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AUTHOR TALK & BOOK SIGNING with Nicole Grace, author of The Temple: Meditations on The Spiritual Life








2014: A new year, a chance for new beginnings with amazing opportunities for love, growth, knowledge and transformation. As we move into the next phase of our spiritual development, we are always open to new ideas and learning new ways of doing things. As always, we are filled with gratitude to you for your loyalty and patronage in the past year. Be Blessed in 2014.

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Author of The Temple: Meditations On The Spiritual Life

TheTempleSaturday, January 11, 2014. 2:30 – 4 pm. FREE PRESENTATION.

Join us to welcome Nicole Grace, teacher, Buddhist monk and mystic, as she presents her newest volume, The Temple: Meditations on the Spiritual Life.
As with the book’s multiple award-winning predecessor, Bodhisattva: How to be Free, the verses in The Temple will be treasured by anyone who has longed for personal awakening or the emotional release that comes from the illumination of a deeply personal truth. Open The Temple and embark on a quiet and profound journey into the sanctuary of peace and revelation within you. Her talk will be followed by a book signing. Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Nicole Grace is a teacher, Buddhist monk and mystic, and author of the award-winning books, Dreaming Bhutan: Journey in the Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bodhisattva: How To Be Free, Teachings To Guide You Home, and Mastery At Work: 18 Keys For Achieving Success, Fulfillment And Joy In Any Profession. She teaches personal and professional development, as well as Buddhism, mysticism and meditation, to students around the world.




 by Sheryl Watson

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron

THANK YOU!  Thank you for being true to yourself this year, for keeping on, for learning new things, stepping out on faith and trusting Spirit! Truly you are remarkable. Happy Holidays!

Did you know that the Higher Realms are excited for you? That the NEW energies that began mid-Dec. 2013 are going to change everything?
It is as if an invisible hand is pulling away the clouds of doubt, showing us the Creator’s “Grace”! Grace is the absence of karma, the time given to figure this all out and reorient our energies to be more effective, more abundant and joyous!  It is like having a guiding light shining all the time, 24/7 –  a gentle guiding voice and light.
Beginning mid-December a flood of new cosmic light poured over our world. Are you ready to begin a new life? Are you ready for clarity unlike you have known this lifetime? You have been asking for clarity, for life to be ease, not difficulty – for your purpose! 
The Higher realms have heard you – knowing you are completing your karma, working hard to serve and know your purpose more fully.  You know the saying, “Ask and you will receive”. This response from Spirit now is pouring in – in guidance with words you hear, classes you attend or teach, promptings inside to DO something, your writing, and channels.
Channel Sheryl Watson

Channel Sheryl Watson

You are heard – you are important in this Grand Ascension from darkness of mind to illumination!  You have a place in this plan and Spirit wants you to know what it is! And if you do know, even more clarity for you on proceeding in 2014!

My part of this is to bring you the channels each month. This powerful information is first hand, a voice, a connection to the Divine that you can hear!  Answers to your questions, live in the moment!
I endeavor to be as clear a channel as I can for you. I hope you take the information and can USE it!  Watch for increasing clarity here too as this flood comes in!
You are loved. You are a Master of Light. Stand up and be the Master you came to be. It isn’t hard, it is in sync with the great plan. It is time.  Reach out – Spirit connects quickly now.
Join us Monday night, January 13th at 7PM at Shining Lotus for the Metatron channel!
Hear your message of clarity on your purpose and 2014 gems of light info! These are not just vague predictions, they are truly “gems” of powerful insight for you to serve even better, for you to overcome any seeming difficulty, for YOU to be all you came to experience and BE. Yes, it is ALL ABOUT YOU!  Bring a question or two also – to get your answers !
Channel is $20. and recorded too! 



by Bob Moller

thoughtformsWednesday, January 8, 2014. 7 – 9 pm. $20.

