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Thurs, June 17 Crystal Consciousness and Chakra Awareness with Margaret Ann Lembo. Learn the basics of color therapy and chakras and how they relate to gemstones. Gain an understanding of the multiple purposes of working with crystals and gemstone using your intention. You will learn about various types of colored gemstones and their healing qualities. $20, 7-9  pm at Shining Lotus  2178 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver  Call 303.758.9113 to register.

Sun, Jun 20   Private Sessions with Margaret Ann Lembo, Angel Messenger Practitioner®. Get an Angel Gemstone Oracle Session or Past Life Regression from noon to 5pm at Shining Lotus 2178 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver. $75 per 1/2 hour, $150 per hour. Call 303.758.9113 to make your appointment!

Mon, June 21   Summer Solstice: Honoring the 7 Directions with Margaret Ann “Seven Feathers” Lembo. In the tradition of Medicine Wheel Teachings, Margaret will share about the Seven Directions and how each one of us assists us on our spiritual path daily.  Each position within the wheel provides us with stories, wisdom and insight into our life.  Come learn about the Archangels and Animals associated with the positions and what messages they bring to us.  $20, 7 – 9 PM  at Shining Lotus 2178 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver  Call 303.758.9113 to register.

Margaret Ann Lembo is the owner of The Crystal Garden, a bookstore, gift store and spiritual center located in Boynton Beach, FL, since 1988. Margaret Ann’s book, Chakra Awareness: Transform Your Reality Using Color, Crystals, Aromatherapy and the Power of Positive Intention will be published by Llewellyn Worldwide in early 2011. Her websites are and Visit her blog:



by Margaret Ann Lembo

Crystals and gemstones have been used throughout the ages to improve various human conditions. The color and mineral composition lend energy to improving situations from headaches to digestion on a physical level and love loss or mood imbalances on an emotional level. But these rocks don’t stop with just the physical or the emotional aspects of our lives. Crystals and gemstones can help us mentally and spiritually as well. By using your intention combined with the inherent qualities, color and vibration of the gemstone, you can transform any situation with determination and focus. Gemstones are a tool just like you would use a hammer to effectively put a nail into a wall, gemstones help integrate and align you with the intention that you have decided to put into your consciousness and make manifest in the world.

The color and vibration of each of the gemstones relate to and balance one or more of the chakras. There are seven basic energy centers within and around you known as chakras. Each of these energy centers regulates aspects of yourself on a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level. You want to keep these energy centers in alignment to maintain overall health and well-being. Using a color or chakra meditation is helpful as well as the use of gemstones.

Using gemstones is easy. Simply carrying the stone in your pocket or purse and touching it from time to time during the day brings your awareness back to your goal or intention. Placing it in your pillow case at night or on your desk where you can see it is another way to incorporate it into your life. A tumbled gemstone is small enough to carry in your pocket or put into your pillow case without weighing you down. They are pretty and affordable, too! Of course, wearing gemstone jewelry like a necklace, bracelet or earrings is very effective and attractive as well. Here are a few gemstones you may want to consider.

Selenite helps to align you with higher consciousness. As you develop spiritually it is beneficial to allow yourself to listen to or sense guidance from your higher self, spirit guides or angels. This stone opens the crown chakra to receive transmissions of information and wisdom. On a physical level it helps with the spine, bone and muscular structure of the body. Selenite is a white stone, though recently I have found red selenite (it looks orange to me) that can re-align the emotional structure of one’s consciousness.

Jade is good fortune and good luck. Everything about this stone is good. It promotes loyalty, financial success, synchronicity, excellent health and anything else you can associate with love, joy, happiness and success. The green energy promotes overall well being. Carry this always!

Rhodochrosite opens the heart to give and receive love. You may feel that you are a loving person and yet I would like to have you ask yourself how you are about receiving love, attention and blessings. You may think you are good at receiving yet how do you feel about receiving and allowing loving relationships, close connections, intimate relationships and trusting in the full process of love and relationships. This stone is not just about romantic love but the kind of friendships that are balanced, deep and fulfilling. If you are having some challenges with allowing friends or family into your heart and your physical sacred space then you may want to bring some of the pink energy of rhodochrosite into your energy field. Life is too short to keep people at arm’s distance. Open your heart and allow love!

