Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science by Dr. Nandor Fodor


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This wonderful book is the only comprehensive survey of the most amazing and baffling phenomena known to mankind.

Here are detailed articles and case-histories dealing with Apparitions of the living and the dead, Apports(solid objects miraculously brought into closed rooms), Clairvoyance, Divination, Fire Immunity, Levitation(individuals or objects floating in the air in defiance of gravity), Materializations(phantoms built up from some unknown substance in sensitive persons), Prediction of future events, Telekinesis(movement of objects without apparent contact), Telepathy(thought transference) – and a host of other marvels.

This vast survey covers the entire field of Psychical Phenomena and Spiritualism, including Mediumship, Extra-sensory Perception and what is now termed Parapsychology.

As an Encyclopaedia it is conveniently arranged on an alphabetical plan, but it is possible to absorb the essential contents without having to start at A.s.p.r. and plough through more than four hundred pages to Zugun! ~~from the Forward

Author: Dr. Nandor Fodor
Publisher: University Books, Inc.
Copyright: 1966
ISBN: 0-8216-0073-7
Price: $30
Condition: This Hard Cover book is used, and has the original paper dust jacket with a picture of ‘an automatic sketch’ of House On Jupiter by Victorien Sardou. This edition is from the Fourth Printing in January 1974. 416 pages.