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February 2012

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by Marcia McCaffery

Key phrase:
Aquarius (January 20 – February 18th)

Astrologer Marci McCaffery

These are exciting times and the only constant is change. Over the past few years the frequencies/vibrations have accelerated and will continue to rise throughout this year. As we apply the Universal Laws to our daily lives, we can move through these chaotic times with grace and ease.
This month, the New Moon, at 2 degrees Aquarius occurs on January 22rd. This lunation conjoins with Neptune, accentuating a theme of profound healings, altruistic endeavors, and unity consciousness. New beginnings are underscored by our connections with one another. The Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon takes place the following day symbolizing good fortune and power for the year. Breakthroughs and new perspectives in communication, cooperation, and forward-thinking are highlighted.
A shift in our efforts to get things done is hampered, when action-oriented Mars turns retrograde for the next three months, beginning January 24th. Potential frustrations and annoyances may creep into our experiences. Save yourself! This is a time to review your actions with deliberate reconsideration, before launching ahead when Mars turns direct April 14th.
Communication oriented Mercury makes several sign changes as it moves from ambitious, hard-working Capricorn into open-minded Aquarius, January 28th. Friends, groups and organizations unite to make long-term goals and dreams seem more possible. Mercury then makes another move into the emotional waters of Pisces on February 14th, where heightened intuition and transcendent states become more accessible. This is an excellent time to tune in and record your dreams.

Josephine Wall Aquarius

Aquarius by Josephine Wall

On February 3rd, Neptune makes a significant, long-term adjustment as it re-enters its own sign in Pisces until 2026. Planets are most powerful in their own sign. Our consciousness is broadened by new discoveries into the mysteries of existence. Our perceptive natures are enhanced through visions, dreams, the imagination, creativity, music, meditation, channeling, and healing.  However, just as the light reflects the dark (the unconscious), the lower and murky side of Pisces is also expressed through confusion, deception, escapism, denial and misguided pursuits, during this period.
The high-spirited Full Moon at 18 degrees Leo, February 7th, reflects the attributes of love, leadership and generosity. The Sabian Symbol for 18 degrees Leo spotlights our ability to Shine our Light.
Saturn, the natural ruler of Capricorn, charts its retrograde journey backwards through the last degrees of Libra the following day. (Feb 8th – June 25th) Opportunities to redefine our goals and reconsider our relationships and social alliances prevail. This is further intensified by a Venus transit through self-centered Aries, where potential conflicts regarding “your needs” VS “my needs” can emerge. Venus is an inclusive, relationship-oriented planet and its challenging placement in combative Aries (Feb. 8th -Mar 4th) is challenging. Hang in there, for further clarity.
Marcia McCaffery is an NCGR certified astrological counselor specializing in life purpose, career and relationship readings. She is also a Reiki master teacher, a spiritual advisor, and an accredited Conscious Change coach with a private practice in the Denver area. To learn how these changes impact you personally, contact Marci at  For free, valuable resources visit her web site at




by Bruce Johnson

Genesis 6:4 affirms the presence of giants or Nephilion on Earth prior to the great flood and afterwards. The Ancient Wisdom teaches that the present human race has evolved from earlier races of colossal beings, including the Lemurians and the Atlanteans. The historical existence of these ancient behemoths and their descendants is the basis for the universal giant myths and legends in the history of the world.

The physical body of the human races has steadily declined in size, and become more concrete and solid, in the millions of years since the Lemurian race walked the Earth. The bodies of adult Lemurians averaged around 60 feet tall, and were made of matter much more ethereal and tenuous than the dense physical bodies we not inhabit.

The Lemurians were followed by the smaller Atlantean races that flourished around 1 million years ago. Atlanteans were commonly 15 to 30 feet and taller in height, with physical bodies more compact and tangible than the fire-mist Lemurian body. Ancient history records the battles between the Atlantean giants of good and the evil sorcerer giants, which the giants of good won by the narrowest of margins. The majority of the gigantic Atlantean race was buried beneath the ocean thousands of years ago with the final sinking of Poseidon. Some Atlanteans survived the flood, with the positive giants becoming teachers to our present fifth human race.

