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AUTHOR VISIT & BOOK SIGNING with Susan Dintino, author of Songs Of My Life – Slightly Out Of Tune








by Marci McCaffery

Astrologer Marci McCaffery

There are many changes occurring at this time within people and without.The energies affecting the Earth increase in their intensity as the Earth prepares to alter its vibrational resonance. This sudden alteration of the earth’s energy field is causing a great deal of physical challenges and imbalances within the body.  –  A message from Archangel ArielTo better adapt to these changes, we are reminded to make ourselves our number-one priority, giving conscious care to our body, mind and spirit each day. We can adjust to these waves of intensity by deepening our meditation and breathwork practices. Body movement through yoga, tai chi, dance, exercise, and qigong are also helpful. Vibrational and emotional release therapies are also highly recommended. The objective is to find a regime that works best, to reduce stress levels and maintain heart-centered connection.

As the transiting Sun moves into to the industrious, self-disciplined earth sign of Virgo, our awareness turns to health, work and finding meaningful ways to be productive through humble service.

The Virgo New Moon conjoins with Mercury, the natural ruler of Virgo. On September 20th it forms an exact t-square with Uranus and Pluto. (at 7 degrees Libra, Aries and Capricorn.) indicating that non-traditional, intuitive ways of thinking may be the best approach.  The Sabian symbol for this New Moon at 24 degrees Virgo encourages us to nurture and watch over each other. Use this time to attend to details, get organized and make improvements accordingly.

Pluto, the most powerful planet of transformation, ends its six month retrograde phase and starts to move forward on the 17th.  Its energies are intensified, as it reveals our next steps forward.  Any major transitions that have been on hold since last April, slowly begin to progress.  The ongoing Uranus/Pluto square forms the second of seven exact squares on the September 19th.  This configuration once again causes major upsets to the status quo. Evolutionary change is its mission. We are advised to choose love instead of fear. Remember to stay calm and breatheeeeee!!

Virgo by Josephine Wall

The Fall Equinox, on the 22nd represents time when day and night are equal, reminding us of the need for a dramatic re-balance in our world of extremes and between the masculine and feminine energies. (the Sun and the Moon).The Aries Full Moon aligns within a degree of an extremely powerful convergence with the Uranus/Pluto conflict on September 29-30th. Our energies are directed towards personal challenge. All aspects of our consciousness that we hold in separation from the concept of “Oneness”  must be balanced. The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon reminds us that as we venture into new territory, we are guided and supported by invisible forces.               

The goal for this month is to use these strong energetic forces and increased perceptions, to flow with change, as we allow others to do the same. This will be a time to clear out old remnants of anything that holds us back, such as limiting beliefs, past memories, persons, or things.  There are no quick fixes, we must do the work. We are advised to love with detachment, by understanding that detachment does not mean disconnection.  All issues that block our light are resurfacing now for release. We are shifting to a higher vibration of conscious awakenings and truth.

© Star Direction 2012

Marcia McCaffery is an NCGR certified astrological counselor specializing in life purpose, career and relationship readings. She is also a Reiki master teacher, a spiritual advisor, an author and an accredited Conscious Change coach with a private practice in the Denver area. She has a lifelong involvement with meditation, spiritual studies and the healing arts. She is a featured astrological consultant at Shining Lotus™ Metaphysical Bookstore. To learn how these changes impact you personally, contact Marci at

For free, valuable resources visit her web site at



with Joan Ranquet

Wednesday, September 26, 2012    7 – 9pm    $20.

This introduction to how much we are all energy and how that affects our household and barns can be quite revealing. Joan will demonstrate some basic techniques one can use to raise the frequency of the household or barn to maintain harmony and balance.

Joan Ranquet, animal communicator and author of “Communication With All Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator” is the founder of Communication With All Life University. Through private sessions, workshops, teleseminars and speaking events, Joan facilitates a deepening of the human/animal connection. Joan was chosen by MSN as one of the “Top 25 People Who Do What They Love”. Her newest book, “Energy Healing for Animals, Techniques to Enhance the Health, Longevity & Happiness of the Animals We Love” will be published in 2013 by Sounds True.

