by Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a Spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.

Instruction regarding the seven color rays is one of the fundamental aspects of esoteric philosophy. Occultism teaches that everything in manifestation whether subtle or concrete, including humans, have their basis in one of the seven color rays. Every individual soul is found on one or another of the seven primary rays, which is called their soul ray. The fragment of the soul that participates in periodic earthly incarnation, called the human personality or lower self, also has a specific color ray upon which it is rooted. The soul ray is permanent, while the personality ray changes in every lifetime along with the person’s astrological sun-sign.

Personality ray qualities involve- a separative attitude, detachment from the group, and attachment to the form side of manifestation. Soul ray attributes embrace- group consciousness, group involvement, and unattachment to external forms, with adherence to the life side of spirit manifestation. The changing personality ray from life to life allows all ray qualities over time to be developed and expressed. Roughly two-thirds of the way along the spiritual path, the soul ray begins to dominate the personality ray.

There are five principal rays that influence each individual being. These are- the soul ray, personality ray, and the rays governing the mind, emotional nature, and the physical body. Attuning to which rays are affecting us and their qualities, is a great aid in self-understanding and spiritual unfoldment. Personal color ray determination is a relatively untrodden path for psychics and sensitives today. To add to the complexity of the subject, each color ray has a higher and lower expression to be understood. The seven different human temperaments are based on the seven primary color rays.

RainbowEach of the essential seven color rays have- certain qualities, individual expressions, a numerical correspondence, strengths, weaknesses, a color, achievement methods, a planetary connection, a musical note, linked gemstones, teaching and learning procedures, their symbols, an affinity with one of the seven planes, bodies and chakras, and a spiritual overseer, to mention some associations. Let’s examine the seven rays and their esoteric planetary connections and qualities, keeping in mind that all seven rays each have seven sub-rays.

  1. Ray I- Vulcan, Pluto, red, will or power, courage, leadership, self-reliance, initiating purpose.
  2. Ray 2- Sun, Jupiter, blue, love-wisdom, unification, sense of oneness, universal love, cooperativeness.
  3. Ray 3- Earth, Saturn, yellow, creative intelligence, adaptability, understanding, evolution, mental comprehension.
  4. Ray 4- Mercury, Moon, green, harmonization, rhythm, intuition, beauty, art.
  5. Ray 5- Venus, orange, action, concrete knowledge, science, analytical mentality, accuracy.
  6. Ray 6- Neptune, Mars, indigo, causation, abstract idealism, devotion, fiery enthusiasm, loyalty.
  7. Ray 7- Uranus, Violet, expression, ceremonial magic, organization, attention to detail.

Each of the seven rays can be expressed either positively or negatively with their resulting karmic effects. Following each numbered ray are first a positive use and secondly, negative expression of that color ray.

  1. Ray 1-Using one’s personal power for good, or forcefully rebuking evil forces. Using power for self-centered negative purposes.
  2. Ray 2- Demonstrating selfless love to others. Self-pity, fear, selfish service.
  3. Ray 3- Comprehensive understanding. Devious manipulation and scheming.
  4. Ray 4- Attunement to beauty and harmony. Glamour of conflict and war.
  5. Ray 5- Using knowledge to benefit humanity. Narrow-mindedness and over-emphasis on outer form.
  6. Ray 6- Devotion to a high ideal. Emotional fanaticism.
  7. Ray 7- Order. Negative, selfish magical work.