The Veda’s of India refer to prehistoric battles between giants of light and darkness. The legends of Central America describe a race of giants called the Quinanes, who are said to have built the great pyramid of Cholula. The Norse fire giant Thor slew the evil leader of the frost giants Thrymer with is magical hammer made by dwarfs. The giants of ancient Greece ranged from 12 to over 30 feet tall, and included the gods of Mount Olympus, Atlas and the Titans, and positive and negative Cyclops.

The Gibborim, or giants of the Bible include the ten foot six inch Philistine giant Goliath killed by Daved, and king Og, who stood over thirteen feet tall, and was defeated in battle by Moses. God as the Creator is often represented in many ancient and modern religions as an immense man larger than our solar system, corresponding to a being known as a Solar Logos.

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.




by Karen Korona

Saturday, February 11, 2012. 2pm – 3pm. FREE PRESENTATION.

Karen Korona

Learn Kundalini techniques to awaken Divine consciousness, alchemize negative patterns and open your heart. Karen Korona, M.S., internationally known Master healer, spiritual teacher and yogini will guide you through Kundalini meditation, pranayama (breathing), mantra, and mudra to balance the chakras, organs and endocrine system, and to bring peace to your mind. Experience an inner journey to expand your consciousness! Beginning through advanced students welcome.

Karen Korona provides Kundalini yoga and meditation, healing treatments, and spiritual guidance internationally and locally through private sessions, workshops and retreats. She has studied with Master yogis and teachers from around the world. Her healing presence and spiritual teachings have transformed the lives of women, men and children for over 28 years. For more information about Karen’s classes, video website programs and retreats, please visit:




by Kristy Sands

Sunday, February 12, 2012. 2pm – 3 pm. FREE PRESENTATION.

Do you know you have a Guardian Angel?   Your Guardian Angel has been with you since birth just waiting to become a part of your life.  It’s time to let your Angel out!  Kristy Sands, certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Intuitive will teach you how to let your Guardian Angel into your life everyday and help you change your life.

Kristy Sands is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Intuitive.  She also holds her Masters Degree in Journalism and loves to do public speaking events on topics involving spirituality.   Kristy’s teachers include Doreen Virtue, Deb Sheppard and Dee Davis.  You can learn more about Kristy at




by Eileen Moore Koenigsberg

Saturday, February 18, 2012.  2pm – 3pm.  FREE PRESENTATION.

Eileen Moore Koenigsberg

Have you heard of ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS, but not really sure what it is?  What is getting your “Bars Run?” Are you getting in your own way?  Stressed? Are you living small?  Are you ready to step out into your grand adventure you’ve been waiting for all your life? Did you always think you should be able to do more, but things aren’t working as well as you’d like in your life? Access is a set of tools and processes thatempower you to know that you know, to come from your greater awareness and to create for YOU! Access has the questions to get you there. Come and see what all the BUZZ is about! How does it get any better than FREE?

Eileen Moore Koenigsberg, CFMW, is a published author, certified yoga instructor, Access Consciousness™ Certified Facilitator and Intuitive Healer. Eileen has an extensive background in energywork, breaking through limiting beliefs, and creating joy through increased awareness. She has a masters in Applied Metaphysics / Mysticism and is the author of Vaporizing Clouds: Exploring Mind, Body & Spirit. Eileen’s website is



SOULMATES by Richard Webster

Reviewed By:
Courtney DeWinter, Reiki Master Teacher, Delphine Healing Arts,
www.DelphineHealingArts, Denver, Colorado

Regardless of whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, it’s hard to ignore all the prompts about romantic love that occur in February, be it the cards with bright red envelopes in all the stores, the ads for chocolate, and the push to buy jewelry. Apart from the commercialism of Valentine’s Day, it’s actually good for the world (or at least the United States) to have a time of year when people’s attention is focused on love. To that end, this month’s book review covers “Soul Mates,” by Richard Webster, Llewellyn Publications. Webster is a hypnotherapist, and as a result, you’ll find the book full of references to hypnotherapy sessions and past-life regressions.

The progression of content in the book makes quite a bit of sense. The author starts by defining soul mates as a past-life connection with someone who may or may not necessarily be a romantic partner. This is a very important clarification for those working on manifesting the love of this life. He also explains reincarnation and provides a great deal of compelling information to prove that reincarnation exists. The next step in finding love connections from other lifetimes is past-life regression – and Webster spends more than 100 pages of the book specifically on past-life regressions. (So, while the book is about soul mates, it will be of interest to those exploring past-life regression, too.)

