by Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a Spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.


The Law of Cause and Effect, is a merciful, just, and beneficial Natural Law that is ceaseless in activity, universal in operation, eternal, and never errs. This great law is also known as the Law of Karma, The Law of Causation, The Law of Equilibrium, and The Law of Compensation, is symbolized in the Justice Tarot card. The Law of Cause and Effect is intrinsically interrelated with the Laws of Reincarnation and of Cycles and is totally unaffected by the passage of time. Through this Law each individual is made responsible for their actions and ultimately become in fact their own saviors or condemners.

The Law of Cause and Effect functioning in the human world decrees that the mental, emotional, and physical forces groups or individuals express are seed causes that manifest with resultant effects. Good thoughts, emotions, words, and deeds cause joy, freedom, and pleasure. Hurtful or evil expressions in these areas create pain, limitation, and suffering. The Law of Causation is indifferent to human joy or sorrow caused by collective or personal free-will choices. This Law simply adjusts consequences or effects to actions, thereby maintaining order and harmony throughout the universe. This Law, often surprising in operation, brings humanity education, development, and spiritual progress toward perfection.

Good Karma signKarma, which means action, or motion, can be of three kinds. Latent karma involves those previous seed causes that are presently inactive and will have an effect later in the present life or in a future life. Active or ripe karma includes those causes which are in the process of fruition and being reaped in the present lifetime. New karma describes those forces generated in this incarnation that will bear fruit in that group’s or person’s future. Group action and its effects can manifest on world, national, racial, regional, city, or family levels.

Causation as directed energy is of three basic types. Positive or good causes invariably result in happiness, harmony, health, and spiritual attunement. Combined positive and negative causes generate a mixed effect dependant on the types of causes and the amount of good or evil in them. Many humans swing between pairs of opposites, initiating both good and negative actions, having as a result pleasant and unpleasant consequences. Evil or harmful actions always create disharmony, pain, obstacles, unhappiness, and lack of opportunity for soul growth. There is an occult maxim that states- Love brings all earthly karma to a finish.

Every human being brings into this life a combination of positive, neutral, and negative causes initiated in past lifetimes that they’re balancing out and working through. It’s important to know that karma is not the static inevitable thing some occult writers have erroneously made it to be. The forces that normally manifest as karmic fruits can often be ”interfered with” and modified, added to, transmuted, or offset by other forces. The student who understands the Law of Cause and Effect can intelligently begin to use this inescapable Law to create positive karma to neutralize the effects of negative energies already set in motion.

Karmic offenses can be divided into two basic groups. Minor offenses go into kind of a general fund, and don’t create the personal connection in the manifestation of karma. More serious transgressions are always paid off through the interactions of the souls involved in creating the karmic imbalance.