A Book Of Marriage Charts by Emylu Lander Hughes


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A Book of Marriage ChartsPublished by American Federation of Astrologers, Inc. in 1986

ISBN: 0866903097

256 pages

This book on marriage charts offers a wealth of astrological material on the institute of marriage. The author presents an overview of marriage customs, a discussion of the odds indicated in this most personal relationship, and formulas for the Arabic parts used. Included is an excellent collection of chars which cover a wide range of situations – short term marriages, remarriages and long term marriages. She discusses marriages that have ended in death or divorce along with the indicators. Delineation of the factors involving both individuals in the partnership accompany each chart. This all adds up to a book of dynamic insight into one of the most important parts of each person’s life.

Emylu Lander Hughes, a professional member of the American Federation of Astrologers, wrote the Self Guidance Chart for the now defunct Dell Horoscope magazine and is the author of the Do-it-yourself Aspect Book. For the past few years she and husband, Robert, have been engaged in astrological research on cancer. The make their home in Sarasota, Florida.