She has been a featured speaker at the Denver Horse Expo in March of 2010 and 2002. She was also a featured speaker at the Equine Affair in Jacksonville Florida in 2004 and The Greeley Farm Show in Colorado in 2002. Joan has also made her way across the country speaking and teaching in various New Age, Metaphysical and other bookstores, as well as pet stores, doggy daycares and horse events.



with Susan Dintino, author of SONGS OF MY LIFE – Slightly Out Of Tune

Friday, September 14, 2012. 7 – 9pm. $5 admission, $5 off purchase of Susan’s book.

Bouyed by a resilient nature and a strong sense of humor, Susan Dintino is a motivational coach and meditation expert who shows women how to live stress-free and find joy in the people, places, and events the experience every day. In her engaging new book, SONGS OF MY LIFE…SLIGHTLY OUT OF TUNE, Dintino shares stories of her life – enabling others to laugh at their own struggles and find new hope for getting through the tough moments, while enjoying the rest.

Through a more than forty-year marriage, raising three daughters (including one she describes as a “free spirit”), a lifelong struggle with her weight (“I’ve been up and down the numbers on my bathroom scale so many times that I think I’ve lost and regained a small country”), and a contentious relationship with her own parents, Dintino is someone who has learned to meet life’s challenges head on. Women of all ages will recognize themselves in the pages of SONGS OF MY LIFE. They will nod in understanding, wince, laugh, and occasionally fight back tears as they read Dintino’s insightful take on marriage, parenting, health scares, aging, body image, and personal responsibility.

“I love to make people laugh and feel that this is a powerful tool to lift people’s spirits regardless of the challenges in their lives,” explains Dintino. She describes how she planned and survived a mobile home journey to Disney World with husband and kids in tow; overcame her fear of chaperoning a once-in-a-lifetime European school trip; attended a rock concert alone when her husband refused to go – and loved the experience; got past her resentment of her parents and her deep-seated need to constantly please her mother; dealt with her own health problems; and suffered through the death of her beloved brother.

Among the many insights packed within SONGS OF MY LIFE, are comments like these:

On body image: “I was a master at avoiding photos at all costs, at all functions, even feigning a weak bladder or pink eye. After one particularly grueling day spent avoiding the dreaded photographer at a cousin’s wedding, where I almost fell into the cake trying to escape, I knew this had to stop.”

On overcoming anxiety: “I should be doing this…I should be doing that…Well, I should never have been ‘shoulding’ on myself because my enjoyment of the moment threatens to disappear as quickly as my husband does when I ask for his credit card.”

On aging: “Now that I’m ‘that age,” I find my doctor’s visits are full of perils. It’s interesting that no one ever really defines what ‘that age’ means. My analysis is that you’re at a point where you’re beginning to fall apart piece by piece.”

On family vacations: “I found out that no matter what the brochure says, five people can’t fit into one cabin (on board a ship) unless it’s the size of an apartment. I also learned that a family of five in close quarters can behave much like the contestants on the show Survivor. And no, you can’t eat your young.”

On self-appreciation: “I do like the company of others, but it’s a wonderful thing when you can truly enjoy your own company.”

A woman who rides a bright pink Vespa scooter, sends flowers to herself as a sign of self-love, has raised three wonderful daughters, and learned the secrets of longevity in marriage, Dintino shares her personal “aha” moments throughout SONGS OF MY LIFE. In the final chapter of the book, she focuses on the ways she has found to take little respites from life that give her a boost when she needs it most. “I actually schedule ‘me time’ into my iPhone,” she explains. Among some of her favorite things for turning a day “from lousy to lovely” are enjoying a steamy hot beverage; soaking in a hot tub; taking a slow, mindful stroll; dancing; and practicing the meditation technique she has developed, InPowering Meditation™. “What you read will, I hope, fill you with joy and inspire moments of reflection. And it’s my desire that you find aha moments that make you want to sing out loud,” writes Dintino. Readers in all stages of life will see themselves reflected in the pages of SONGS OF MY LIFE, and will treasure the smiles and insights Dintino’s stories create.

Susan Dintino is an author, a motivational speaker, and a radio show host who embraces the opportunity to reach out to a multitude of people in a way that blends humor with the life lessons she’s learned along the way. As the host of the highly rated weekly radio show Susan Dintino Live, she gets to the heart of the matter with her special brand of humor. Dintino is the author of the children’s book, A Year of Me, and recently trademarked a new technique: InPowering Meditation™, which combines automatic writing, affirmation creation, and guided meditation to promote peace and serenity. She is also the creator of the healing meditation CD, Butterfly Blessings. Susan divides her time between Sanibel Island, Florida and Buffalo, New York.



by Joy Vernon

SHIP-from the French Cartomancy deck

Sunday, September 9, 2012. 2 – 3pm, FREE PRESENTATION.

