Black Pearl by Henry Bayman


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Spiritual Illumination in Sufism and East Asian Philosophies

Monkfish Book Pub. (1 Jun 2005)

ISBN-13: 978-0974935959

240 pages

This sparkling book shows, as never before, how the highest metaphysical reaches of East Asian philosophies are scaled by contemplative Islam. Combining insightful analysis and personal reflection, Henry Bayman explores the mystical dimensions of Sufism, Buddhism, Taoism, Zen and Confucianism. He delves into the striking parallels and seemingly irreconcilable differences in their conceptions of Absolute Reality: God, the Tao, Buddha-nature, the One. Bayman shows how each system of thought can illuminate the inner meaning of the others. Most importantly, he shows us how we, ourselves, can approach the divine.


Henry Bayman is a student of Sufism and an independent scholar who has lived in Turkey for many years.