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AUTHOR VISIT & BOOK SIGNING with Melissa Virtue, co-author of Angel Dreams Oracle Cards







by Melissa Virtue and Doreen Virtue

AUTHOR VISIT AND BOOK SIGNING with Melissa Virtue, co-author of Angel Dreams Oracle Cards.
Saturday, February 9, 2013.    2 – 3:30 pm.    FREE PRESENTATION.
MelissaVirtueJoin Melissa Virtue on Saturday afternoon at 2 for an inspiring and insightful trip through her new Angel Dreams Oracle Card Deck. She will share her story and the story of how these beautiful dream tools came to be. Then she will autograph your personal copy of the Angel Dreams Oracle Cards. Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Angel Dreams Oracle Cards  $16.95

Angel Dreams Oracle Cards $16.95

Every night when you’re asleep, your angels, your unconscious mind and the universe are giving you guidance, answers to your questions, and cautionary signs. You can take charge of your life and experience deep healing by understanding and processing these dream messages.
In this beautifully illustrated card deck, Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue reveal the meaning of 55 basic dream symbols. The accompanying guidebook explains how to conduct ‘dream readings’ to resolve your deepest questions and concerns and shine light upon your unconscious mind. In this way, you can harness the power of your dreams to steer yourself in your desired direction!

See Melissa demonstrate how to use these cards on YouTube.

Melissa Virtue began studying dreams and communicating with the Angels from a young age. She enjoys dancing, knitting, hiking and dreaming. She is the author of a series of Magical Dream Journeys books, as well as co-hosting “Awakening with Melissa and Grant”, a weekly internet radio show with her husband. She lives in Hawaii with her husband and cat.
Melissa Virtue Website.
Melissa Virtue Angel Dream Readings.
Melissa Virtue Author Page on Facebook.





with Agnes Shircel

Sunday, February 10, 2013.   2 – 3pm.    FREE PRESENTATION.


Available Pedulums by Deva Designs

Available Pendulums by Deva Designs

Pendulums have long been used when seeking answers to questions by Dowsing. Dowsing is simply the ability to connect to a higher state of guidance—to ask questions and get answers. From a simplistic scientific perspective it is the ability to access information available through the right side of our brains. (In our Western culture most individuals operate almost exclusively through the left side of their brains). Dowsing is a tool that can aid us in expanding our abilities to use a greater proportion of our brains during which whole new possibilities become available to us. By using dowsing as a tool you can access your higher self, your inner knowing. It is a technique that can be learned to connect to your subconscious.

Agnes Shircel, a former R.N., Natural healer, studied with Hannah Kroeger using pendulum, herbs and homeopathics. Join her on Sunday afternoon for an introductory demonstration and lecture on the art of dowsing with a pendulum. Call 303-758-9113 to register.





with Marci McCaffery

Astrologer Marci McCaffery

Astrologer Marci McCaffery

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 19)

As the New Year progresses into the month of February we can readily feel the powerful physical, spiritual, mental and emotional transformations taking place. We are encouraged to seek new ways to infuse more vitality and creativity into our authentic self-expression. We are called to open our minds and hearts to a higher truth of who we are.

The Universal number for 2013 is 6:  2+0+1+3=6.  In numerology, six is the number of relationships, responsibility, emotional security, service and concern for our fellow man.  In astrology, the number six is synonymous with Venus, indicating our ability to attract, our creativity, our values, our relationships and our finances.  It is likely that this year will accentuate all of these areas of our lives, with major emphasis on financial and emotional needs.

This month’s cosmic view includes a planetary shift, as the Sun leaves ambitious Capricorn and enters progressive Aquarius. Our scope is broadened from self-interest to cooperation with others. The New Moon at 21 degrees Aquarius 43, on February 10th offers breakthrough perspectives in our communications with others and in our lives in general.  February 10th also marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2013 is The Year of the Female Water Snake. Thisreaffirms our path for re-birth, new beginnings, and transformation. Delusion and deception are common during the year of the snake well. Nothing is as it seems, giving way to mystery and elements of surprise.

Josephine Wall Aquarius

Aquarius by Josephine Wall

Later in the month, both reasonable Mercury and aggressive Mars move into an uncomfortable placement in Pisces. The potential for misunderstandings based on false impression is great. We are cautioned to use the practicality, discipline, and focus of transiting Saturn in Scorpio, to temper our uncertainties. Saturn goes retrograde from the February 19th until July 8th restructuring our sense of stability.

Mercury makes the first of its tri-annual retrogrades in the sign of Pisces from (February 23rd to March 18th).  Communication breakdowns and heightened anxiety may surface. We can draw upon our spiritual practices for higher wisdom, truth and peace of mind. As a reminder, Mercury retrograde represents a time to revisit, refocus and revise old projects. This is not a time for initiating anything new.