Amber comes in various shades of golden yellow. It is actually petrified pine resin. Amber helps to allow the energies of love and closeness as mentioned above while still maintaining the appropriate levels of boundaries in relationships. There is a fine balance in combining your energy fields with others. Amber helps maintain a healthy balance by protecting you from energy vampires. It cleanses your aura. Amber is also a balancer of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Experiment with these and other gemstones for yourself. Remember, it is the power of your intention, positive thoughts as well as the color, vibration and mineral content that effectuate the change you want in your life.

Thurs, June 17 Crystal Consciousness and Chakra Awareness with Margaret Ann Lembo. Learn the basics of color therapy and chakras and how they relate to gemstones. Gain an understanding of the multiple purposes of working with crystals and gemstone using your intention. You will learn about various types of colored gemstones and their healing qualities. $20, 7-9  pm.  Call 303.758.9113 to register.




by Margaret Ann Lembo

The Solstice this year is on Monday, June 21st. We’ll be having a ceremony/workshop with Margaret Ann Lembo from 7 – 9. Here is a preview of some of what she’ll share.
Those who practice earth-centered spirituality use the Medicine Wheel at solstices and equinoxes to ceremonially connect with the change of seasons. Most ceremonies begin with the invocation of the Seven Directions. The facilitator of the ceremony will invite the energy of the East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Within.  Here is how they invoke the Seven Directions:
“Aho! Great Spirit!  God-Goddess! Creator! We are gathered here today in a sacred manner to drum with intention. We are gathered here together sitting in sacred circle to connect with the All That Is. Note: This is where you would state your intentions for either the circle that is convened or for the clearing of the space you are about to perform.

We invite and invoke the energies of the East; the energies of Clarity, Illumination and the ability to See Life from a Great Perspective. We invite Eagle, Hawk and Owl to be with us in our circle tonight. May we fly high with them so we may see life from a greater perspective. We invite and invoke Archangel Mikael through the East Doorway.
We invite and invoke the energies of the South into our circle tonight. We invite the energies of healing; healing of our hearts, our minds, our bodies, our spirits and our emotions and of our relationships. We ask for healing of our relationships, not only of our relationships with others, but the relationship we have with ourselves. We invite Snake and Coyote through the South Door for Transformation and Transmutation to help us to learn our lessons from our mistakes and to be able to laugh at ourselves when we make mistakes. We invite Archangel Raphael through the South Door.
We invite and invoke the energies of the West into our circle tonight. We invite the energies of Introspection and the Look within Place that each and every one of us has to go within ourselves to know the truth, to know the answers. We invite Bear and her cave to help us to recognize when retreat is sometimes more powerful than action.We invite Archangel Gabriel through the West Door.
We invite and invoke the energies of the North into our circle tonight. We invite the energies of our Ancestors and those Who Have Walked on the Path before Us. We honor the energy of our Elders who are still with us here on the Planet that we make the time to spend with them and listen to their stories, and invite their wisdom so we may learn from their experiences. We open our hearts and minds to messages and inspiration.  We invite White Buffalo Calf Woman and the 13 Original Clan Mothers, all our guides and angels to be with us in circle tonight. We invite Archangel Uriel through the North Doorway.
We honor the Sky Above Us and the Earth Beneath our Feet and Within ourselves and we know and acknowledge that we are all connected, we are all related.  Mitake Ouyasin.  We are One.
Aho!  Hey! Hey!”
The energy of the circle is set. Everything that happens during the ceremony in performed in a clockwise direction. If they have a smudge blend burning, usually in an abalone shell, it is sent around the circle in a clockwise direction so that each person sitting in the circle can smudge themselves. This ritual helps to clear away negative energy and negative thoughtforms. If someone wants to use a drum or a rattle, it is passed all the way around the circle in a clockwise direction. If someone needs to leave the circle, they leave in a clockwise direction and they return to their seat in a clockwise direction. All people in the circle maintain quiet while anyone else is speaking in the circle to respect and listen to the one who is expressing themselves.
They say this ritual can be done in a solitary practice to invite and invoke guardians and archangels to light their presence upon a space or a building. This invocation is also often considered a shortened version of connecting with the Medicine Wheel. They use this invocation within consciousness as a prayer to invite the protection and blessings available to everyone at anytime.
For more information and the experience – Come to Margaret Ann’s Event on Monday night at Shining Lotus on Monday, June 21st at 7 pm. Margaret Ann is also available for Private Sessions on Sunday, June 20th.

