by Bob Romero —

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Photo byBen White on UnsplashMuscle testing is used by holistic healers to see what’s wrong with your body or emotions. It’s a subconscious way of using your muscles to communicate with you to see what’s wrong and then see if the treatment worked. Osteopaths, energy healers, and chiropractors use this technique that is also known as applied kinesiology. It’s based on the theory that your muscles subconsciously will weaken when something is not right or not true and then they will be strong when something is fine or is true. Thus, you can ask your body questions and get answers as to what’s going on. While the medical establishment does not endorse it, I find it fascinating and fun.

There are several ways to do muscle testing. One way is to stand up straight with one hand on your belly and the other hand just above it. State something that is true and then say something that is not true. Notice how your body responds. When something is true you may tilt forward and when it’s not true it may tilt back. I noticed that my stomach pushed a little outward when I made a true statement, and it retracted slightly when the statement was false. Then you can ask questions about certain issues or about your body and what you should do about those issues.

The most common technique is to make a circle on each hand with your thumb and index finger. Then interlock them and say something that is true. They should hold steady and not pull apart. Then say something that is definitely false and see if they pull apart. After seeing how it worked, I then asked some questions to see what foods were good for me. They held when I asked about salmon and broccoli and then pulled apart when I asked about hamburgers and fries. A friend of mine who is an energy healer not only uses this practice to see what’s wrong, but also to treat the issue and test again. I was amazed how easily he used this with me.

Another method of muscle testing requires another person to test the resistance in your arm. A lot of chiropractors use this technique. You may be sitting or standing with one arm out to the side. He or she stands behind you with one hand on the opposite shoulder and one hand on the wrist of your arm that is extended. The person will make true and false comments. If the comment is true, the arm should hold steady as the person pushes down on your arm, otherwise it will go down part or all of the way if it is not true. Then the person can ask you questions about certain situations and then ask you questions on what you should do. Your subconscious mind will tell you using the answers to the questions. The chiropractor that I go to who is also an energy healer, uses the arm extension technique with great skill and expertise. He has me lie down and hold my arm up. He then will press on it to find out what’s going on and then test me again after the treatment. I always feel fantastic afterwards. Using this system, he was also able to determine what vitamins and supplements my body needed or were not good for me. He did this by placing the supplement near my abdomen and then pushing down on my arm with me trying to keep it straight. If my arm went down, then the vitamin or supplement was not good for me to take. If it stayed straight, then it was fine. He then hid the vitamin or supplement behind his back and pushed on my arm. If it went down, then it was something that my body definitely needed. If my arm stayed straight, then my body didn’t need it. But if it was okay to take according to the previous test, then it may serve a functional purpose and it’s fine to take this vitamin or supplement.

While I’m just getting started with muscle testing, I can still use it to see what’s going on with my body and use it to heal myself. I can certainly ask what foods are good for me when I go to the grocery store, and I find that to be a lot of fun and the results to be entertaining. If you don’t have success at first, keep trying as you will also find it interesting. It does take a lot of practice to become proficient in using it. In any event, I definitely recommend going to holistic and energy healers who are experts in muscle testing, and you will be amazed.