Art Of Mindful Relaxation by Ed Shapiro


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a photo of Art of Mindful RelaxationThe Heart Of Yoga Nidra

Ixia Press (2018)

ISBN-13: 978-0486824413

100 pages

Most of us experience some degree of stress and many are too frustrated and exhausted to deal effectively with life’s pressures. Consumed by the mind’s chatter, we cannot appreciate the beauty and wonder of creation and we lose touch with the real purpose of our lives.

Ed Shapiro trained with the originator of yoga nidra and draws upon the timeless wisdom of centuries of Eastern meditation teachings to offer an in-depth, easy-to-follow path to profound relaxation and relief. By following these techniques, we can truly still our minds, tapping into a tremendous inner source of richness and creativity, and finding the freedom to realize our true potential.

~~from the back cover