year, winter is regarded as the season of dormancy, darkness and cold. The coming of lighter days after the winter solstice brings a more festive mood. This return of the light is a fantastic reason to celebrate that nature’s cycle is continuing.

It is during this season, we also celebrate our store’s birth 45 years ago in the dawning of the “new age”. When widespread study of Metaphysics was being re-focused in 1972, our store was born on the east end of Colfax Avenue.

Please join us during the week between Christmas and New Year’s for our 45th Anniversary Sale, when you may buy anything in the store at 25% off. We will also have special cookies, cake, coffee and stuff.

Shining Lotus™ Metaphysical Bookstore, The Original Metaphysical Bookstore, founded in 1972, has been Denver’s best source for metaphysical books and supplies for 45 years.

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