Rocio del Alba

Rocio is an intuitive and a tarot card reader. “Though I felt the otherworldly senses all my life, I became cognizant of these abilities when I was 20 years old. Through practice, meditation and channeling I have grown my senses into a gift I can offer to serve others in their times of need. I know what it’s like to feel lost, confused, unable to trust your assessment of a situation for fear of being too harsh, or hopeful, or dull. Tarot has been a wonderful source of inspiration and confirmation for me, allowing me to feel more confident in my judgement and ability to make decisions for myself. I seek to offer these same blessings for you. With a mix of tarot, oracle cards, and intuition, I get down to the root cause of issues in a way that is both compassionate and fair. I help you to see the reality of not just yourself but the bigger structures at hand in the world around you. When you step into my office, I offer you a safe space to air your grievances and heal your wounding.”

Rocio is available for readings on the second and third Sunday of each month at the Shining Lotus.