Cosmic Astrology by June Wakefield


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Cosmic AstrologyThe Religion Of The Stars

Published by CSA Press

ISBN-13: 978-0866902502

86 pages

Cosmic Astrology, as known and lived by the ancients, pointed the way of man’s journey in life through the ages of time. If it were correctly understood and used today it would also point the way for man’s regeneration and return to Pure Source, the Godhead from which humanity, and all life comes. This ancient knowledge lives; it can never be destroyed.

Words of truth live forever, but humanity in the endless striving for wealth and power pushes them into the background to be seemingly lost, to lie forgotten, except by a very few of the truly advanced sages who will keep them alive until mankind wearies of warring with his brother and exploiting for gain against those weaker than himself.

These old teachings of wisdom can be found if one cares to seek. They are in the Bible, the Kabala, the Chaldean Book of Numbers, the Stanzas of Dzyan, and in mythology. The meanings are always obscured and difficult to understand, but they are there.

In this context, you will learn about what astrology is and is not, the spiritual nature of astrology, the secondary suns, the nature of the planets and the principles they express, the nature and function of the signs, the houses and aspects from a cosmic perspective, human beings as the ultimate creation, and the history of astrology.