When existence in our present life time grips us  like “ a vice” so you can  hardly breathe.  If you have been in any way disappointed with your life and do not see any way out, this discussion will find you.  It will resonate with you and you will know that you are ready to meet  your Authentic Self. The outcome of this encounter is the regaining of your integrity of consciousness, of that inner knowing in aligning with your Authentic Self.

This discussion is an attempt to move out of the “rut” of a predetermined, collective destiny and be an individual both spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.  The journey for us is about coming full circle in joining the “collective” again with awareness and a new sense of consciousness that renews itself daily.

This journey is one back to Essence.  The journey allows us to examine the not so light parts of our Being.  The aspects of our lives that are not working for us. For example, the destructive thoughts, negative emotions, second- hand convictions, the attraction for self punishment. .

Like others,  I sometimes still think about my life and talk about it as if it were only made up of external events. However, on the continual journey to reawaken my Authentic  Self,  I acknowledge that the events and outer conditions of my  life are a reflection of my emotions, thoughts and beliefs, a materialization of my Being. A course that can be changed.

There is a cause-effect relationship between inner life and the external world, between Time and No Time. As we create and feel all our passions, thoughts and fantasies, our hopes, ambitions, secrets, memories and imaginations, fears and uncertainties and all our sensations, attractions, desires, loves and aversions we find that they belong to the very real world of this Reality our state of Being. As we choose our reality, the state of our Being can resonate at a specific level optimism.  Your  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are waiting for this alignment.

You are invited to an Introductory Seminar:

1        Guided Meditation to release the discordant energy programs surrounding why you want to keep hidden your Authentic Self.

2        Learn about accessing and creating from your Authentic Self.  Answering as well, how many selves am I serving?

3        Learn fun tools that assist you in realizing your potential in relationships, business, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual areas of your life

Bob Moller- Former Engineer now accompanies individuals and groups to access all levels of Consciousness for Transformation and the Expansion of Consciousness.  Bob has several talents and abilities that opened up for him several years ago.  He has training in Akashic Record Retrieval/Clearing, Guided Meditations, Sedona Method, Reconnection Method, as well as Reversing.  Bob is available for consultations to help you move in the direction toward realizing the potentials in your life by clearing your limitations.



by Sally Shotwell

Pheasants display their brilliant colors on a private estate

Pheasants display their brilliant colors on a private estate

New Year’s Day, the Sun is in Capricorn with the Moon at exactly the same degree, creating a New Moon. This brings our conscious mind(sun) and our unconscious mind(moon) intensely focusing on our physical and emotional foundations(Capricorn). In Astrology, the Moon is associated with feelings and emotions, so we want to examine the situation this New Moon finds itself in. It is REALLY interesting!

This Moon in Capricorn(boundaries) is grouped together with Pluto(transformation) and Mercury(communication) as well as the Sun(identity). This cluster is positioned opposite Jupiter(expansion) in Cancer(emotion), squaring Mars(action) in Libra(balance) and Uranus(revolution) in Aries(aggression). This geometric configuration indicates there will be a lot of energy at our disposal to use in our progressing on our evolutionary journey.

Guests are reading in the library of a luxurious home

Guests are reading in the library of a luxurious home

The Sabian Symbol is “Pheasants display their brilliant colors on a private estate“, allowing us to visualize creatures able to reveal their lovely plumage in a sheltered environment. This addresses the necessity of our finding a supportive situation in which we are comfortable and encourages us to show our gifts and talents. When these assets emerge, we are able to energize and polish them. Where, and with whom, do we feel empowered?

Pondering this question will help us in embracing the wisdom of the January 15 Full Moon(culmination) in Cancer(nourishment). This Symbol picks up the theme of refining ourselves and our interactions with others. “Guests are reading in the library of a luxurious home” places emphasis on the value of participating in enjoyable and relaxing activities that contribute to our social and intellectual well being. Where there is a harmonious ambiance is where we can replenish our batteries.

