Surfing Your Solar Cycles by Neil D. Paris


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Surfing Your Solar CyclesA Lifetime Guide to Your Stars

Published by The Wessex Astrologer in 2012

ISBN-13: 978-1902405827

311 pages

Your lifetime guide to your annual life cycles – personal to you!

  • Uncover the astrology cycles unique to you, and how to use them to shift your reality – each and every month of your life
  • Look up the monthly cycles of your family, friends, partner, clients, coworkers or boss to understand what they’re going through and where they’re coming from
  • Find the perfect times to launch or wait, build or tear down, go solo or team up
  • Spot the people who arrive like clockwork to help you through each cycle
  • Figure out your current possibilities and potential pitfalls
  • Surf the ups and downs of your monthly cycles with style, ease, confidence and success