LENORMAND CARTOMANCY: The Drawing Room Oracle with Joy Vernon. Throughout the nineteenth century, if one were to wander into the ladies sitting-room after dinner, it would not be surprising to find the occupants playing a game of forfeits with a deck of illuminated cards, perhaps even going so far as to tell each other’s fortunes based on the progression of the play. What was this entertaining game of oracles and how has it developed into the newest rage for divination and card-collecting? Discover the colorful history of the 36-card oracle deck called Le Petit Jeu de Mademoiselle Lenormand, the shocking story of the French sibyl it was named after, and why these simple cards are considered more accurate than tarot for predictive readings. Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Robespierre at the fortune teller Lenormand

Monday, October 1, 2012. 7 – 9pm. $25.

INTRODUCTION TO LENORMAND CARTOMANCY with Joy Vernon. The petit Lenormand oracle is a 36-card deck that developed in the nineteenth century as a game and a fortune-telling tool. Lenormand cards each contain a single, simple symbol, not the complex layered symbols of tarot. Many readers consider them to be less psychological and more straight-forward than tarot in the way they answer questions. This class will start with a brief overview of the history of Mademoiselle Lenormand and the cards which were named after her, and then we’ll learn some basic techniques for working with this interesting and historical cartomantic system. Bring your own Lenormand deck, borrow one of mine, or buy one at the store. Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Portrait of Mlle. Lenormand by J. Champagne

“Wow, how fun. The Lenormand system is a lot to learn and Joy made it seem very easy.” – Sherry P.

Joy Vernon suddenly became enamored of the Lenormand oracle in April of this year, and proceeded to buy fourteen Lenormand decks before bothering to learn how to read them. Her diligence in research and her intuitive understanding of divination systems combined with her optimistic confidence in all new endeavors had her instructing others in the system within a few months. Joy has been teaching energetic and esoteric modalities for over twenty years. She is one of the Psychics of Isis and teaches Tarot, Astrology, Qabalah and Traditional Japanese Reiki. Find her on the web at or on Facebook at  Joy Vernon’s Facebook page.



by Bruce Johnson

Roger Bacon

Nearly 300 years before Nostradamus, a visionary genius named Roger Bacon was born in England. As a gifted seer, Roger Bacon made astounding prophecies scrying with an “enchanted mirror” called Almuchefi. In contrast to the obscure quatrains of Nostradamus with their multiple interpretations, Bacon’s prophecies were much clearer, and at times foretold specific inventions.

Born in 1214, Roger Bacon, who some believe was the adept Count St. Germain, has an impressive list of credentials. A young Bacon studied theology, science, philosophy, and languages at Oxford University, and later mathematics and medicine in Paris. Almost the only astronomer of his time, he calculated the positions and sizes of the heavenly bodies and in 1267 rectified the inaccurate Julian calendar in regard to the solar year.

Roger Bacon is called the Father of Experimental Science, and is credited with the invention of gunpowder, which he learned about from the Chinese. His many abilities included those of mystic, occultist, astrologer, alchemist, physicist, and prophet. Bacon’s prophecies anticipated the following inventions:

  1. sea-going ships that moved at great speeds controlled by one person
  2. machine driven automobiles
  3. airplanes and air travel
  4. hot air balloon
  5. elevator
  6. steam propelled engine
  7. hydraulic press
  8. diving bell
  9. suspension bridge
  10. construction crane
  11. eyeglasses
  12. microscope
  13. telescope
  14. submarine
  15. anti-gravity technology

Michel Nostradamus

The quatrains crediting Nostradamus with foretelling space travel, lasers, and atomic power are far from conclusive when studied objectively.

In recent years, some television channels have aired programs that have erroneously attempted, like various authors, to link Nostradamus prophecies, and The Lost Book of Nostradamus, to the year 2012. I was disappointed to see on one of these programs what appeared to be the promoting of biased interpretations of Nostradamus quatrains to prop up a connection with the Mayan prophecies of 2012. The interpretations given of the esoteric symbols in The Lost book of Nostradamus on this program also seemed slanted and inaccurate from an occult view point. Even allowing for the fact that Nostradamus used the date 325 A.D. as year 1, I can find no reference in his prophecies that clearly mention or indicate the year 2012 in any way, although by some delineations he predicts the end of the world in the year 7000.