During a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life

During a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life

Where are we stimulated to expand intellectually? How can we rearrange our schedule to accommodate a new interest?

These questions are important because we will continue to face unusual developments personally and globally. Mars(initiative) in Libra(relationships) will be tweeking imprints we’ve not dealt with. This encourages us to clean out our inner sanctum which is great but we need a haven to count on. Fortunately, the January 30 New Moon in Aquarius(intellect) comes to the rescue. “During a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life” articulates that the rigorous demands placed on us to grow in self knowledge have been met and we’re benefiting from them. This validation implies that we are on the right track.

We have come a long way in the past year and weathered many a storm. We are all in this together and CONGRATULATIONS to us!

Happy New Year!

Sally Shotwell is a life-long student of esoteric spirituality with a super-natural curiosity and an undying thirst for knowledge. Her focus on studies in Astrology have spanned decades, and have included studying with Mario C. Veo, John Joseph, Mark Husson and C. A. Brooks.



by Bob Moller

Talk to SpiritMonday, January 20, 2014. 7 – 9 pm. $20.

Co-Creating Awareness with Spirit functions at a level that requires a willingness to open and explore and surrender to the inner most aspects of your conscious and sub-conscious mind, body and heart to allow you to open up to infinite possibilities.

The belief in your own intention is your greatest ally or deterrent in allowing real transformation to happen. When there is surrender or allowing, there is a quieting of the ego and it’s limiting beliefs.

After surrendering your limiting beliefs, what is left is a relationship; not the common form of relationship that you are use to, but a “sensory awareness” that pervades that relationship deep within your own being. There have been many labels attempting to describe this “awareness”, such as intuition, Holy Spirit, Consciousness, Presence, or Source.  It doesn’t really matter what you call that inner relationship, what is important is that you allow that “awareness” to guide you in your life and open yourself to the inner freedom that has always been available to you through your Authentic Self.

highermindCo-Creating Awareness with Spirit is a non-linear journey returning to what you have always known.  It is a process in releasing your discordant programs that you created in the present as well as brought forth from the past that allows you to free up what you have always known.

Just as energy behaves at the quantum level, this process fosters more “possibilities” to nurture the Authentic Self that you are. The following are some elements make up this evolving process in co-creating awareness with Spirit:

  • One or more Conscious and unconscious belief patterns that are hindering you that are stored in the Akashic Record (The “A” Field)
  • Fracturing:  Layers of discordant  emotional, physical, mental and spiritual thoughts  associated with the once lived or current life are brought into awareness via a “Clearing” process.  The charges are then felt, released and transformed into a neutral emotional charge.
  • Taking responsibility for all clearings and co-creation of life as your new Authentic Self.  Instead of life living you, you begin to live your life in 10 second increments.

You are invited to an Introductory Seminar to:

  • Guided Meditation to release the energy of Conflict and/or Self Punishment Programs
  • Learn about Akashic Records and how to access them.  You will learn that the “brain” has a different definition than you are use to.
  • Learn to Clear layers of limiting beliefs built up over lifetimes of experiences recorded in the Akashic Records
  • Learn fun tools that assist you in realizing your potential in relationships, business, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual areas of your life

Bob Moller- Former Engineer now accompanies individuals and groups to access all levels of Consciousness for Transformation and the Expansion of Consciousness.  Bob has several talents and abilities that opened up for him several years ago.  He has training in Akashic Record Retrieval/Clearing, Guided Meditations, Sedona Method, Reconnection Method, as well as Reversing.  Bob is available for consultations to help you move in the direction toward realizing the potentials in your life by clearing your limitations.



by Mario C. Veo

ice crystalI have spent most of my life being puzzled by things that other people seem to be totally unaware of… like… what happens to ice crystals when they melt – No, I’m not talking about them turning to water – but that beautiful, unique crystalline structure. Does it transfer to the mater molecule… or, is there a Recycling Deva that simply stores those beautiful patterns somewhere in the Universal Filing Box…? Well, how many of you have ever thought about it…!?

