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July 2012

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by Bruce Johnson

The same power Jesus used to raise the dead was used in a lesser way by the ancients to magnetize religious gems and stone idols. The Chaldean, Egyptian, Greek, and Jewish priesthoods all communed with their gods through vitalized statues called teraphim. The willed direction of occult forces resulted in carved figures that could be imbued with life, intelligence, the ability to speak, and even mobility.

Teraphim varied from miniature, through human- sized and larger. Each god had his instrument of revelation to speak through. The life-size statue of Serapis in the Egyptian temples, the Chaldean idol of the moon, and the stone oracles of Jehovah, all facilitated communication from divine beings to humans. Teraphim could be oracles for angels or demons depending on the goodness or evil of their fashioners. It is well documented in history that Pope Sylvester the 2nd was the owner of an “oracular head”.

Positive teraphim were used as holy instruments of divine revelation, prophecy, divination, and judgment in ancient priesthoods. Astrological positions of the signs and planets were important factors in the creation of teraphim. Teraphim sympathetic to different planets made it possible for the angel or intelligence of that planet to converse through its respective oracle.

The original breastplate of Aaron emitted a visible light that not only indicated God’s presence, but was an oracle of victory in battle, and a communicator of divine judgment. Questions would be answered and verdicts rendered by the increase or decrease of light emanating from the breastplate. The High Priest had other breastplates he wore on special religious occasions. One of these contained a single white stone called the “Stone of Judgment”, which was worn over the heart. This stone varied in brightness and turned colors to silently voice God’s will toward the individual being judged.

The Urim and Thummin also radiated a perceivable light, and were used in combination as instruments of divination by the High Priest. They could also change in brightness, and were said to utter oracles with a physical voice at times. The Secret Doctrine 3 further explores teraphim.

The positive crystal skulls linked to the Atlantean’s and Mayans are modern day oracles to some seekers. The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas, reviews these crystal teraphim.

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.




by Marci McCaffery

Astrologer Marci McCaffery

CANCER the Crab
June 22 – July 23
Key Phrase: “I FEEL”

The mood shifts from intellectual to instinctual as the transiting Sun moves out of Gemini into the sensitive waters of Cancer. Cancer’s tenacious, nurturing, intuitive qualities respond to life through feelings. Cancer innately rides the highs and lows of the emotional pulse, just like the waves of the ocean. In this society we are taught to dismiss our feelings and choose logic over intuition, and head over heart. However, the more we are in tune with our own emotional rhythms, the more we can flow through these accelerated times of unpredictable change. Where are you emotionally right now? Are you operating from fear or love?

July is a super-charged month, filled with planetary tensions. The transiting Sun directly opposes Pluto in Capricorn and squares Uranus in Aries, signifying projections, conflicts and turning points. This is the first of seven exact squares, beginning on June 29 at 8 degrees Aries/ Capricorn. What on earth does all of this mean? Pluto exposes all that has been hidden or denied, forcing us to face our shadow selves and own our power. Uranus uproots all that keeps us stuck, giving way to confusion, upheavals, break downs and breakthroughs. The thrust is for individualized self-expression and personal freedom. We are advised to stay in the present moment, moment by moment and follow our intuitive guidance.

Cancer by Josephine Wall

Two planets turn retrograde this month; Uranus, the disruptive planet of sudden and erratic change, (July 13 to December 13) and communication oriented Mercury (July 14 to August 7.) Retrogrades always slow down and deepen our ability to process planetary influences on an internalized basis. The end result reflects innovation, originality, and necessary transformations and reforms. Mercury’s backward journey through the sign of Leo, presents the potential for unforeseen misunderstandings and misplaced dramas. Is that Ego speaking or Essence? Choose your words wisely and infuse creativity and courage into the mix. Those with Leo Sun signs may experience the strongest effects of this impact. The stage is set for powerful awakenings in our social conscious. As with all Mercury retrogrades, this is not a time to sign contracts or initiate new projects.

