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August 2012

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AUTHOR VISIT & BOOK SIGNING with Deborah Klepsch


THE LIGHT WORKERS SERIES with Life Divine Teachers



by Marci McCaffery

Astrologer Marci McCaffery

Leo (July 24- August 23)

Shift Happens

This month the Sun transits out of the emotional waters of Cancer, into the high-spirited, fiery energies of Leo. Courageous, creative, confident, proud, and playful, are some of the keywords used to describe this sign. Leo’s source energy is the heart, indicating that when our work is heart-centered, we act in creatively expressive ways, to “Shine our Light” as the magnificent spirits that we are.

Highlights for August include an opposing configuration between the Aquarius Full Moon and the Leo Sun, on August 1st. We are challenged to combine our personal agendas (Leo) with the collective goals of community (Aquarius). This is the third of four (“Power Moons”) this year.

Josephine Wall Leo

Leo by Josephine Wall

We are still recovering from the aftermath of last month’s Pluto-Uranus square, producing challenges and conflicts. Dramatic changes are reflected in our personal lives and on a global level. Economic collapse, social upheaval and intensified solar activities are some of the visible consequences of this powerful impact. On a personal level, we have two choices; to change or be changed. Uranus tells us it’s time for something completely different while Pluto indicates that conventional ways of doing things are no longer sustainable. This is the first of seven squares to arise in the coming months.It’s an energy exchange for the next six weeks as relationship oriented Venus transits from flirty Gemini to sentimental Cancer. Loyalties are attached to home, family and material gain. Security issues are likely to arise. Venus in Cancer moves into an opposing stance with Pluto in Capricorn mid-month. Relationship power struggles have the potential to erupt.

Mercury ends its retrograde journey on August 8th; restoring things back to normal. This follows several weeks of miscommunication dramas, delays in travel plans and electronic mishaps, resulting from Mercury’s mischievous retrograde antics. Mercury will remain in Leo until August 31st, suggesting “that it’s important to think with our hearts and act on our intuition.”

The New Moon on August 17th, at 26 degrees Leo, activates new beginnings, prompting us to explore our deepest creative potential and share our unique gifts with others. A helpful trine with Saturn allows us to build a solid base for our creative impulses. The Sabian symbol for this New Moon suggests “that our efforts will be worth it.”

© Star Direction 2012

Marcia McCaffery is an NCGR certified astrological counselor specializing in life purpose, career and relationship readings. She is also a Reiki master teacher, a spiritual advisor, an author and an accredited Conscious Change coach with a private practice in the Denver area. She has a lifelong involvement with meditation, spiritual studies and the healing arts. She is a featured astrological consultant at Shining Lotus™ Metaphysical Bookstore. To learn how these changes impact you personally, contact Marci at For free, valuable resources visit her web site at


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Flower essences are natural healing agents that work in the subtle energy system of the human body to create change. These changes in the subtle energy system are reflected in a person’s consciousness and life. Some flower essences are created to assist in physical healing, others to balance the mind and emotions.

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by Sheryl Watson

Master Kuthumi

The One Who is called Kuthumi (pronounced Koot Hoomi) is a Member of that Group of Beings Who oversee and guide the evolutionary development of Humankind on Planet Earth. They are, of course, non-physical Foci of Consciousness and are variously called The Elders of The Race, The Spiritual Hierarchy, and The Great White Brotherhood.Kuthumi is one of The Seven Chohans or Lords of The Seven Rays, which are Major Aspects and Attributes of The Creative Force for this Universe. In that role and responsibility, They transmute from a Higher Level through their Consciousness one of those particular Aspects for the benefit and progress of the sentient life on this planet. Kuthumi is The Chohan of The Second Ray, which is called Love/Wisdom and oversees the activity and global projects of The Second Ray Brotherhood Who work with this energy to promote the spiritual advancement of a laggard Human Race.

Kuthumi is also known as The World Teacher, having moved into that Position when the previous World Teacher (Maitreya) took a Higher Initiation within The Spiritual Hierarchy in fairly recent times. Kuthumi was the closest Disciple of Maitreya for a very long time. The Position of World Teacher is also called The Office of The Christ Consciousness in the “occult” literature.

Channel Sheryl Watson

The last incarnate lifetime of the current World Teacher was as Kuthumi Lal Singh, and Indian Kashmiri Prince of the 19th Century. Toward the end of that lifetime, He took The Fifth Initiation which is called The Ascension, and he became an Ascended Master of Wisdom in The Spiritual Hierarchy and chose to remain with the evolutionary scheme of Planet Earth (out of compassion) rather than moving on to other more extensive systems of evolution and experience.The following are a few of the more memorable lifetimes of The One called Kuthumi within the past few millennia:

  • Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III (Menkheperre Reign: 1479-1425 bce)
  • Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II (Usermaatresetepenre Reign: 1279-1213 bce)
  • Pythagoras, the great Greek Initiate
  • Balthazar, one of the 3 Zoroastrian Magi
  • St. John the Beloved, the one closest to Master Jesus
  • St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226 ad)
  • St. Martin de Porres (Lima, Peru 1579-1639 ad)
  • Shah Jahan, builder of The Taj Mahal in India

In the New Golden Age upon Earth, Kuthumi will physically manifest and walk amongst Humankind as an Avatar of The Christ Consciousness and The Lord of Compassion, and He will anchor the virtue of compassion in The Collective Consciousness to remain for all time.

