by Bob Romero —

Bob Romero has been a diligent student of esoteric spiritual subjects and metaphysics for many years, with a life-long quest for answers. He has submitted new and original articles that focus on life lessons and experiences he wishes to share with our readers and the world.

groundingSpiritual Teachers often talk about the importance of grounding and connecting with nature so that you can be centered and balanced. If you can’t go for a walk into nature, then you can open your feet chakras and visualize the energy coming up from Mother Earth to bring healing and energy to you. My teacher often encourages us to go and walk barefoot on the ground or grass so that we can become centered. That’s the spiritual aspect and benefit of grounding.

One weekend I got into my car and the sport station that I usually listen to, came on. Before I changed the station because I really don’t care for this particular weekend host, he was talking about how he had to go back to his former doctor because his health insurance had changed. He asked his doctor if the doctor had noticed anything different about him. When the doctor replied that he hadn’t, the radio host said that he wasn’t asking his doctor to put shots in his knees because he had gotten grounding pads that he put his bare feet on, and his knees weren’t bothering him anymore. I remembered that my chiropractor has grounding pads on the chairs in the waiting area. I thought that maybe not only the ambience in his office, but the grounding pads made me feel better. So, I asked him where he got them, and he directed me to the Earthing website and said to watch “The Earthing Movie”. Grounding is also referred to as Earthing.

Removing The DoubtThe documentary was pretty amazing. It was filmed by a couple who made documentaries and then found this healing method by looking for help for their daughter. They came across Clint Ober who developed this technique and wrote the book “Earthing, The most important health discovery ever!”. Clint Ober worked for the cable industry and knew that cables that came into the house had to be grounded for clear reception and so that a lightning strike on a cable would be grounded and not cause a fire in the home. Since our bodies are electrical, he wondered if our they needed to be grounded because of the insulated shoes that we wear. He used to have trouble sleeping until he connected electromagnetic duct tape on his bed to the ground and slept on it. He then finally got some clinical trials to be done which showed how grounding reduced inflammation. There are several prominent personalities and movie stars that are in the film but what impressed me were the comments made by a cardiologist, a family practitioner, and other scientists, and people who benefited from earthing. Over twenty clinical trials have shown the benefits of grounding.

I started off slowly at first of putting my feet on the grass for just a few minutes because I read that there could be some side effects of grounding when your body is not used to it. I slowly built up to walking a half mile and then a mile. I noticed one time that when I had a bad headache, it went away after sitting outside with my feet on the ground. So, when I had my physical, I asked my doctor if she had heard about grounding. She laughed and she said that she didn’t mean to make light of grounding, but that I was the third person that day that asked her about grounding. She also said that she had several patients that told her that grounding really helped them. I immediately went home and ordered some grounding pads. I have one under my desk so that I can put my feet on it when I’m on my computer. I also put one in my bed where my bare feet are. I noticed that I sleep better and that I go back to sleep after I wake up in the middle of the night. I still like to walk on the grass and connect with Mother Earth. Whether it’s spiritual or physical, grounding will help you heal and be centered. I find it amazing that Spirit helped me came across it from a sports talk show host who wasn’t one of my favorite shows. Grounding will not only help reduce inflammation, but it will also help you on the spiritual path.