Mars, the planetary god of war, makes an uneasy sign change from Virgo to Libra for the next couple of weeks. Our ability to initiate action is problematic, since Mars is not in well placed in Libra. The warrior planet joins its fellow activators, Uranus and Pluto, in an intensely combustible configuration by mid July. This is a pressure cooker that has been building for months. The energy pattern is frenetic, violent, jolting and chaotic. The keyword is irrevocable change. Volatile weather patterns and increasing unrest in our global economy, politics and government reach a state of extremes. This marks a time period of considerable endings and inevitable new beginnings, as an old order passes.

The Full Moon at 12 degrees Capricorn on July 3 presents yet another energetic shift, forcing us to look at all that is demanding change in our lives. The New Moon on July 18 at 26 degrees Cancer highlights the need to stay present with our emotions, rather than repress them. Our minds, emotions and spiritual strength will be challenged. Meditation, self-care, yoga, massage/energy work, prayer, being out in nature and taking Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower Essence) help to reduce the intensity of these planetary influences. Remember to breathe deeply and maintain a constant vision of possibility and renewed purpose!

Marcia McCaffery is an NCGR certified astrological counselor specializing in life purpose, career and relationship readings. She is also a Reiki master teacher, a spiritual advisor, an author and an accredited Conscious Change coach with a private practice in the Denver area. She has a lifelong involvement with meditation, spiritual studies and the healing arts. She is a featured astrological consultant at Shining Lotus™ Metaphysical Bookstore. To learn how these changes impact you personally, contact Marci at

For free, valuable resources visit her web site at



by Norma Mitchell


Monday, July 16, 2012. 7 – 9pm. $20.

We all make hundreds of choices every day. They are as varied as our choosing what to think to the time to get up, what to wear, to eat, to do on a moment by moment basis.

One of the advantages of having choice is more than just what we want the end result to be, it is the process of getting to that end result which also involves our emotions. Each of us have the right to experience a wonderful sense of enjoyment rather than the varied emotions of unhappiness. Each of us have to decide what we want to do about those emotions.

Do you have the sense of doing what you really want to do, or are you going through the motions of doing what you have to do, without that sense of satisfaction of enjoying your choices?

Many of us feel powerless to do what we really want to do with our lives, therefore, we often experience anger, frustration, resentment and a sense of failure. Even fear at making choices that disappoint or upset others around us.

How we allow ourselves to make our choices have much to do with our emotions surrounding those choices. We can all learn to experience life in a different way through choices.

This two hour group session with Norma Mitchell will allow you to examine how and why we make our choices, and what we can do to make healthier ones. We will examine the process of making a choice, see more clearly how to look at the consequences, share ideas, and have a guided meditation to help us stimulate our intuition in making such choices.

Norma Mitchell. As a spiritual counselor, medical intuitive, business consultant, medium, teacher and hypno-therapist with 30 years experience “Helping People Help Themselves”, Norma has appeared on television, radio talk shows and in newspaper articles. Norma’s experience is varied from individual sessions in person, phone and mail; teaching classes such as “Opening to Your Full Potential” and “Use Intuition to Increase Your Business”; helping people resolve addictions, enhance performance, alter life patterns and outdated beliefs through hypno-therapy and relaxation techniques; business consulting to troubleshoot, act as liaison between management and support personnel, screen applicants for hiring and personnel for promotions; speaker for business and social groups; and has been a guest counselor for a therapist’s talk show. She has been working with clients at the Shining Lotus™ since 2008. She provides Intuitive readings every Monday from 12pm to 5pm and also works from 12pm to 5pm on the second Saturday of every month.



with Karen Korona

Karen Korona

ANTI-AGING with Karen Korona.

Sunday, July 22, 2012. 2 – 3pm. FREE PRESENTATION.

Karen Korona, M.S. Holistic Health Practitioner, will present a class on how Healthy Chocolate™ can enhance healing, prevent disease, improve immunity and protect the heart.  Learn how unprocessed cacao, the number one antioxidant on the planet can reverse aging, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and is scientifically backed up by independent studies. Sample delicious dark and milk chocolate and discover your biological age and how you can begin to reverse your aging!  Restore, replenish and revitalize your body – one cell at a time!



