by Roy Neal —

Roy Neal is available for personal consultations over the phone by calling 720-962-4633. He has been doing astrology professionally since 1981. 

Summer SolsticeThe Sun enters Cancer on Wednesday, June 21st. This event signals the beginning of the Summer season and is known as the Summer Solstice. A chart done for this event in the Mountain Time Zone reveals the sign of Leo on the Ascendant with the Moon, Venus, and Mars also in Leo. Leo is a sign of creative self-expression and is ruled by the Sun. The theme for this Leo energy is fun, play and heart-felt expressions of joy and celebration.

Mercury in Gemini in productive aspect to Mars indicates the importance of communication and authentic self-expression. Friendships and social activities are favored.

There will be a need to let go of old patterns of fear and control that can limit our ability to achieve personal and professional success and fulfillment.

We are being called to a new sense of purpose and new ways of handling and resolving daily challenges.

Shining TreeExploring new ways of perceiving ourselves and the world around us will be enhanced by stimulating dialogue, education and travel. Trying out new approaches for personal and professional success will involve a dynamic process of trial and error.

“The squeaky wheel is the one that gets greased.” We are learning how to ask for help and be open to receive it. Friends, groups and alternative approaches to achieving our goals and objectives can produce unexpected benefits and results. We are learning how to be flexible and adaptable when things and situations do not turn out as originally planned. 

The wisdom is to keep your spirits up, think positive and don’t let temporary setbacks get you down. Creative problem solving opportunities invite us to explore innovative ways of achieving both long and short term solutions. Self awareness and self confidence are our allies.

Letting go of old ways of doing things will lead to new potentials and possibilities. Emotional availability for magic, miracles and Divine Intervention will help us reap the joys and blessings of this season.