Mon, June 21   Summer Solstice: Honoring the 7 Directions with Margaret Ann “Seven Feathers” Lembo. In the tradition of Medicine Wheel Teachings, Margaret will share about the Seven Directions and how each one of us assists us on our spiritual path daily.  Each position within the wheel provides us with stories, wisdom and insight into our life.  Come learn about the Archangels and Animals associated with the positions and what messages they bring to us.  $20, 7 – 9 PM  at Shining Lotus 2178 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver  Call 303.758.9113 to register.




by Lisa Froman

“Violent spiritual aspiration and enthusiasm misplaced or misdirected may quite easily harm a fellow man, so look not only at your wrong tendencies, but at the use of your virtues.”

Many paths lead up the same mountain. “The path” represents the journey which one travels to reach his Divine perfection. The Mountain represents Soul-infusion, Divine perfection and mergence with the One-Self. Each of us travels on a unique path to reach our destination. Our path may be one, which meanders slowly, winding up the mountain with a gentle slope, or it might be a treacherous vertical descent, bordered by precarious cliffs and precipices. The essential concept, which man must grasp, is that no matter what a person’s path is, it is his path and it is in perfect Divine order for who he is at that moment in time and space. One of the greatest tragedies to plague man has been his own lack of acceptance of the diverse ideology, spiritual and religious beliefs of his fellow man. Fanaticism has been the root cause of endless pain and suffering. Violent spiritual aspiration is often the fuel with ignites the fire of persecution of groups with opposing beliefs. Over zealous enthusiasm, misplaced or misdirected becomes harmful to our fellow man, even if the enthusiasm is based on a virtue. Man has a tendency to think that his way is the only way and all others better conform or be destroyed. When a man pushes his ideology, beliefs and crystallized thought forms on another, even if they are based on virtues, he becomes harmful to himself and others. Virtues in excess can easily become vices when forced upon others. Esoteric students are not exempt from this rule. Often, the beginning student becomes overly enthusiastic about his new- found knowledge and virtues and gets trapped in a “holier-than- thou” attitude. His ego swells with a superiority complex as he speaks endlessly about his newfound beliefs. He begins to push his ideas on others in an effort to recruit them into his camp. If the others do not comply, he looks down upon them with disgust and pity. As aspirants and disciples, we must examine ourselves carefully, noting not only our vices, but also our misdirected virtues. We can innocently harm others with our misplaced virtues and values by forcing them on others, even through we have the loftiest of intentions. One of the principle Universal Laws states that no one has the right to stand in the way of another’s spiritual progress or retard their freedom in any way.
We must remain balanced and open-minded and evoke the discipline of silence in our lives in certain situations. Often, the people who make the most noise about their beliefs are the ones who are not really secure in their beliefs or knowingness. Those who know are silent. Those who feel the need to recruit others into their belief system are usually insecure. One must ask them selves when they observe someone pushing an ideology or religion on another; “if the idea is so good, why must it be sold door to door?” A good idea is magnetic. It will attract the right people, of the right vibratory level, at the right time. We must never force, push or coerce others with our virtues or beliefs. We must maintain harmlessness through our words, thoughts and actions, no matter how virtuous are our intentions. Harmlessness is the responsibility of every man and we must respect and acknowledge every man’s unique path up the mountain to his perfection.

Lisa Froman is a spiritual counselor, intuitive reader and teacher of Esoteric Science. She is available for psychic consultations, life guidance, personalized spiritual advancement techniques and one-on-one Esoteric Science instruction. She is also available for private sessions at the Shining Lotus every Friday afternoon, 1pm – 6pm. Her website is



with Renna Shesso

Wednesday, June 23 INTRODUCTION TO SHAMANISM: The Power Animal Journey with Renna Shesso.
The shamanic journey — the discipline of successfully entering into and then clearly returning from a state of Non-Ordinary Reality, after meeting with and communing with the helping beings found there — is fundamental to the practice of shamanism, and an incredible means of maintaining strong heart-connection with spirit.  It allows us to connect directly with personal animal spirit guides for advice, spiritual companionship and increased well being.
If you’re wondering what shamanism is or how it might compliment (or BE) your spiritual path, this is a great place to start.  There’s a bit of talk — explaining terminology, procedures and such — but then we move into the journey itself. Students are advised to bring note-taking materials and a small blanket or yoga mat for the journeying. $20, 7 – 9  pm. Call (303) 758-9113 to register.