Soulmates by Richard Webster

On a practical level, Webster addresses some important aspects of being able to find your romantic partner, including the concept of getting yourself ready for this love to come into your life – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And this is one of the best points in the book. Why? Many people talk about how they really want to find their true partner, but I have found, through muscle testing sessions on these folks, that these same people often are not ready for their partner to come into their life. Further muscle testing can indicate that areas where they feel stuck or not ready, so they can work on those aspects of themselves and clear blockages to bringing in that romantic love.

Now back to this idea of past lives and past-life regression. For those interested in this approach to identifying a soul mate, or determining if your current love is a soul mate, Webster explains in great detail how to do a past-life regression on yourself, as well as highlighting many case studies of past-life regressions he has done.

Author Richard Webster

Tip for Readers: While past-life regression is a great tool for learning about your past lives, past-life regression must be approached with caution and done with someone who really knows what they’re doing. Why? If you do a past-life regression and take someone back to a lifetime where they were harmed in some way (beaten, tortured, raped, etc.), or they experienced deep trauma such as watching their loved one die, if you don’t set up parameters of how that past life will be viewed and experienced, the person experiencing the past-life regression can be re-traumatized by that past-life experience, and bring that trauma back into the present. So if you’re going to do pursue a past-life regression, make certain you work with someone who knows how to take you back WITHOUT letting you get re-traumatized by what you might find.

The final section of this book outlines other methods of finding your soul mate including “lucid dreaming,” dowsing, meditation, and more. I found his detailed description of how to use a pendulum to get answers extremely grounded, detailed, and helpful. So if you are still seeking your romantic love in this lifetime, or if you think you MAY have found your true romantic partner of this lifetime, and you want to verify it, this book provides some great information and tools that are helpful for both of these scenarios. Regardless of which one applies to you, this book provides helpful insights on finding the right romantic partner, and understanding how that person might tie back into past lives.

Courtney DeWinter

This soft cover book is available at Shining Lotus Bookstore in Denver, Colorado for $14.95. For more information, visit Shining Lotus Bookstore in Denver, Colorado at:, or call 303.758.9113.

About The Reviewer:
Courtney DeWinter is a Reiki Master Teacher, and founder of Delphine Healing Arts, – offering comprehensive Reiki training classes in Denver, Colorado; Reiki healing sessions for people & animals; Reiki distance healing sessions for people & animals anywhere in the world; and monthly specialty workshops on energetic protection, energetic clearing, spirit guides, and more. Courtney DeWinter has 24 YEARS of experience in the Reiki energy healing system, and hundreds of hours of training in advanced energy healing. She also is a veteran journalist with 25 years of experience in reporting and magazine feature writing.



Kuumba Made® Bath & Body Oil

Kuumba Made Bath and Body Oils

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SoulMates: Understanding Relationships Across Time by Richard Webster

Soulmates by Richard Webster

Author Richard Webster

$14.95. If you’ve looked up this book, chances are you’re looking for something more than a casual date or another dead-end relationship. You’re looking for someone to share your hopes and dreams with, someone with whom you share an eternal bond – your soul mate. Or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who have already found their other half – and you want to make sure the relationship lasts.
Popular metaphysical author and hypnotherapist Richard Webster has regressed hundreds of clients back into their past lives. He has discovered that, somewhere out there, everyone has a soul mate. And finding your soul mate isn’t an impossible dream – you just have to be ready.
Soul mates enter our lives at the right moment – the time when we are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared to meet them. As you progress through Soul Mates, you will:

• Explore the theory of reincarnation, karma, and the soul
• Perform meditations and exercises designed to help you open yourself to love and attract your soul mate
• Read actual case histories of soul mates from the author’s private hypnotherapy practice

The two of you have been together countless times before. You may have enjoyed a passionate romance in ancient Egypt, medieval England, or Renaissance Rome. You may have spent pleasant lifetimes in the Holy Land, Thailand, or Russia. You found your soul mate then. You can do it again in this lifetime. The purpose of this book is to help you find—and then keep —this special person. Discover for yourself that the soul mate bond goes beyond “‘Til death do us part” – for true love never dies.

Scroll up to read the review.



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