Romance of the Rose, Volumes 1, 2, 3 by I. Guillaume de Lorris & Jean de Meun


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Among the books which throw light on the lives, minds, and ways of men in the wonderful thirteenth century – the century of Roger Bacon, of St. Francis, of S. Louis, of S. Thomas Aquinas, of Duns Scotus, and of the youth of Dante – there are three which, while they had for 300 years as great vogue as the most widely read of nineteenth-century romances enjoy for a few months, have, nevertheless, been neglected by succeeding ages to a degree that must be regretted. A knowledge and study of them will afford a far clearer insight into the daily life, and the spirit working within the people for whom they were written, than the annals of the wars that raged during the same period between kings and nobles. The three books referred to are “The Romance of the Rose”, “Reynard the Fox”, and the “Legenda Aurea, or Golden Legend”.

THE ROMANCE OF THE ROSE – vol. 1, 2, & 3
Author: I. Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun, translated by Frederick S. Ellis
Publisher: J. M. Dent, The Temple Classics
Copyright: 1926
ISBN: 0-404-09641-7
Price: $100
Condition: This used 3 volume set is without a dust jacket to protect the bright red cloth covers. This set is reprinted from the edition of 1928, and is the First AMS Press Edition published in 1975. 264 pages in vol. 1, 268 pages in vol. 2, 260 pages in vol. 3.