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22 Arcana for an Inner Journey

Published by Runinga U.S.A. in 1993

ISBN: 0-9637061-0-1

Includes 22 Major Arcana cards with booklet and map of synthesis.

Roger Zanoni was born in France in 1942, and founded the “Art and Dream” Movement. He was a painter, writer, movie director and author of two tarots. All cards in this deck are from original water color paintings by Tarot Master Zanoni.

STUART R. KAPLAN wrote: “Roger Zanoni was inspired by the work of Eliphas Levi and by his own investigations of Celtic-Ligurian tombs in the south of France when making his tarot deck. Zanoni believes that the tarot forms a magic castle built with many elements that have been inspired by genius, one creating correspondences between the zodiac and the tarot, another remembering that Hermes was also the god Thot, affirming thus that Alchemy and tarot are twins. Each in his or her manner was a fellow mason; adding one stone to the gigantic and astonishing edifice.”

Technically, a Used Deck. This card deck has never been opened and is like brand new.