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author of 10 Simple Rules For Living A Blessed Life

Grant Virtue

Sunday March 20, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Grant Virtue is a fifth-generation metaphysician, certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, and medium. He has studied candle magic extensively for ten years. Grant has developed his intuitive, spiritual, and manifesting abilities naturally over the years in supportive and spiritually open-minded environments. He never really related as a child with the mainstream expectations of children, and by 15 was studying theology and computer programming at the same time as attending “regular” school.

10 Simple Rules

We all want to live a blessed life. That is why we were put here on this planet. Each of us is born with the knowledge on how to live this blessed life, and typically we just call it common sense.
However sometimes people forget how to live this blessed life and need a reminder from time to time. This book is that reminder.
By following these ten simple rules you will be able lead a much more balanced, productive, and happy life. You will also be able to take decisive steps, today, that will help improve your situation in life. Grant Virtue will ultimately show you the direction to these steps and encourage you to dream big once again.

Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Grant Virtue will be signing copies of his newest book, “10 Simple Rules For Living A Blessed Life” after a short lecture. He also co-authored the book, “Angel Words”, and “Angel Blessings Candle Kit” with Doreen Virtue.




Indulge with an Energy Healing Massage!

(2 for 1 special) $40.00 1 hour session

First Time Clients

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Author of We Are Here For You: Messages From The Archangels And Other Light Beings

Sunday March 27, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Kathleen PetersonKathleen Peterson is an internationally known channel and author of the book WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. She has been offering metaphysical training and personal consultations worldwide since 1987 in working with your angels and ascended masters, channeling, and holistic energy healing and has students and clients across the nation. Kathleen has spent over 20 years as an executive in the corporate world working for major corporations in addition to her spiritual work.

She is the Co-chair of the Board of Directors for the Boulder Center for Spiritual Living, an advisor on and a 12Academy Instructor.
We Are  Here For YouWE ARE HERE FOR YOU is a book of channeled messages from the Archangels and other Light Beings which are inspiring, supportive and encouraging. When you hold the book in your hand and ask “who has a message for me?'” then randomly open the book to any page, you will receive a message that is perfect for you at the moment. This can be done daily, weekly or as often as you wish. As you read the message you can connect with the Archangel or other Light Being who has given the message and absorb the loving energy behind it and carry it with you through the day. It can be used as you would a deck of Oracle Cards.


by Marci McCaffery

Astrologer Marci McCaffery

We need to become very clear in our thoughts, words and actions coming from a place of high integrity and great inner peace. The more we are present from moment to moment, following the dictates of our hearts and consciences, the clearer and more appropriate our reactions will be in any given circumstance. – Berkana/Right Action


The major energies for March might be viewed as living in the moment, as unmanageable contradictions make our perceptions difficult to distinguish.

As the Sun moves out of the intellectual energies of Aquarius into the emotional waters of Pisces, a major twelfth house theme is highlighted The Sun and Moon, Chiron, Mars, and Mercury assume their transiting positions. Profound healings, altruistic endeavors, and unity consciousness come to the forefront. Tendencies toward escapism, deception, and confusion, the lower, negative aspects of Pisces, may surface as well. On March 4, the New Moon at 14 degrees Pisces offers deep shifts in consciousness. This is rooted in dreamlike imagination and intuitive insights, as we expand to a different level of reality. We are reminded to keep our dreams close at heart and uphold all that is sacred in our daily lives.

Pisces by Josephine Wall

Uranus, the planet of revelation and revolution, moves out of Pisces on 3/11/11, to make it’s reentry into the pioneering sign of Aries for the next seven years. This dimensional shift demands radical change, now!  We may feel inclined to move beyond our self-limitations and limiting beliefs, to claim our individual authenticity. New ventures and dramatic moves are not beyond reason.

On March 20, the earths’ annual cycle  marks a significant turning point with the Spring Vernal Equinox. The basic tone is to recreate of all things anew through rebirth and awakenings.Mercury, the planet of communication, makes its’ second annual retrograde journey from March 30 to April 23 as it transits backwards through the sign of Aries. Undertakings previously thought to be completed, may require re-examination now. Take time to finish up old projects as this is not a good time to start something new. The fiery, initiating energies of Aries, however, may prompt impulsive decision-making, that can produce regrettable results if started under the retrograde.