© Sheryl Watson 2012

Sheryl Watson is a Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant and Channel. She has over 25 years experience in metaphysics and has channeled for many years in the Denver area. Her channel is held at the Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore on the 2nd Monday of each month.





with Dr. Lawrence Quell

Dr Lawrence Quell

Dr. Lawrence Quell


Sunday, August 12, 2012.  2pm – 3pm.  FREE PRESENTATION.

Money is currently an International issue.  There is a  lot of press these days about debt, taxes and inflation resulting in the spread of fear at the economic level. Dr. Quell will be addressing some of these issues and share with you some techniques to help you survive and even prosper in these changing economic times as you break free from your “Money Monster”. Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Dr. Larry Quell is the author of the book and cd set “How To Activate Your 12 Personal Powers Of Life And Balance”. He has been supporting people in experiencing true health and wellness for over 30 years and during this time has gleaned the pearls of wisdom that he will be presenting at this lecture.





with Deborah Klepsch

Deborah Klepsch


Sunday, August 19, 2012.  2pm – 3pm. FREE PRESENTATION.

Deborah Klepsch is the author of “Marstuthnick: Flight of the Phoenix”. Deborah has been channeling an entity named Marstuthnick or “Nick”, since January of 2007. This was a pleasant surprise that occurred during a past-life regression. “They” have stated, “We are of many legions. We come to help man make aware their gifts.” Deborah has been a Reiki Master since 1997 and received her Doctor of Philosophy in Parapsychic Science in 2006 from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, Birmingham, Alabama.

Over the past few years “Nick” has provided a quote each month. Marstuthnick: Flight of the Phoenix, is the result of these quotes. Each chapter begins with a quote, followed by my experiences at the time, which prompted these quotes, as recorded in my journal, and ends with an expanded format by Nick. This guide to self love will open your heart and eyes to the beautiful possibilities we can offer ourselves, if we only allow! Call 303-758-9113 to register.




by Bruce Johnson

Egyptian Thoth

The Egyptian Thoth, also known as Hermes Trismegistus, is credited with authoring over 20,000 books before the year 3000 BC. His book subjects include those of science, medicine, law, music, religion, art, occultism, mathematics, astronomy, letters, history, and philosophy. The Hermetic Wisdom taught millennia ago by the ibis-headed god Thoth can shed light on many contemporary questions today.

The book Divine Pymander contains altered fragments from some of the Books of Thoth.  Thoth teaches through the Pymander that divine thought is the basis of reality. Thoth is sometimes depicted with a seven-rayed solar disc on his head, indicating his divine intelligence and link with the Sun. Thoth-Hermes was traditionally related to the yellow ray and to Mercury, the scribe and messenger of the gods, who receives his wisdom from the Sun, the Solar Logos of our solar system.

Concerning religion, Thoth wrote of a unified one God that was infinite, invisible and incomprehensible to human minds, and not of a God who is a limited human-appearing being.

Greek Hermes

The immortality and goodness of the human soul and the progressive development of the entire universe through natural law were basic doctrines. Soul liberation was achieved through lifetimes of personal effort and merit and not through the washing away of a mythical Original Sin. Specific Books of Thoth outlined the processes of the spiritual creation and evolution of man and all the kingdoms of life on our planet Earth, as well as on other planets. Hermetic symbols can be effectively used as a key for an esoteric interpretation of the Bible in contrast to its more common “dead letter” interpretation.

The ancient Egyptians comprehended secrets of nature’s duality and of many subtle forms of energy not yet understood by orthodox science. Egyptian Mystery Schools, unlike most modern scientists, taught in the absolute existence of the akasa, sometimes called the ether, and its multi-fold expression on all planes of life.

The Laws of Nature taught by Thoth seem to contradict the Big Bang theory with its violent, sudden beginning to our universe. Hermetic doctrine teaches that nature moves in slow harmony in the evolutionary process, with no violent transitions or sudden changes, despite physical appearances. Hermetic doctrine reveals that our present universe to be only one in an infinite chain of universes, each the predecessor and cause of the latter.  Each physical universe is created as a result of the out breathing of the Divine Breath, or the divine motion of the Causeless Cause, and with the inbreathing of the Divine Breath, will disappear into unfathomable Deity to sleep until the next out breathing. He further taught that no physical form can come into objective existence before its subjective manifestation was created. This shows that all physical forms have an underlying physically- invisible spiritual counterpart. Hermes taught that spiritual and physical evolution are one, integrated, and parallel each other in the well known occult axiom-“As above, so below”.

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.




Get what you want with what you already have!

Mondays, August 20 & 27, 7-9pm.  $20/class

We all have those areas of our lives where we wish to make a change. We may think to ourselves if only we could be freer in our relationships, live in greater prosperity, feel alive and vibrant in our bodies. What if there were practical, time-tested tools that could shift the very energy of that relationship, situation or feeling you want so much to transform? Would you be curious to find out more? Sai Maa, a spiritual luminary and master of transformation, offers a variety of teachings and methods that have transformed the lives of thousands of people. Join Sai Maa’s Life Divine Teachers, who are trained and empowered by Sai Maa, to experience these practices for yourself!

This month, Life Divine Teachers Reiko Dewey and Ambika Brahmacharini will be offering two classes – Transform Your Relationships and Energize Your Health – that teach simple, powerful practices to access your own essence of light energy to create the life that you want. The classes are fun, engaging and inspiring and everyone is invited to attend!

Pre-register at or pay at the door.




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