The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus -by Henry C. Roberts is a good source to check out Nostradamus’s quatrains for yourself. You can usually find a used copy in the fantastic used book room at the Shining Lotus in Denver.

© Bruce Johnson 2012

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.



with Karen Korona

Karen Korona

Monday September 11, 2012. 7 – 9pm. $20.
Learn Kundalini techniques to awaken Divine consciousness, alchemize negative patterns and open your heart. Karen Korona, M.S., internationally known Master healer, spiritual teacher and yogini will guide you through Kundalini meditation, pranayama (breathing), mantra, and mudra to balance the chakras, organs and endocrine system, and to bring peace to your mind. Experience an inner journey to expand your consciousness! Beginning through advanced students welcome.Karen Korona provides Kundalini yoga and meditation, healing treatments, and spiritual guidance internationally and locally through private sessions, workshops and retreats. She has studied with Master yogis and teachers from around the world. Her healing presence and spiritual teachings have transformed the lives of women, men and children for over 28 years. For more information about Karen’s classes, video website programs and retreats, please visit:



by Jody Schmidt

This easy-to-use deck of 35 inspirational cards serves as a wonderful tool in providing personal transformation and insights into the secrets of living an inspired existence. Influenced by our canine companions, principles such as thriving naturally as social creatures, loving unconditionally, prevailing in the present, and playing with boundless zest, remind us all how to live better and welcome into our lives the true gifts the universe offers.  Awaken your love for life with these inspirational cards designed to guide you toward living a more fulfilled life. What a better world it would be if we all consciously followed our dog’s lead!

Transform your life into an adventure filled with love and personal change – opening your heart for more compassion, forgiveness, appreciation and meaningful experiences. Unconditional Love transformational cards can help you realize your life is a precious gift, to be experienced in the present and shared with others. Use this deck as a guide and a way to foster support while inviting curiosity, play and wonderment into your life. Allow these cards to accompany you on your journey through life as your own personal coach and inner cheerleader. Your options on how, and when, to use them are as endless as your potential. These cards are inspired by observing our canine companions, gentle teachers living the true meaning of Unconditional Love.

How to Use this Deck – Shuffle the deck and turn it over so all you see are the back sides. You can select one card a day, or one a week, and consciously infuse the message into your life. Or, hold a thought or situation in your mind and pull a card randomly, and then ask your heart to provide clarity of its meaning. You could also arbitrarily pull three cards; the first represents the past, the second is the present and the third is the near future, and contemplate how the cards you chose integrate into your life. Another option is to divide the deck into three mini-decks, all with the same corresponding symbol. Unique only to the Unconditional Love transformational cards, are three symbols that resemble dog collar tags. Each card has one of these three symbols on it: a star, heart or circle, all of which serve as action items to enhance your experience with each card. If you feel you want to target one of these three key areas in your life (Play, Love, Grow), just select from these cards and set the others aside.

Accompanying Journal – Each Unconditional Love transformation card deck comes with a 50-page notepad. This adorable journal is a special place to capture authentic moments of awareness, inspiration and transformation. Record your observations, experiences and results to track your journey.

About the Author – Jody Schmidt holds a BA in Speech Communication and a minor in Psychology. Her experience blends 20 years in the corporate sector working with Fortune 500 firms, midsize growth organizations as well as start-up companies with her talents immersed in sales, recruiting, training, and Talent Acquisition Management. She is also certified as a Reiki Master and has extensively studied many other modalities including Healing Touch for Animals and The Reconnection. With an unwavering desire to seek greater understanding of human potential, living a more holistic life style, and honoring our bond with animials, Jody has spent the past 12 years immersed in exploring spirituality, expanded consciousness, personal awareness, self development and transformation, all the while still actively working in the corporate realm. She is compassionate about sharing her insights and teaching others about their own untapped potential and abilities just waiting to be awakened. To honor her passions divinely woven with a blend between corporate, alternative, and genuine love for animals, Jody created the Unconditional Love cards as a fun and uplifting tool for others.



