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December 2011

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IN THE PATH OF LIGHT WITH MAA by Swami Parameshwarananda

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by Bruce Johnson

The Star in the East the Three Wise Men followed to Bethlehem suddenly appeared, guided them to Jerusalem, changed direction, and ultimately stopped and hovered directly over Jesus. Different astronomers have theorized the Star in the East as a comet, supernova, and Jupiter, by itself or in conjunction with other planets. Esoterically, the Star of Bethlehem, the Star in the East, Sirius, and the Star of Initiation are identical symbols. They are all signs in the heavens that indicate the birth of the Christ within, for an individual below on Earth.

Sirius was the star that related to life, rebirth, and the Mysteries of Initiation in Egyptian and other ancient mystery schools. Initiation into the light of the God Self was achieved through five steps of development, each resulting in an expansion of consciousness. The five initiations corresponded to the five major points of crisis and growth demonstrated in the life of Jesus-birth, baptism, transfiguration, crucifixion, and ascension. Sirius, as the Star of Initiation, was depicted as a fiery white pentagram with its apex pointing heaven-ward, each point symbolizing an initiation into greater consciousness.

The Three Wise Men signify spiritually and psychically advanced teachers and guides from the Spiritual Hierarchy who participate and assist in the birth initiation of any given individual. Clearly knowledgeable in esoteric study, they demonstrate prophecy, astrological skill, and the ability to interpret dreams. They are from the East, the direction associated with spirituality, the Sun, birth, and renewed life. They are ever watching for the birth of Divine Consciousness on Earth, and celebrate its arrival, whether in ancient times, 2000 years ago, or today.

The Three Wise Men gave gifts of myrrh, frankincense, and gold to the spiritually newly- born child. These represent different types of spiritual power which strengthen respectively the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of the Soul experiencing the birth initiation. This blessing conferred power to the Soul and helped it to accomplish its Earthly purpose, which included in the life of Jesus, the attaining of in one lifetime the four remaining initiations on the Path of Light and Liberation.

If you enjoy beautiful lights during the holidays, check out the Denver Zoo Lights exhibit at 2300 Steele Street in Denver. The hours are 5-9 p.m., with the light display running December 9, 2011 through January 1, 2012.

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.




by Marci McCaffery

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” ~~T. S. Eliot

Standing on the Cusp of a New Cycle

“I perceive,”

SAGITTARIUS (November 23-December 21)

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Time has accelerated at warped speed, leaving us reeling from the dizzy effects of change occurring almost daily.  We must remind ourselves that the old patterns are simply showing up to be transmuted. We are moving beyond limitation into possibility, as we let go of old circumstances to embrace the new.  We are shifting from a rational, linear age to one of vast creative uncertainty. There is a pull to become more alive and awaken to our own fullness. What an exciting and eventful time!  Imagine possibilities!

During each month, as the Sun and Moon rise together, we receive a cosmic invitation to evolve into the next sign. As we emerge from the depths of November’s Scorpion intensity, we are greeted by the optimistic, adventurous sign of Sagittarius for the month of December. We are encouraged to explore broader horizons.

As the third of the fire signs, Sagittarius symbolizes the fire of higher knowledge, wisdom, and the super conscious mind. Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, is currently transiting the fixed earth sign of Taurus until July 2012.  We are presented with an honest assessment of where we stand economically and environmentally through inconsistent patterns of stability and instability. Many blessings are available during this cycle. Gratitude and appreciation assures long-term success.

This month’s New Moon, Solar Eclipse at 2 degrees 37′ Sagittarius, falls on November 25th, Thanksgiving Day. This eclipse is one of the most hopeful eclipses of the year. The Sun, New Moon Eclipse, Venus and Mercury all assume their positions in Sagittarius, proving positive energy for increased confidence. In addition, Mars, Pluto and Jupiter form a harmonious grand earth trine, producing new opportunities, power and fortitude to move ahead.

On December 10th, a Full Moon at 18 degrees 11’ Gemini is charged by a Total Lunar Eclipse, marking a major turning point as we advance to the next level in our evolutionary journey. The intensity of this Full Moon energy increases our awareness and views about reality and our interconnectedness.