Renna Shesso has been teaching shamanic workshops with groups and individuals since 1989, and has had a shamanic healing practice since 1991.  She is the author of “Math for Mystics” (Weiser, 2007) and several other books. Her website is



by Marci McCaffery

The June/July lineup accentuates the influence of the old, in conflict with the new. A growing need for change headlines the upcoming months. We instinctively feel the building intensity as major separations between the past and the future emerge. The periods from June 26th through August 21st are accelerated by the powerful aspects of the Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto T square.  Both squares and oppositions increase stress and discomfort as the impact motivates us to find innovative ways to break free. Uranus, the revolutionary planet of sudden change, conjoins with the expansive planet, Jupiter on June 8.  Courage and clear intention prompt us to act as spiritual warriors. Mars, the ruler of Aries, opposes Chiron, unearthing old, psychological wounds for healing. A push for independence urges us overcome past limitations and fears, as we initiate new beginnings.

On June 10, Mercury transits out of Taurus into its natural ruling sign, Gemini. The mind is quick silver as a lighter, faster pace begins. The New Moon in Gemini on June 12 helps us to translate our inner perceptions into outer experiences.  Communication is increased through intellectual pursuits, writing, speaking and understanding different opinions. The Summer Solstice begins on June 21, as the Sun enters Cancer, conjoining Mercury and squaring Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn, opposing the Lunar Eclipse axis. Mercury moves through the instinctual sign of Cancer on June 25, as thoughts turn to women’s issues, real estate, home, family and emotional security.

For the next two months, Mars the aggressive planet of actions, shifts from the high-spirited sign of Leo, to the practical, self-disciplined sign of Virgo. Organizing, cleaning and attention to detail are this sign’s best qualities.  Use this time to get things in order. Avoid hypercritical behavior, particularly when the tendency is self-directed.  Issues regarding health and work are brought to the forefront.

Venus transits through the fiery sign of Leo, on July 10, as the heat fuels self-love and loving relationships.  Keep it light and playful, as the drama of romance plays out.  This is an ideal time to host a party or celebrate an event.
The intense concentration of energies occurring during the Lunar and Solar eclipse, on June 26 and July 11 respectively, increase our need for personal development and greater self-awareness. Reflections on what must be released to accommodate the intentions we set, are backed by conscious goal setting for long-term security under the Capricorn Solar Eclipse. This takes on added significance six months down the road.

Three planets change positions during the month of July. Uranus, changes direction as it turns retrograde until December.  Mercury leaves the sign of Cancer and enters the strong- willed sign of Leo and Venus moves out of the fun loving sign of Leo for a month’s stay in Virgo. The quincunx between Neptune (the dream) and Saturn (the limitations) creates confusion. Adjustments and compromise between conflicting realities and desired goals are necessary.  Finding balance between our personal needs and desired outcomes requires careful management, as outmoded structures are abandoned.
Advance understanding these astrological influences, from a conscious standpoint, help us prepare for these disruptive forces as events occur over the next few months.

Marcia McCaffery is a practicing astrological counselor, Reiki Master, Spiritual advisor, and certified Life Direction coach with a private practice in the Denver area. For individual updates on how these changes impact your chart personally, contact Marci at 720 272-1042. Marci will be available for personal consultations at Shining Lotus from noon to 5pm on June 5 & July 31.


PLANT SPIRIT WISDOM: Medicine For Your Soul

Free Presentation Sunday, June 13 @ 2pm – Join Laura Lozano on Sunday, June 13 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon for a lively discussion on an exciting new series of classes exploring our experiences and connection with Nature and the plant spirits. Call 303-758-9113 to register for a seat.

PLANT SPIRIT WISDOM: Medicine for your Soul with Laura Lozano.
Wednesdays, June 30, July 7, 14 & 21, 2010. If you take the time to listen carefully, the plants will share their song with you. The plants teach with compassion. This set of classes will teach you to be open to the experience and receive the gift the Plant Spirits have to offer. The Plant Spirits offer guidance and support in healing the emotional, spiritual and physical body. They are important resources for learning the values of compassion, reverence, patience and gratitude. They help us become present in the moment and awaken the wisdom that resides deep within our soul. Listen with your heart and hear the wisdom of the plants.

7 – 9 pm, $100 registration includes 4 classes and study materials.

Laura Lozano has trained and worked with many Shamans and Traditional Healers from Belize, Italy, Mexico and the United States. Laura is also a certified Herbalist, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Healer. She provides psychic/intuitive readings at the Shining Lotus Bookstore every Wednesday from 12-5. Call (303) 758-9113 to make your appointment!



by Val Parks

What a session with the Animal Intuitive can do for your pet. Communication with animals in their language and on their terms opens up for us a world that has always been there, but to which we have had to learn to gain access. An Animal Intuitive can help you to enter this realm where our fellow creatures have so much to share with us. We can work with behavior problems caused by abuse, grieving, abandonment, boredom and other factors. We can find out what your pet really loves and what she hates. She will tell us her “Real Name” so we can address her correctly. Where does he like to go, and what does he like to do? What is his favorite toy? Who is her favorite friend?

