Upon Lemuria by Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson has over 30 years of study in the fields of Ancient Wisdom and occultism. He has taught classes on a wide range of topics, from Atlantis to mediums to Zoroaster. He is also a Spiritualist minister, with a background in spiritual astrology. He lives in Colorado with his wife and their cat.


Earth CurveThe ancient records reveal that the first physical human race existed on the Lemurian continent beginning eighteen million years ago. Now at the bottom of the ocean, Lemuria stretched from the Indian Ocean to Australia, including Madagascar, Sumatra, and Ceylon. To the north, today’s Sweden, Norway, and Siberia were all part of a vast continent that was destroyed by subterranean volcanos. Esotericism teaches that Atlantis and Lemuria will rise again in the far future.

The Planet Earth was much more ethereal and semi-solid during Lemurian times than it is now. Earth’s crust was slowly becoming more substantial in some areas but fiery in others. Lemuria consisted of active volcanoes and seas of boiling water with islands of solidifying crust. The early Lemurians lived on these harder, cooler areas in caves or where they could. The atmosphere of Lemuria was significantly denser than Earth’s atmosphere is today, and its water was more liquid. Later Lemuria became increasingly more concrete and dense than early Lemuria as the planet’s involution progressed.

The plants and animals of Lemuria were dramatically different than those of our modern times. Gigantic animals and plants were the norm during Lemurian times. Forests of immense fern trees existed as well as huge fish, reptiles, birds, and some primitive mammals. The Book of Dzyan mentions dragons of the deep, flying sarpas, creeping animals, giant fish-birds, long-necked water animals, and serpents with shell-heads all having lived on Lemuria. Today, some of these animals we would group among the dinosaurs.

QuetzalcoatlThe Lemurians are referred to as the third race of humanity, also called the egg-born race. The Lemurian race had seven distinct sub-races within it like all evolutionary races. The first through third sub-races were hermaphroditic, softer and more etheric than physical, boneless, and gigantic in size. Individuals of fifty feet tall and taller existed at that time. Later sub-races became increasingly smaller in size with more solid, compact physical bodies. By the fourth sub-race Lemurians had gradually evolved a bony structure. The sixth and seventh sub-race Lemurians were commonly around thirty feet in height.

By the fourth Lemurian sub-race, the previously androgynous humans as well as mammals, birds, fish and reptiles , separated into the male and female sexes. Prior to this separation of the sexes, each individual or androgynous animal could generate their own progeny. The separation of the human sexes was fully established ten to eleven million years ago. In mid and later Lemuria, the uni-sexed humans grew up side by side with the more ancient dual-sexed androgynous humans. The Adam and Eve myth is rooted in the Lemurian separation of the sexes.

The primitive Lemurians were a half-animal human race, more animal appearing than humans today as well as being mindless and without speech. Later Lemurians evolved a monosyllabic language that all Lemurians spoke. Lemurians were a telepathic race having a great non-mental understanding of Nature’s forces along with a developed power of imagination. Early Lemurians had one eye in the middle of the forehead that retreated into the skull as the developing two eyes on opposite sides of the head eventually became functional. The cyclopes of Greek and other mythologies are based in reality.

Lemurian consciousness was exclusively physically and materially focused. Physical urges were completely dominant with their active lower chakras predominating over their mostly quiescent higher chakras.