by Bob Romero —

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For some reason I keep seeing references to the Archangel Metatron, whether it’s on the Internet or on YouTube TV on my television. The YouTube channel streams relaxing meditation music with colorful images. Frequencies for Metatron keep popping up along with a beautiful geometric figure that is named after him. Metatron’s Cube is also found on tapestries and on jewelry. So, I did some research on him and his symbol, and found two wonderful articles that were just recently published. One is by Devin McSween on the WikiHow website, and the other is by Celina Wang on the BuddhaandKarma website. Both provide significant details about Metatron and Metatron’s Cube. I will try to summarize what they say, and I will add something very interesting at the end.

Metatron was the prophet Enoch before he ascended and was transformed into an archangel similar to his so-called twin brother Sandalphon. It is believed that the cube is named after Metatron because Metatron is the scribe of heaven, and the cube represents the architecture of creation connecting the physical and spiritual worlds. It is a powerful symbol from sacred geometry that can be used during meditation to connect to Spirit in order to be given guidance and direction. It also is used for manifestation, healing, and especially for protection from negative energy. Just have the symbol handy when you meditate or put it on a wall or on some place near you for protection.

Fruit Of LifeMetatron's CubeSacred geometry contains all the shapes and patterns that form the basis of life. Metatron’s cube also contains the “Fruit of Life Symbol”. If you put six circles around one circle in the middle so that the outer circles touch, and then add a circle to the outer circles, you get the Fruit of Life symbol. Then if you connect the midpoint of each circle with the midpoints of all of the other circles, you get Metatron’s Cube.


In Sacred Geometry, the circles are feminine, and the straight lines are masculine and thus promote harmony and balance in nature and in the world. When Metatron’s Cube is projected in 3D space, there are five platonic solids that are contained in Metatron’s Cube. The solids are named after Plato, who gave the spiritual meaning for each object. Each solid represents an element of the universe, which are earth, fire, air, water, and ether. These are the four physical elements in creation and heaven. They each have their own special positive characteristics which along with the Fruit of Life makes Metatron’s Cube super powerful. They are also called The Five Regular Polyhedrons, which are the Tetrahedron (four faces), the Octahedron (eight faces), the Hexahedron (six faces), the Icosahedron (twenty faces), and the dodecahedron (twelve faces) with all sides and angles on each figure equal to each other. They are also commonly found in nature.

Tetrahedron (4 sides)
Hexahedron (6 sides)
Octahedron (8 sides)
Dodecahedron (12 sides)
Icosahedron (20 sides)

Now here’s the interesting part. When I was a junior in high school, my high school science fair project was on “The Five Regular Polyhedrons”! So, it looks like I’ve come full circle (no pun intended). At that time, I approached them from a mathematical and geometrical standpoint in that the sides and angles are equal for each figure. I also laid out designs on how to build the 3D objects along with the figures themselves on display for my project. Now Spirit has given me the spiritual meaning for each symbol, and I am now able to use the power of Metatron’s Cube. Sometimes we just have to raise our awareness and our consciousness to use the power that Spirit has given us.