by Roy Neal —

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Leo the LionJuly 22 – August 20

The Sun enters the zodiac sign of Leo on Saturday, July 22nd. Venus goes retrograde in Leo just minutes before this event. Leo is a fire sign that favors creativity, children and matters of the heart. The experience of fun, play and romance are enhanced while the Sun is transiting the sign of Leo.

The Leo person needs to be the center of attention. They are loving and generous but wish to be the star of the show. Leos love children and enjoy games and different forms of entertainment.

Reconnecting with loved ones and re-evaluating our relationships will naturally occur while Venus is retrograde in Leo. Our ability to lovingly express our truth will be tested. Authentic expressions of talent and creativity are favored. We benefit by focusing on what brings us joy. It is time to sing, dance, play and celebrate our inner child.