The Full Moon at 7 degrees Virgo 24, offers an opportunity to organize our lives in the areas of work, health and service. Virgo does its best work in humble service to others. This Full Moon is about perfecting our skills and talents to be of greater service out in the world.

This year marks a time of letting go of all attachments to anything that has held us back, including old patterns and behaviors. Doing the same things and expecting different results is counterproductive to the task at hand. We are charting a course for new possibilities in our future.

© Star Direction 2013

Marcia McCaffery is an NCGR certified astrological counselor specializing in life purpose, career and relationship readings. She is also a Reiki master teacher, a spiritual advisor, an author and an accredited Conscious Change coach with a private practice in the Denver area. She has a lifelong involvement with meditation, spiritual studies and the healing arts. She is a featured astrological consultant at Shining Lotus™ Metaphysical Bookstore.
To learn how these changes impact you personally, contact Marci at
For free, valuable resources visit her web site at





by Denise Montoya

FindingSpiritYou are all perfect just the way you are.  Your New Year resolutions, rather than focusing on imperfections, should affirm your wholeness.   If you participate in the New Year resolutions let them be for your benefit of mind and body.  Living in the fullness of your life is the joy, and that is coming to the awareness of being whole.  I like to think of New Years as a time to reflect and release, keeping what is good close to the heart, allowing you to keep a strong focus which gives you the strength to continue.  As you live a life which is constantly changing and is full of challenges, self acceptance going deep within your heart, and being with the hearth of your heart can fulfill you.

Sit in your own stillness and connect with your presence to give you a feeling of peace. Glance upon the barrenness of a tree while you sit in traffic, and use it to give you a special relationship with nature. By allowing time to be alone and bonding with nature is your opportunity for relaxing and centering yourself. Just coming to the appreciation of being alive, noticing the weather or the beauty in a child, gives stillness and has a direct affect on your heart, including lowering your blood pressure. These special moments, if time is taken for them; can give good feelings inside and reflect positively on your health.

YogaTreeStart your day in the present moment, and as you enter the shower; imagine the water being that perfect waterfall cleansing our bodies to newness. Let release come into the miracle that you have become.  You have connected with your spirit through the symbolism of purification.

Let this New Year be the doorway to a different perspective, using the timeslots of life to renew body and mind.  Awaken to your true self by experiencing nature, finding beauty in the miracle of your body and mind.  Reflect what path life has been, connect with your presence and become an uplifted spirit.  Find a thread in life and weave it into to be moments of joy in life.  Then let your miracle be complete as that belief is felt deeply within the heart.  This deep connection enriches your soul.  Your spirit is free, it has no time, no past, and no future; being present with Spirit is the perfect perfection.

Denise Montoya has over 1000 hours of training and over four years experience teaching yoga, breathing, and meditation techniques.  Let yoga be an avenue for your inner calmness, peace and tranquility. Yoga can offer many benefits for your body and mind.  It regulates our heart rate and increases oxygen up take. It can increase your energy, improve digestion, and reduce stress.  OMYoga, LLC. 303-507-3388.



by Bruce Johnson

sleepingbabyWe feel refreshed after sleep for two reasons. The first and primary reason is that we draw in needed pranic vitality while sleeping. The second is that the physical body rests and rebuilds itself during sleep. While we are awake, our thoughts, emotions, and actions all utilize and drain physical energy. We replenish this energy during sleep when we leave our dense physical body resting on the bed, and move around in our astral bodies. Psychical Research would describe this process as unconscious and unwilled astral projection.

Individuals are conscious to different degrees in this astral body, which is always connected to the physical body with a magnetic thread of energy, sometimes called the silver cord. When the astral body is outside the confines of the physical body, it is able to accumulate large amounts of astral prana, which it directs to the etheric body. The etheric body, which is a subtle duplicate of the dense physical body, converts this astral prana into a form that can be absorbed by the solid physical body. This prana rebuilds physical tissue and revitalizes our brains and bodies during sleep. Pranic life-force is absolutely vital to the continued existence of our physical body.

sleepingpuppyMany people have no memory of these astral experiences upon awakening. Some individuals do remember parts of their astral plane lives with lucid recall. Many people have partially recalled symbolic interpretations of their astral experiences. These are frequently blended with normal dreams that are taking place within the physical brain.

The Astral Body by A. E. Powell

The Astral Body by A. E. Powell

We can do many things on the astral plane while out of our bodies, if we desire to. We can meet and talk with friends, whether they are incarnate or discarnate. We can give or listen to lectures from different parts of the world. Distance is not a problem, as astral travel is so fast that one could encircle the earth in a few minutes. One can pour comfort and strength into a person needing help. An astral helper can send peace and calm to a distraught or worried friend, whether they have a physical body or not. There are many ways to direct positive energies to others on this inner plane of life.

The Astral Body, by A.E. Powell, is an excellent book about the astral body and astral plane. The next time you camp in the Roosevelt National Forest, you may want to try sleeping with your head pointing to magnetic north.

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.


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