 by Sheryl Watson 

Kuthumi – Ascended Master

The One Who is called Kuthumi (pronounced Koot Hoomi) is a Member of that Group of Beings Who oversee and guide the evolutionary development of Humankind on Planet Earth. They are, of course, non-physical Foci of Consciousness and are variously called The Elders of The Race, The Spiritual Hierarchy, and The Great White Brotherhood.Kuthumi is one of The Seven Chohans or Lords of The Seven Rays, which are Major Aspects and Attributes of The Creative Force for this Universe. In that role and responsibility, They transmute from a Higher Level through their Consciousness one of those particular Aspects for the benefit and progress of the sentient life on this planet. Kuthumi is The Chohan of The Second Ray, which is called Love/Wisdom and oversees the activity and global projects of The Second Ray Brotherhood Who work with this energy to promote the spiritual advancement of a laggard Human Race.Kuthumi is also known as The World Teacher, having moved into that Position when the previous World Teacher (Maitreya) took a Higher Initiation within The Spiritual Hierarchy in fairly recent times. Kuthumi was the closest Disciple of Maitreya for a very long time. The Position of World Teacher is also called The Office of The Christ Consciousness in the “occult” literature.

The last incarnate lifetime of the current World Teacher was as Kuthumi Lal Singh, and Indian Kashmiri Prince of the 19th Century. Toward the end of that lifetime, He took The Fifth Initiation which is called The Ascension, and he became an Ascended Master of Wisdom in The Spiritual Hierarchy and chose to remain with the evolutionary scheme of Planet Earth (out of compassion) rather than moving on to other more extensive systems of evolution and experience.The following are a few of the more memorable lifetimes of The One called Kuthumi within the past few millennia:  Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III (Menkheperre Reign: 1479-1425 bce)  Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II (Usermaatresetepenre Reign: 1279-1213 bce)  Pythagoras, the great Greek Initiate  Balthazar, one of the 3 Zoroastrian Magi  St. John the Beloved, the one closest to Master Jesus  St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226 ad)  St. Martin de Porres (Lima, Peru 1579-1639 ad)  Shah Jahan, builder of The Taj Mahal in India   In the New Golden Age upon Earth, Kuthumi will physically manifest and walk amongst Humankind as an Avatar of The Christ Consciousness and The Lord of Compassion, and He will anchor the virtue of compassion in The Collective Consciousness to remain for all time.

© Sheryl Watson 2012

Sheryl Watson is a Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant and Channel. She has over 25 years experience in metaphysics and has channeled for many years in the Denver area. Her channel is held at the Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore on the 2nd Monday of each month.



La Vie De La Rose Flower Essences are dedicated to supporting the transformation of human consciousness through inner development. We offer innovative products created to meet the current and future spiritual challenges of humanity and to support the self-healing required for spiritual maturation. Dr. Natalia M Schotte, founder & President of La Vie De La Rose, personally chooses the specific flowers holding the requisite patterns of consciousness to meet these spiritual challenges and healing requirements.

Flower essences are natural healing agents that work in the subtle energy system of the human body to create change. These changes in the subtle energy system are reflected in a person’s consciousness and life. Some flower essences are created to assist in physical healing, others to balance the mind and emotions.

La Vie De La Rose Ascension Oracle Cards and Book $44.00

The flower essences are taken orally (on or under the tongue) with the exception of a forehead application for infants and optional water infusion for young children. For our 1/8 and 1/2 oz. bottles, take one drop daily for general support; one drop up to three times daily to support resolution of specific challenges; and one dropperful (10-12 drops) for support during times of ‘crises’. For the 2 oz. bottles, take one dropperful (10-12 drops) daily for general support and one dropperful (10-12 drops) up to three times daily for support during times of challenge or ‘crises’.

In order to maintain the purity of this product, please avoid touching the dropper to anything (e.g. tongue, hand, etc.). In the event the dropper is contaminated, please rinse in running water before returning it to the bottle.

There are 30 individual La Vie de la Rose flower essences, each activating a unique pattern of higher consciousness, and 9 flower essence sets, each offering an integrated approach to specific aspects of Accelerated Spiritual Growth®. To determine which individual flower essences or sets are most appropriate for you, use your intuition supported by the names of the flower essences, their purpose statements and the corresponding photos – available in La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences: Your Personal Guide, the box cards from our flower essence sets, the abbreviated statements in our brochure and on this website. Because these flower essences are created to assist us all in opening to a new consciousness that will unfold over an extended period of time, all the flower essences are of assistance. Any choice you make is correct for you at this time.

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