So, I’m a little out of the ordinary – some would even say ‘bizarre’ – but I do ask some intriguing questions… so here is the next one: Einstein postulated that there is a Universal Theory that explains it all – and many have argued the point…(I just call it “God”… but then, I’m not a scientist, so what do I know?). But, here is my Question – Is there ONE Solution that would take care of ALL my struggles/limitations/failures/problems/hurts/sorrows…(anything else you can think of?)…

After much postulation (that’s the Word-of-the-Day)… and much to my surprise… the Answer is a resounding YES!

Key To SecretHere is THE KEY – Everything is Energy – and Energy expresses itself as Vibrations… each defining its Qualities and Purpose. So, whenever I am faced with ‘struggles’, these can be described as Vibrational Resonance, and (here it comes)… they bind me to Resonate just like them… now, IF I wish to release myself from all this messy Resonance, all I have to do is Shift my Vibration to the point where it is impossible for the other to ‘bind’ me… and because I believe in Spirit, I can rephrase this as: All I have to do is Expand my Consciousness to be Higher than the Original Event/ Energies.

O.K. so… what am I going to do now… well, what I always do, Teach!

Starting January 11th, we will meet every Saturday morning (from 11 – 12:30) to explore all the many, wonderful, safe, and practical ways to achieve this Expansion of Consciousness. This Workshop Series will be on-going, and definitely hands-on… come prepared to have all your human socks blown off, as you discover how easy it is to free yourself from all this mess… (and finally know the true meaning of Self-Empowerment).

Mario Veo

Mario C. Veo

So, now what are you gonna do…??

Mario C. Veo is a teacher of Spiritual Science and a Healing Arts Practitioner. He teaches classes and individuals on Personal Transformation and the Expansion of Consciousness. Mario is available for personal guidance and consultations on Tuesday afternoons at the Shining Lotus Bookstore.



by Bruce Johnson

step pyramidThe step pyramid at Sakkara built during the reign of King Djoser or Zoser, combines the symbolism of the sacred temple mountain with a staircase leading into the sky. Imhotep was the architect of this first monumental Egyptian structure to be built entirely of stone rather than traditional mud bricks. This 20 story truncated pyramid built in Lower Egypt in 2630 B.C. is a wealth of Egyptian esoteric truth.

The step pyramid is a pyramid made of six levels with a flattened peak. These six levels symbolize the six manifested planes of life that emanate from the invisible capstone at the top of the pyramid. This capstone symbol of formless spirit combined with the lower six planes creates a seven- fold occult symbol expressing the oneness of all life, the involution and evolution of spirit, as well as other esoteric and mystical truths. Similar symbolism can be seen in the hexagon with the central point, and the Star of Vishnu, better known in the West as the Star of Solomon.

The capstone symbolizes three-fold infinite spirit as the source and cause of the materialization of all forms on denser planes. It corresponds to light, unity, the root of being, the positive polarity, and the Soul or the Divine Self. The pyramid’s base signifies spirit solidified in its most concrete manifestation. It represents the plane of dense physical matter and the world of effects. It reflects darkness, diversity of forms, the negative polarity, and the physical body or vehicle. In between these two poles, and interconnected with them, are five intermediate planes of being. Together they symbolize the totality of the universe as a macrocosm, and the human individual as a microcosm.

Step symbolism, similar to Jacob’s ladder of the Bible, relates to the soul’s ascension into spirit or light, and the linking together of all the terrestrial and celestial levels of life. Steps are a type of symbolic bridge between the mortal and divine spheres of consciousness. Each step of the pyramid corresponds to a plane of existence with its individual vibration, tone and color. Every step has an affinity with a number, letter, Sacred Planet, Archangel, metal and gemstone, major chakra, and one of the seven bodies.

The Pyramids and Sphinx- by Desmond Stewart, is a good book that describes the architectural wonders of Egypt.

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.




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