Three planets turn direct this month. On December 9th, Uranus known as the Awakener planet, changes direction following a six month retrograde journey.  Our ability to individualize and express our uniqueness in the outer world is enhanced by sudden breaks from the past. On December 13th, Mercury reverses its backward movement through the sky, bringing forth new perspectives on how to expand into the bigger picture. On Christmas day, Jupiter emerges from its five month hiatus to deepen our growth and conscious awareness regarding our role during this incredible time in history.

The Winter Solstice on December 21st, leads us into the long-anticipated year of 2012, globally recognized by the 2012 Mayan Calendar end date. What is the real purpose of the Birth of 2012?  According to Barbara Marx Hubbard it is:  A way for us to interconnect and activate pioneering souls globally, by weaving visions and work into a larger, more powerful whole.

Join my complimentary talk on 2012 and Beyond, held on Sunday, January 15th 2012 and again on Sunday, Feb 19th 2012 from 2-3PM at the Shining Lotus Bookstore. Gain insightful overviews about 2012 from a planetary and numerological perspective. Discover what’s in store for this New Year.

In gratitude, thank you all. For your love, your wisdom and continued support. Peace and Blessings for the upcoming New Year!

Marcia McCaffery is an NCGR certified astrological counselor specializing in life purpose, career and relationship readings. She is also a Reiki master teacher, a spiritual advisor, and an accredited life direction coach with a private practice in the Denver area. She has a lifelong involvement with meditation, spiritual studies and the healing arts. She is a featured astrological consultant at Shining Lotus™ Metaphysical Bookstore.

To learn how these changes impact you personally, contact Marci at For free, valuable resources, visit her website at

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with Swami Parameshwarananda.

Sunday, December 11, 2pm – 3:30pm, FREE PRESENTATION.

IN THE PATH OF LIGHT WITH MAA – We’re all on a journey to find out who we really are and what our purpose is. You’ve probably noticed that the path usually isn’t clear and direct. Read this book and be inspired by the story of someone who has suffered and is now living a life he loves. Be touched by his experiences and informed by the lessons he’s learned. One big lesson: act now and don’t wait! There’s no time to waste, so learn more about yourself, decide where to focus your attention, and take steps to reinvent your life.
Swami Parameshwarananda (Swamiji) has lived his life as a bar mitzvah boy and initiated monk, husband and father, student and PhD psychologist, management consultant and consulting firm partner, executive coach and spiritual guide, non-profit executive and board chair, teacher, lecturer and healing practitioner. He has much to share, and this book reflects what he has lived so far and who he is in this moment. Its contents are a testament to the constant love, service and teachings of an enlightened master and Divine Mother who has graced his life for over 17 years. Call 303-758-9113 to register.





New Low Prices on Canadian Beeswax

The bee, it’s work ethics and it’s pure products have been held sacred throughout time. Beeswax is revered in the hieroglyphs of Egypt, Maya and the sanskrits of the Far East. It is the result of the greatest expression and essence of Mother Nature Herself.
The 100% natural beeswax of these Colorado-made candles will produce negative ions in your environment which can clean the air and replace the harmful toxic substances that are floating with an aromatheric effect which adds calmness to the stresses in your life.
The scientific principle at work here is that negative ions bind with positive ions, creating complete molecules which have a heavier weight mass and a balanced charge. Hence, the positive ions (toxins, dust, odors, pollen, dander, etc.) no longer float, they simply fall to the ground. They are now on the floor, and you are not breathing them anymore.
CRONE STONES DELUXE SET-includes Return to Wholeness: The New Book of Crone Stones, 33 porcelain stones and velveteen bag.                                      $45.00
“For the bulk of our human heritage, say for at least 30,000 years, God was considered a woman,” says feminist social historian Carol Campbell in this compelling new book. “From the caves of Southern France to the hills of the Russian steppes, thousands of female images in the form of reliefs and figurines have illustrated that a woman’s body is connected to the mystery and power of the cosmos.” Return To Wholeness is both a lively illustrated primer on the history of the Sacred Feminine in human society, and a how-to book on using Crone Stones ” smooth white oval lozenges made of inscribed porcelain ” as a tool of divination, psychic healing, and heightened self-awareness and self-improvement. Crone Stones are “a powerful tool for individual transformation,” according to one reviewer, and this thoughtful book is the ideal accompaniment to the stones. Book, 33 stones and velveteen bag make up a set.



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