We can figure out if there is something that hurts, or something that doesn’t sit well in the tummy. We can help make peace between animals in the same house, or we can help animals get along with the neighbors. The animals will tell us their secrets, and we can tell them ours.

A session with an Animal Intuitive can bring understanding on a level you might never have thought possible. It can bring healing to old hurts, grudges and misunderstandings. Calm and insight can come to difficult situations such as a change of residence, divorce, or new babies or new animals in the house. It often brings insight into how your pet is seeing things, which can be a lot different from our own perceptions. We can learn about ourselves as well, we may have blind spots about our pet, or red buttons our animals are pushing.

Val will be in the store from noon to 5pm on Sunday, June 6 providing this service for you and your pets. Her rate is $40 per 1/2 hour. Call (303) 758-9113 to make your appointment!



A monthly class lead by Norma Mitchell (held the second Wednesday of each month) starting June 9, 2010.
What many people experience in life are choices we made to grow and learn before we took on our current body, personality and situation. Some believe we have to ‘pay back‘ on a karmic balance sheet, while others accept we sometimes choose to experience ‘opposite side of the coin‘ conditions rather than ‘have to‘ do so. Since we have free will in each lifetime to choose whatever we want, even changing those pre-choices, each day we can make choices to live more joyfully and suc-cessfully through our understanding and acceptance of self and others through patience, compassion and love.
Through hypno/regression therapy, using relaxation techniques, we can deliberately re-experience earlier parts of our current life or others to release the effect of any trauma that is stored in our mind or the cells of our body.
This will be a monthly group where each person will have the opportunity to release any restrictions they wish. Since nothing happens by ‘accident‘, those who are drawn to par-ticipate will normally find themselves in some of each others past lives. Please wear comfortable clothing, and if you would like to relax on the floor rather than a chair, bring a pillow and/or blanket. There will be two sessions each night with a short break between. 7 – 9 pm, $20.



Shining Lotus is now stocked up on the new printing of the Crowley-Harris Thoth Decks.  ‘Out of Stock’, or between printings since Spring of 2009, it was only available for outrageous prices on the internet. Now the Thoth Tarot deck is back in either the large version in the green box or the small, standard tarot size in the purple box.


The Crowley-Harris Thoth Tarot is the deck of 78 tarot card images invoked by Aleister Crowley and illustrated by Lady Frieda Harris. It grew out of Crowley’s work to create a thorough text of the Tarot which incorporated the latest scientific discoveries, philosophy, mathematics and anthropology, and united these systems with the form of the Qabalah (Hermetic Kabbalah). Originally, he had planned to form a deck based on the Medieval versions of the Tarot, but Lady Frieda Harris convinced him to create an original work which would be the visual representation of the Book of Thoth.

The entire Thoth deck is designed to be a pictorial representation of the Qabalah and especially the Tree of Life, a system of ten spheres and 22 interconnecting paths that is used to organize mystical concepts. Each card in the Thoth deck is intricately detailed with astrological, zodiacal, elemental and Qabalistic symbols incorporated in each card.
Even colors are used symbolically, especially the cards related to the five elements of Spirit, Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Unlike the popular Waite-Smith Tarot, the Crowley-Harris Thoth Tarot retains the traditional historical order of the trumps, but changes the names for both the trumps and the court cards.

Creating such a symbolically rich tarot deck was no easy task, as some of the cards were re-imaged several times until they met with Crowley’s approval. The smaller-sized version of the Thoth has 3 versions of the Magus card, for a total of 80 cards in the deck.
The planned 3 months of work extended into 5 years, and was completed in 1943. Though it was destined to become one of the most popular Tarot decks of all time, the deck was not published for another 26 years, after both Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris had exited this plane. It was finally published in 1969 by the O.T.O. through the efforts of Grady McMurtry X°.

Thus, both book and deck were born. They are like the Yin and Yang versions of the Book of Thoth, and both deck and book have been referred to by the same title. Either one, or both, can be the springboard for a lifetime of study. A little booklet does come with the deck.
But if you want to really understand the deck, you need the book–and possibly another two or three–since Crowley was known for a unique writing style which expressed extreme devotion to both his subject and his own intellect; and no regard for anything like a common reader.