Learn to Offer the Blessing of Light

Sunday, July 8, 2-3pm

Sai Maa

Free Presentation
Join the Life Divine Teachers for a training in how to offer Sai Maa Dikhsa, a powerful blessing of light that initiates the process of enlightenment. This technique, created by Her Holiness Sai Maa, a spiritual luminary and master of transformation, is a physical transference of divine energy directly into the mid-brain, where our densest patterns and memories are held. In this practical and uplifting training you will receive the knowledge and energy initiation to be able to offer this blessing to anyone!
Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Life Divine programs are founded on the Grace and Teachings of H.H. Sai Maa, a spiritual luminary and master of transformation, and are led by the Light Master Teachers who have been trained and empowered by Sai Maa. Learn more about Sai Maa at



JULY 1 through JULY 20

Every month, we receive CD samples from our music distributors. We are offering these sample compact discs to our customers.

July 1 through July 20, we hope you will choose a CD from our selection of demo samples when you donate $5 to the Denver Hospice.

The Denver Hospice has been the region’s leading hospice since 1978. The Denver Hospice empowers caregivers by providing an unsurpassed and complete set of resources designed to educate, to comfort, and above all, to provide understanding.



with Marcia McCaffery

Live Life JoyfullySunday, July 15, 2012.  2 – 3pm.   FREE PRESENTATION.

Do  you feel like:
You are being called to become something more powerful than you have been?
To expand your true expression, authentically out into the world?

Astrologer Marci McCaffery

Most people live their whole lives playing small,” If this describes you, you’re not at all alone.
Are you ready to learn a new way of being, to clear the obstacles that block your expansion?
This Free one hour talk is for anyone seeking to grow beyond limitation to discover their truth passion and purpose for being on the planet at this time.  Learn the keys for navigating these new energies, to manifest a more fulfilling, happier way of being.
Please join Marci at the Shining Lotus Bookstore on Sunday July 15th for this lively discussion.

Marcia McCaffery is an NCGR certified astrological counselor specializing in life purpose, career and relationship readings. She is also a Reiki master teacher, a spiritual advisor, an author and an accredited Conscious Change coach with a private practice in the Denver area. She has a lifelong involvement with meditation, spiritual studies and the healing arts. She is a featured astrological consultant at Shining Lotus™ Metaphysical Bookstore. For free, valuable resources visit her web site at



Our New Wednesday Reader

Kelly Whetstone- Energy Healer, Clairvoyant, Intuitive

Kelly Whetstone is a Certified Professional Clairvoyant Reader, Energy Healer and Teacher. She received her certifications from the Inner Connection Institute in Denver, CO. She is a certified Light Resonance Healing Practitioner®, Angel Therapy Practitioner® and an ordained minister.  She has studied many areas of metaphysics for over 25 years.  She is an avid student of New Thought.

Kelly is available for Energy Healing, Clairvoyance or Intuitive Reading appointments in person at the Shining Lotus™ Metaphysical Bookstore on Wednesdays from 10am to 6pm. The charge for those appointments are $40 per one half hour or $80 per hour. She is also providing the same services on the 4th Saturday of each month from 12 noon to 6pm.
Please call 303-758-9113 to schedule an appointment.




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Flavors: Dreamsicle, Sunripened, Spearmint, Skinny Dip




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Salt LampA Himalayan Salt Lamp would be a perfect addition to your home or office. Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are made from chunks of salt crystal rock that are taken from the salt mines found in underground caves in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The Himalayan salt lamp makes use of the minerals that have been preserved for millions of years, releasing their special properties through the introduction of heat from an electric bulb or from the flame of a candle. These special properties emitted from the Salt Lamp are responsible for promoting the health and wellness of individuals via ionization of the air and the eradication of pollution. The special properties of Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps consist of negatively charged ions that act on the contaminants in the air by neutralizing them and weighing them down so they can no longer circulate. When this occurs, individuals can breathe more easily and many ailments and allergies that frequently afflict them begin to diminish.


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