I CAN® Coin and I CAN® Pocket Card


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I Can Coin

$22 – 1 coin and 1 card


THE I CAN® COIN – The inspiration behind this design came when my father was making his transition. He told us to remember “I Can” when things get hard. After he passed in March of 2000 everything that could go wrong did. Now I want to share these tools that developed throughout my journey, leading to the creation of this daily reminder coin. It is a reminder in these times of uncertainty that if we take time to remember the essence of who we are, we can bring many gifts to ourselves. ~Linda L. Davis

Buy an I Can® Coin and I Can® Pocket Card for $22

ICanCardTHE I CAN® POCKET CARD – A great companion to the I Can® Coin. Contemplate the 12 sunburst qualities. Then on the reverse side affirm the qualities.
For example: Whom do I need to FORGIVE?…………. I Can FORGIVE

This offer includes:
1 – 1.75″ Round Diameter 2.9mm thick I Can® Daily Reminder Custom Coin
1 – 3″ x 4″ Blue Velvet Pouch
1 – 1 1/2′ x 1 1/4″ x 1 1/2″ Small Black Plastic Coin Easel
1 – 3 3/8″ x 2 1/8″ 30mil, high quality PVC Plastic Card, full colors both sides

For more information on the coin, go to www.journeyofchange.com

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Using the design as a healing and self-empowerment technique: The twelve qualities bursting from the “I Can” Sun in the center are a guide for your self-empowerment. Take the first step to FORGIVE when you feel you are at your bottom emotionally, and go clockwise contemplating each quality to bring your life back into balance. Allow yourself to GRIEVE the loss, then start TRUSTing. The “I Can” was placed in four directions around the coin, representing the directions life can take and holding the qualities within. The lighting bolt on the other side of the coin represents the POWER of “I Can” that can be accessed by you right NOW!

Where to display it besides carrying it with you: display the beautiful coin on your desk, table, nightstand or altar. It will be there to remind you of your true strength.