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 19, opposes the Sun at 29 degrees Pisces, with Uranus in close proximity, squaring the lunar nodes (Sagittarius-Gemini) at 27 degrees 58″ to form a mutable grand cross.  This reemphasizes the call for ascension into heart centered consciousness. The Jupiter Saturn opposition from March 24 until April 2 suggests the need for stability and perseverance in dealing with challenging situations, as we move forward.

Marcia McCaffery is a certified astrological counselor specializing in life purpose, career and relationship readings. She is also a Reiki master teacher, spiritual advisor, and an accredited life direction coach with a private practice in the Denver area. She is also a featured reader at the Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore on the third Saturday of every month.



By Bruce Johnson

Golden Mean

The Golden Proportion, also called the Golden Mean, is a unique transcendental proportion that divides a oneness or unity into a creative duality through a particular geometric relationship of two terms, a and b. The Golden Proportion written in a sentence would be-a is to b as b is to (a+b), where a is the smaller term, b is the larger term, and (a+b) as the sum of the two terms, constitutes a wholeness. The spiritual nature of the Golden Proportion or Golden Section, was well known to the ancients, and was depicted by the Greek letter phi, a circle with a slash through it.
Ancient mystery schools from Egypt to China taught mathematics and geometry, and recognized the expression of the Golden Proportion in nature’s beauty and harmony of forms. The Ancient Wisdom, whether taught by Thoth or Confucius, recognized the Golden Proportion as the basis of the created world. The Golden Section described the progressive, dynamic, and asymmetrical involution of spirit into matter, the externalization of inner life into outer form.
The Golden Mean shown as a numerical quantity would be-1/1.6180339…, and as a fraction just slightly less than 5/8. The Golden Mean, like the value of pi, 3.1415926, represents an “irrational” or super-rational number. The Golden Mean was seen to combine the addition and multiplication processes in its manifestations whether in a nautilus shell, or the pattern of petals on a flower.
Mystically, The Golden Section revealed the Mystery of the Trinity, or the triple aspect of God, and the Hermetic axiom- “As above so below”. The Golden Section is indissolubly linked through Sacred Geometry to the number five, the square root of five, the regular pentagon, and the dodecahedron, one of the five perfect solids of Pythagoras.
The Golden Proportion is the root of the Golden Mean Spiral, the Golden Rectangle, and generates the Fibonacci Series, which is a specific additive progression where the two initial terms are added together to form a third term. Leonardo da Vinci used the Golden Proportion to divide the human body at the navel in his famous drawing.
Robert Lawlor’s book-Sacred Geometry combines visual imagery with clear descriptive text. A great bookstore on So. Colorado Blvd. in Denver that carries a wide variety of new and used metaphysical books is the Shining Lotus bookstore. Check them out at

Bruce Johnson is the Arvada Ancient Wisdom/Occultism Examiner at He has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.


March 9, 2011 is the first day of the Universal Cycle (9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar). The Universal Cycle is a 234-day long period that ends the Mayan Calendar on October 28, 2011.

mayan calendarNote from Dr. Carl Johan Calleman about the beginning date of the Universal Cycle.

“I have probably contributed myself to the confusion that reigns when it comes to the beginning date of the Universal wave movement and have given different times for this. What we know is that the calendar develops according to nine wave movements, where the longest one goes back to the birth of the universe, and they all differ from one another with a factor of twenty. According to such a fractal view of the prophetic Mayan calendar system the ninth wave would then be only 234 days long made up of 13 different uaxaclahunkin (18 day) periods. This places the beginning of the ninth wave at March 9, 2011 and that of the preceding wave (Conscious Convergence) at July 17, 2010. These are points in time that are expected to mark significant frequency increases and accelerations of time.

Mayan Guide 2011
Get your copy of the Daily Guide to the Mayan Sacred Calendar $17.95

As we approach the time when all the nine waves, developing at different speeds, will simultaneously come to manifest fully (28 October 2011, 13 Ahau) there is thus going to be quite complex patterns of overlapping of these waves. The Sacred Calendar rounds of 260 days will still have an unquestionable energetic existence and so these, as part of this overlapping, would continue the three stage rocket into the birth of the new world that started on 9.9.9. For this reason the dates of the beginnings of the two recent tzolkin rounds, May 27, 2010 and Feb 11, 2011, also remained as important times for celebrating alignments with the cosmic plan and potentially very important for the preparation for the Conscious Convergence and the actual ninth wave respectively.”

Carl Johan Calleman

For more information on the work of Ian Lungold and Carl Johan Calleman, go to



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